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Found 1 result

  1. Hi there, I'm writing this post on behalf of the DUHS (Dual Universe Historical Society) We just came up with an idea: As we know, every account can have three characters. What would you do with the other 2 alts? We were thinking of maybe an alt like: DUHS-Writer Lethys Here a few prerequisites: - Such an alt would only be skilled to fly the most basic ship (later on maybe the most basic FTL ship) - No weapon / AVA / CVC skills allowed - No defensive (to be seen....) skills allowed - No weapons on person or on that ship - No trespassing of territory - Only approved members of DUHS (maybe a public list with main character names too) - be polite, ask before doing/recording stuff,... - don't be a jerk - You're not allowed to use such an alt in any other way than recording stuff for DUHS (so you can't get access to a market hub your main char is banned from) - No usage of devices which could be used to spy on others (like scanners) - IF there is an API or something for skills, such alts have to make this API publicly available so that others can look up their skills in order to control them So such an alt would only be used to record an ongoing battle for example as bystander. Or make a live-stream and comment on it (as players may be widely spread later on and can't participate if they wish). You could also record/showcase the latest model of a ship or city (let's say ODY will be very famous and are the first ones to build a deathstar for example). You could do interviews with people who witnessed something while walking through their city. Stuff like that - I think you get the idea. Ofc an org would only give such alts the clearance to access their more or less public spaces - maybe later, once the reputation and trust is built, certain members get access to more restricted areas where special projects are highlighted, new techs are revealed, whatever - not a must though. This is not about spying and infiltrating (as you don't get access to anything secret anyway), it's solely about recording the history of DU. Let us hear your thoughts on this one
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