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  1. I don't think I share your confidence in the gaming public @ShioriStein. I think that relying on organizations to police and control the flow of weapons, or "drugs", or any type of cargo or data, will be lackluster at best. It will simply won't happen, or at best won't stick around. Us hardcore gamers sometimes forget this isn't real life and the consequences just aren't high enough to invoke that kind of fear. If an organization bans something that the players want they will just leave to get it, and those that will stick around won't want whatever "IT" is. I just don't see the long standing motivating force behind bans as the game stands... I do agree with you though on that theft and hacking point. Theft and betrayal will be a very real aspect of the game. I was just thinking out loud, maybe trying to find a way to enhance the game. By creating an actual component that needs to be manufactured (possibly in several steps) it adds a whole illegal infrastructure that can be combated by the good guys, or accelerated by the bad guys. Resources gathering, manufacturing, transporting, LUA coding, selling, implementing, fencing the stolen goods. It would create a lot of jobs. Think of it as a criminal stimulus package! ? It could lead to an epic back and forth.
  2. I've seen several threads on criminal activities, usually involving weapons or drugs... While I find the smuggling aspect of a game extremely enticing (if you haven't ever wanted to be Han Solo are you even real!?), how can a developer set up a system that is balanced and not overwhelming for newcomers and underwhelming for established players? How do they create real reasons for a community ban on something, while simultaneously creating a hidden desire for said thing? Looking at the drugs & weapons arguments here I just see too many issues with creating balanced yet enticing game mechanics. For my answer, I pose something that threatens us IRL. And before you jump to conclusions and start battering me, please have enough respect to read out this entire post. I don't want this to be weighted heavily towards the criminals, I wan't this mechanic to create a multi-faceted game mechanic, that has a push and pull on both sides of the isle. Identity theft! (Well kind of...) What if there was a module that you could sneak into someones base, and secretly link it to their stored inventories, bypassing permissions and allowing you to steal a small amount of materials from them. It would of course be balanced and the module would "burn up" only after a few units of resources. Plus the process should take a while to complete. Ship/Cockpit modules could be available too. Maybe there could be a couple different module types. One that would stay in place allowing you to leach a very small amount of currency over time instead of resources, forcing the victim to find and destroy the module. Another to read and copy LUA codes so you could use and sell them as your own, this one might "burn up" just after a few lines of code, forcing the attacker to use many modules to get a whole code set. The modules would no doubt become highly illegal in certain sectors. Also the production of these modules would be expensive and require multiple process'. This would allow true manufacturing and smuggling of "illegal" components used in these modules. There could be an entire "underground" manufacturing network, being constantly raided by cops and other "criminal" enterprises. Also on the flip side, there could be an entire market of Anti-theft devices and coding being manufactured and sold. Think about infiltrating a group, pretending to be friends all the while slowly leaching resources and money. Think about the counter-intelligence operations that would be set up. It would create internal political and social security systems. It would also allow subterfuge between groups of players. I would not want this to be a get rich quick scheme for the "criminals", but could still be a lucrative enough to be worth the risk. At the same time this would create high risk situations during the manufacturing, shipping, selling, and installing of modules. Let me know what you guys think.
  3. Old topic....but I'm just getting into this forum....so sue me? Anyway, I think the perfect remedy is a user controlled automation. People being able to create partially automated vehicles or robotics, but they will not be truly autonomous. Allow players with resources to speed up their resource gathering by building tools to help them gather faster, but still forcing them go out and gather themselves. Take Ark for example, once you get so far into a game you can use larger dino's to gather huge amounts of resources quickly. In DU maybe that could translate to mining modules that we could attach to our atmospheric vehicles, allowing us to scan/prospect/mine that much faster.
  4. I love hearing that Im not the oldest gamer out there! I've been waiting decades for a game like this, and I'm super pumped I finally got a PC and now I can finally play this game.
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