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Found 1 result

  1. Debate 9: Tech Tree Thoughts The long awaited return of the old debate topics is upon us, after a long hiatus of working on my doctorate I have decided to return to them as we traverse this wonderful road to alpha. Today I awoke with a simple thought, "How are the developers of Dual Universe ie Novaquark planning on structuring their tech tree system?" As far as I see it there are several ways that it can be approached, however, to keep things simple I will limit it just two ideas on the subject. Feel free to read through it, take to heart my opinions, or feel free to formulate your own or expand on pre existing ones, all feedback is welcome. Linear Tree: ​This is the classic form of tech tree you see standardized in most games, it starts with usually a single item / tech then spreads along in a sub linear fashion, one tech leading to others along a fixed path. To me this is usually generalized and can end up fairly repetitive. Circular / Adaptive Tree: ​This form of tech tree is generally more complicated but it allows for greater diversification. It allows you to have specific areas of science/technology researched - that lead to other sections of the circle that unlock as you go along. In my opinion this allows technology to be approached in a non linear fashion that is never dull, instead allowing asymmetric progression through the system - focusing in one area one day - in another the next. Of course all of this is nothing but hypothetical, so feel free to do your own research on the concepts, post your thoughts, feelings, ideas below; and remember - just have fun! We will be there before you know it.
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