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  1. I strongly urge you to keep your routes within nuetral space and planets. With such a massive undertaking of a single ship; there will be many seeking to take what you have. Outside of protected space, will leave your ship to the mercy of any organization. This would occur because your transport routes are predefined thus are easily predicable to a mass ships in ambush. Additionally it would be most ideal to overthrow the crew with a small squad in the vastness of space where no one can quickly reach you. Without protection in mass and ready nearby, New Horizon will be seen as an easy and plen
  2. Welcome to the universe of dual!
  3. Welcome to the dawn of a new universe Serula. Creative minds such as yourself will be key in the expansion of our universe.
  4. welcome to the dawn of a new universe.
  5. It would be cheaper to rent one versus building one that is for sure
  6. Which is one of our ultimate and long term goals together. I am also impressed by the interest generated by this document. I hope more people will visit Sovereignty Integral of Tilo after reviewing it as well. Coordinating neutrality agreements between organizations will be a pivotal part in maintaining the peace throughout our new universe. Stay tuned everyone, once some finilizations have been made, Cerberus will be announcing another new agreement in short order. I greatly look forward to publicly sharing it, when ready.
  7. Sounds like this ship could transport a city. Maybe even attach to a city and pull/push it somewhere.
  8. Thank you for finding that, I tried for a good amount of time with no luck. I also remember seeing a screenshot of the would be creation system and a brief description. But I cannot seem to find it. I believe it was posted back in late 2016. As for space engineers, blueprints can still be made in creative mode and uploaded to the steam workshop. However for servers online or a game in survival mode, a projector block has to be used in order to cast a projection of the blueprint which then can be welded into the world block by block or with a welding ship. If an admin has creative rights in
  9. I also agree, there really needs more diversity in SE. However since DU uses control cubes, the devs can craft turrets designed specially for land constructs and for ships. So hopefully we will see a larger diviserity in turrets here.
  10. Welcome to the forums of an entire universe.
  11. Welcome to the forums! Currently release is estimated for early to mid 2020.
  12. Welcome to the universe of dual
  13. That is my theory as well, DU mirrors many aspects of SE and I can see the gameplay being similar.
  14. Also I found this today, as we can see here the information I provided above regarding where we respawn was correct. https://www.dualthegame.com/en/news/2018/03/05/legacy-resurrection-node-unique-skin/
  15. Given how few people have spoken in favor of player persistence (in the other thead) this would not be the case in DU because a person could easily just log out or respawn.
  16. The devs have already confirmed a creative mode or seperate mode for people to build constructs separately outside of the game itself. For trying building/construct ideas and new designs without worry of using/finding resources most likely. However they did not state if the creations from the creative mode could be saved as a blueprint to be transferred into the game or if blueprints could be copied into this creative mode for testing.
  17. The initial phases of combat are planned for mid to late 2019. The DU roadmap shows this information. Now how good combat will be is still up for debate. Although I like your idea of an adjustable shield it just seems to complicated to implement in my opinion.
  18. If the person kills someone, I think the person dying should be able to find out who kill them and then can decide what to do from there. Be that communication, placing a bounty, or seek revenge.
  19. The only way to access the person's inventory in a crypod in SE is to destroy the cryopod or kill the engineer to loot the body.
  20. I was thinking of something similar to this as well. However I realized there was no incentive for someone to return to the cryopod over just logging out somewhere random. It would need to supply a reason to return into the cryopod before logging out.
  21. Agreed, I would like a series of automated defenses and turrets for use. I like the idea of a player operated everything. But that just becomes impractical once a player has a couple bases set up for various tasks or when fighting a larger foe. With automated defenses the single player is allowed even playing field against a larger force. Which is one thing I enjoy about space engineers because automated defenses are what keep your hard work from going away once you leave base. Additionally there is no reason a player could not control these automated defenses manually. With lua coding thes
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