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  1. You'll find plenty of people on here with English as a second, third or othetwise language. The developers are even French. Oh, and even us native English speakers don't quite speak the same version of English either, so honestly, you'll do fine here so long as you don't spam anyone or try and poach their organisation members through unsolicited private messages lol.
  2. By now you should be aware that I am a firm believer in democratic ideals, so whilst the recruitment attempt would never have gone anywhere, it has damaged relations between us. Whilst we were willing to work with (unless you are in a war with one of our allies or major customers) you in regards to anti-piracy and anti-ganker activity, and possibly still might be, we may not be so willing. Our other commitments which were made with another member of the Solar Empire (and it seems to be a different branch of) whereby we (Vulture Corporation) will work with and support racing events remains unnafected. We all make mistakes however, including myself, and I hope that these recent events will not permanently affect the reputation of Solar Secure for your sake and for that of all those who wish to stop piracy and other lawless acts spreading near civilised space.
  3. Oooooh... Someones got to make big benny's vending machines and spread them everywhere... music included too if possible.
  4. I might be, it depends. Haven't got the money to do so until about a months time. My goal in the end is to have a VC built craft in the top 3 of every race. I really hope they let us know if the profile of the craft will affect its performance or not. I could imagine weight is going to play a part, but again you don't want to build too light because of the threat of taking damage. Perhaps even a light shield generator would be an idea apthough ideally you would want all power to thrust, and a shield gen would probably be very heavy.
  5. Well, it depends. They can pay a lump sum and use our base design (without engine improvements and control scripts) or they can pay an initial fee and an amount per race and become race partners with us building their craft, using the same stuff as our own craft, maintained by us and having upgrades applied by us. This happens a lot in Formula 1, where some teams have these race partnerships, and others buy the core design and provide their own improvements.
  6. Although I am sure certain companies will be willing to sell stock designs for a "modest" fee...
  7. Benitius, there are a few small problems I see here; Most of the people on here either want to lead or are part of the command structure of other orgs. No weapons means tasty target for people like BOO. No weapons also means most corporations will go nowhere near you. If we cannot protect our assets, we cannot do business there. Complicated structure will scare some people off. There's already republics and federal nations and more on the forums. Again, everyone wants to be Emporer Dick or President Harry.
  8. I'm pretty sure I have said Vulture Corporation would join any racing league that pops up. We would certainly like to build our own track, or build our own part of a tracks facilities and host our own team. We hope plenty of groups will be interested in taking part, friendly competition is better than all out war.
  9. Ahhh but outside of safe zones will mean that the crafts and drivers can be damaged/hurt. And I would invisage it being more like pod racing from that terrible movie which kinda ruined a trilogy...
  10. Imps don't have to worry about profit. That's not what I was saying.I was saying that usually corporations chase profits. But VC is not a profit hungry corporation. Our primary purpose is to improve human civilization, our ethics demand democratic representation of all humans.
  11. Very interesting. We at Vulture Corporation share your ambition for a better future for all of humanity. We will be announcing a new project soon which you may be interested in.
  12. You still typed it. Extra equipment... now that would be telling wouldn't it?
  13. Says the imp. Seriously though, I offer a compliment and it gets thrown in my face? Sure. Just remember, we don't have to make a large profit on everything, and there are some groups that do not like Imperials who could do with some extra equipment. Just saying.
  14. Hello; Your designs, whilst inspired by SW, are different enough to be their own, and they are quite cool. Definitely looks fitting for an imperial faction. Whilst we cannot do business with you due to our ethical and moral commitments, we can wish you good luck and hope to some day see our ship designs battle against yours.
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