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    wesbruce got a reaction from Dinkledash in Ship Designs   
    We will be mining long before we are flying so I'll be doing something like the traveller RPG.  

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    wesbruce got a reaction from Mawbotch in DevBlog: Builder gameplay, Voxel Tools & Elements   
    Incompatibility with European key board unicode and American html that the site uses. Some text editors in word processors do apostrophes differently based on language settings. Blame planet microsoft. There is a European and American system and if the word processor is set to one and the browser is set to the other the � appears. 
    NQ-Nyzaltar can fix it manually but that's no fun. Setting all the computers to the same font would be a pest because this is occurring because the french ' is not the same unicode as the English ' used on this site. In french the ' has extra functions; they need those functions.  It's a European key board setting problem. It might be fixable by using a word processor setting or using open office text writer instead of the microsoft version. 
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    wesbruce got a reaction from ForlornFoe in Ship Designs   
    We will be mining long before we are flying so I'll be doing something like the traveller RPG.  

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    wesbruce reacted to Velenka in Territory Tiles -- Topology   
    As we know, planets will have their territories split up into tiles. These tiles will take the form of a 1km hexagon. There's an issue with this though. Using purely hexagons would violate Euler's characteristic for spheres. If you don't know what this means, watch this video

    Using a similar form of logic, you will be able to see that it's impossible to subdivide a sphere into just hexagons. What the video didn't point out was that there are other combinations of pentagons and hexagons.
    Using something like subdividing icosahedrons, you could get a lot of tiles. With a large number of tiles, you would have a lot of hexagons, but you still need at least 12 pentagons, one for each vertex of the original icosahedron.
    Example of subdividing icosahedron

    I would have to guess that the devs already know this, but if they don't, they should take note.
    What does this mean? Time to hunt for the 12 rare pentagonal territory tiles. Who will be the first to claim one?
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    wesbruce reacted to Atmosph3rik in what kinds of weather if there is any and solar flairs   
    Another big challenge i bet will be keeping the weather OUT of ships and buildings.
    I definitely don't want rain and cloud effects coming through walls into an enclosed space i've built.
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    wesbruce reacted to Hotwingz in Another gem from Twitter. A look at Alioth.   
    First ingame screenshot of Alioth.

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    wesbruce reacted to Hunter in Let Us Take Credit For Our Work   
    Cannot imagine anyone being opposed to this except a dev who has a million other tasks on his/her development hit list.   I'll bet these guys will do it tho.
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    wesbruce reacted to Anaximander in "Voxel" Terrain   
    25cm is the smallest voxel size. But their contouring system can create angles (from what I've seen on their videos, of up to 22 degrees in angle. So, yeah, it's pretty powerful.
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    wesbruce got a reaction from Archonious in The Great DAC Compromise Poll [Please Read Before Voting]   
    I voted option A all DAC are safe because many will enter the game without reading any warnings a will this get robbed. This would produce thousands of appeals to NQ for refunds and probably more that one lawsuit. If you want to be robbed sell a DAC in game load up with valuable cargo and go get robbed.
    Everyone knows that this whole debate is driven by the pirate players that know that they can't earn DAC playing pirate only. They will need to find a fence to make a DAC earning profit and any civilisation would hunt down both the fence and the pirate. Any civilisation would hunt down or ostracise known DAC thieves. This is a game, yes but this is also a civilisation building game. Civilisations eliminate pirates or make them navy officers. Historically most European pirates were just navy officers who had come home to discover their king or queen dead. That's why Blackbeards ship was called Queen Ann's Revenge. Most muslim pirates are essentially just navy for some islamic state. Piracy was never anarchy or liberty. 
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    wesbruce reacted to Anaximander in DevBlog: Resurrection Node Mechanics   
    That's some real emergeny gameplay
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    wesbruce reacted to NQ-Nyzaltar in My Community Has Withdrawn Our Pledges   
    Hi ChipPatton and welcome to our forum.   There has been indeed a few people on the Kickstarter saying DAC was a "Pay to Win" feature. We also replied to why it wasn't and why we went for this feature.  We also agreed that it probably wasn't a perfect model, but it was the best we found until now.    This was our official reply:    
    The DAC/PLEX/CREDD system isn't at fault there. The problem is elsewhere because without this system, the problem remains: it's just hidden. And it's not because something is hidden that it doesn't exist.   The people we got in contact with (probably your officers) turn a complete blind eye on our point of view. They didn't try to understand our position or even suggest an alternative. It's always easy to blame or criticize something without trying to come with a better option.   In this situation, how could the discussion go anywhere? Threatening to cancel the pledges (and doing so) won't change the situation either if there no dialog and just threats. We want to listen to feedbacks from all people interested in our game and take them into account, but without constructive feedback helping to find a good compromise for both sides, it's not possible. Also, while we want to satisfy as much players as possible, We are also aware that we can't satisfy everybody.    In any case, we remain open to discussion if you have more to say on this topic.   Best regards, Nyzaltar.
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    wesbruce got a reaction from Anaximander in DevBlog: Resurrection Node Mechanics   
    And 100 players will very quickly form a very big escape committee. 
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    wesbruce reacted to Wilks Checkov in What caught my eye, What is lacking, and What makes me wary.   
    Nearly similar reasons why I no longer go through Steam Early Access, too many times burned on the proverbial rear. 
    Anyway enough of yet another troll - attention grabbing post for me - back to writing html code and working on a alliance constitution for me. 
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    wesbruce reacted to Lethys in DevBlog: Resurrection Node Mechanics   
    You get ONE to move around freely and one is on the arkship
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    wesbruce reacted to Anonymous in Crypto-Currency ?   
    Actually an MMO whilch was a blockchain driven DAPP would be very smart and up NQ's alley - everything is both client side and authoritative - no central server to speak of.
    Nerd wankering - driving game development since forever.
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    wesbruce reacted to Anonymous in Crypto-Currency ?   
    Don't be so quick to write the idea off - what is DAC if not a type of digital currency, (which is how Entropa Universe operates), and that's not to be confused with crypto-currency. While I believe they (EU) have toyed with the idea of using blockchain to secure and verify transactions - this is mostly because they deal with real wold money in their economy. I for one vomit into my mouth a little at the thought of that kind of game, and I don't believe DU or NQ want to take that path.
    However, taking the "bitcoin / make real money" bit out of the equation - blockchain driven markets using normal fake in game DU currency (not DAC's which are just another trade commodity in that sense - i.e. - you DON'T want to make a situation where the game is people mining DU "Bitcoin" rather than having fun playing) would be both doable and cool.
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    wesbruce got a reaction from Hunter in Crypto-Currency ?   
    There are good reasons why free currency trading is restricted in games. It created a near perfect money laundering technology for terrorists and criminals. Some have even been busted in Second Life. So avoiding a player withdrawal of trade-able currency is now normal. Novaquark is following that line. 
    There is more to Bitcoin than bitcoin the currency; the blockchain technology as many useful game functions including server-less peer to peer account archiving, anti-hacking measures that enable client side archiving, automatic player adjudication of transaction disputes. etc. 
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    wesbruce reacted to Violet in Congratulations on hitting 50% on Kickstarter & still 26 days to go!   
    Looks good, if it continues to get similar amounts of daily pledges it looks like its going to blow through the target and get to 1 million
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    wesbruce reacted to Anaximander in Item Loss Occurence Ratio   
    The power-to-range ratio on the Resurrection Nodes is a good idea, the formula is in regards to the player's en of the process. If a powerful hub can increase its maximum range to ten times that of the default Resurrection Node, that's a fine strategic move, giving them greater "item drop safety net". heck, a strong faction may make the deep space between systems to be cosndered medium range safety item drop-wise.
    Also, the Resurrection Node presence may determine the "security status" of an area on the map. Lots of RN? Place is safe, if you die, you won't lose any item probably. Place has only one Resurrection Node? You just walked into the ghetto
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    wesbruce reacted to Anaximander in Penalty for death   
    I don't know, how did Ultima, Lineage 2 and any other open world pvp game didn't turn you Red after striking back? It's easy to determine who initiated the fight good sir.
    But still a good security guard may have people putting bounties on their head.
    Imagine being Texas Ranger in space, kicking ass from one end of the galaxy to the other. All them pirates may put a lot of bounties on your head for revenge. After all, a PK is a PK. One side's hero is the villain to the other.
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    wesbruce reacted to DaSchiz in Use things built in the beta/alpha and turn it into "Ancient relics"   
    While the feeling and the theoretical side of this is appealing, I think in reality it wouldn't work well.  People in Alpha should be focused on smooth gameplay finding bugs, not what cool thing should I build so it is an ancient relic in game release. 
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    wesbruce reacted to Wicpar in Use things built in the beta/alpha and turn it into "Ancient relics"   
    what should happen, is that weapons fire doesn't make particles disappear, they make particles compact into a new material: scrap.
    This scrap would then combine the materials inside and could be retrieved to get back the original material quantity.
    The more compact a scrap voxel is, the harder and longer it will take to be refined.
    This would allow for battles to leave nearly 100 % of their original material, but in an unusable form, and with a wreckage shape similar to the one of the ship. assuming only the planet gen would be reset (refill the ores and regenerate the non artificial undergrounds, compacting all artificial constructs into scrap ruins) this would leave a nice amount of wreckage and scrap to work with.
    Scrap would need some amount of resources to refine, since you need to separate all the metals. base metals could be combines into alloys, and any failed alloy would be scrap with the composition used to make it. To separate the metals a chemical process would need to be used, like in reality.
    This would require a chemical synthesis mechanic, and an advanced metallurgy mechanic, that would give you an advanced degree of freedom to work with alloys and their recycling. for containers, a good idea would be to require certain alloys that to not react with the contained compound to build and use a container for some materials. for instance a plutonium container made out of neutron reflecting materials would trigger a nuclear blast. (i am pro nuclear weapons as we wand absolute freedom even if it means having massive craters in the ground of planets and even then it could be awesome to see a crater from space )
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    wesbruce reacted to SimonVolcanov in Use things built in the beta/alpha and turn it into "Ancient relics"   
    I agree, but also have you consider this: How resource-consuming would such an action be and would it be worth a possible delay for release of other content?
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    wesbruce reacted to Dominar in Did everyone back the Kickstarter?   
    Wait, we weren't on a budget to begin with? Damn! I could have.. I could have...!

    Yeah... I plan on pledging as much as I can manage. For now, it's saving time.

    Also, welcome to the forums, buddy!
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    wesbruce got a reaction from Kuritho in Make Everything Difficult   
    Easy mode; As described already.  Hardish mode; someone has moved your cryopod out of the safe zone to the other side of the planet. Dig and hide. But the nanoformer works.  Hard mode; As per hardish mode but the nanoformer is on the fritz you take damage every time you use it but you can make a healing booster that fixes it if your close, you can pick stuff up by making a lever and cut stone with a hammer and wedge, Strip branches form trees with a pruning hook. Dig dirt with primitive pick-hoe. make a 3D printer and fix the nanoformer with a repair kit from it.  Extreme mode: defective cryopod, you emerge a zombie. You can walk, jump, turn, melee and make a nanoformer attack but nothing else works until you harvest a vital resource to fix your brain and nanoformer. And everyone is hunting you because you have a useful resources drop. How long can you last as a space zombie.  [i keep writing about space zombies and awaiting someone saying "Noooooo no zombies!" But All I hear is a worrying silence. Scary. ]
    Hard and Extreme mode would both be sweet griefer penalties.  
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