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  1. Cross section Calculations are basically keeping us all from building Voxel Hulks again. Maybe a hit reduction modifier the smaller the core. Otherwise Kent is 100% accurate. Also 'pirates' or merely just us pvpers are always going to win, pvping is all we do. So a rando dude who 'shows up to carebear with claws' will never stand a chance.
  2. These changes are a great step, a continued step in the right direction. Multiple METAs seem to be forming and though somethings seem obvious some are not. I have some weapon recommendations but I worry that if I make them it will spoil our battle strategy. However, I would suggest a passive recharge for shields. Allow it to recharge slowly, so even in the fight if I can evade fire I can rebuild my shield slowly. Passively. Consider special weapons for XS core ships, or special modules/roles. For the most part there is literally no reason to utilize these ship still. Even if there were 10 of them and I was in a single NG meta ship I would wipe them all out without risk. I also wonder how much more difficult you want to make it, like you could remove the ability to use a remote from a gunner seat, or create an element/voxel system for connecting weapons to ammunition containers. If the connection gets damaged you could stop the weapon from firing. Some EWAR type systems, like the Warp Bubble we have been long promised. Ultimately I am super excited about the PVP changes and its gonna be a fun time having fights int he future. Thank you so much NQ for your hardwork
  3. Yeah man Covid kicked back up and had to take a break. People have been asking me if I am back and I didnt have an answer before but, now I think yeah Im back. Good to see you again.
  4. I reiterate my last statement again. Watch the roundtable... And give it a chance, give the pvpers a chance. 11/21 @1500 EST on VarietyMMOs on youtube
  5. Actually no the argument has also been that it's boring. 'Waiting in a Pipe', '90s UI'... Yeah no it's not just about the big bad meanie pvpers picking on PVE'ers. No one is saying that DU's sole purpose is a pvp game. DU is a game of mining, building, trading and pvping. There are many pillars... Pvp is one of them. Community is plural. Not singular. It's playing with like minded people.... Civilization is plural... Not singular... Thank you for proving my point. Actually several times NQ has, and JC has said the game is meant to be played as a community... So sure man play by yourself I am sure you will have fun. But you will never reach a level of accomplishment that a group play will. In theory you can play by yourself... But that's not gonna be the same as 'played best with others'. I completely agree end level content should not be aquired in 2 weeks... But getting the items isn't the same as getting the end level content.. of building a civilization which is really the content the game is geared towards. You have to build your civilization or be apart of one being built. The problem is so many arm chair experts will complain when it's harder.. and filthy casuals will leave anyway because easy is now hard.. The constantly critique and commentary from some members of the community, yourself included, is heavily skewed in the way of criticism. Constant.. irritating... Karen Level criticism... So no it's not ; ME: THIS Them:No... It's more.. You: This NQ: ok here is this.... You: not what I invisioned.. you are doing it wrong... NQ: we are trying... Literally small company You: The forums, my Twitter, and discord will hear of this. I would love to eventually have other members of the community involved in the Roundtable.. but your belief that if the PVPers shouldn't be the only ones involved is hilarious... I don't do INDY... Why should my say be equal and valid over something I have no idea about. This first roundtable will talk about pvp for the pvpers, and how to make pvp more inclusive.. before you pull typical blazemonger forum warrior.... Just watch the roundtable. I think you will be surprised.
  6. Argument summary-- PVP Them: Pvp is terrible... Pvp is boring... Us - how much have you pvp'd? Them: Once... Well maybe. Us - get out. Solo Play Them: I have nothing to do as a solo player... Us - isn't it supposed to be a team base group based game? Them: I should be able to play the game anyway I want.. this game is terrible. Us - Get out. Industry Them: it takes alot of time and is tedium... Us - omg just go quit already. Look we all get that the game isn't perfect but the game is what you make it. It's time for the people who play the game to give suggestions and have quality conversation versus the negative armchair expert player Archtype that is beyond cancer. Most of you want your cake and eat it too... Half of you complain that the game is boring or low intricacy/emergent game play but are the same individuals who whine over 'open world pvp'. How do you think the emergent game play occurs? For the PVPers, we are going to have a round table. We wanna set up talk about what we see as far as problems/successes of pvp and wanna offer insight to how to improve based on. Then hopefully NQ listens. The largest and best political/wars/conflicts/guineas book of world record events occur in Null sec. Where CCP doesn't try to build the sandcastle for you.. But alot of the same gripes and complaints are just complaining because the game isn't exactly how they imagined it... Or the game isn't playing itself for them and You have to make your own content. Or even worse... They expect the game to be one way.. and it since it isn't.. the game isn't great. Poliwop brings up numerous good points... People complain it's boring but most of you would cry if it were hard. The problem is for the majority of DU community the game is fun. I feel many of you will never be satisfied. NQ is a small company doing massive company things. I'm sort of tired of reading the constant complaining.
  7. I dont nessecary think thats true. You would need a larger ship to take on a Larger ship. Granted, without a Anti-Capital ship fighter... it will be almost impossible to kill L cores with XS weapons.
  8. Simple, with the Multiples higher damage per weapon level, like Large-Xs the L core with XS weapons wont have enough points to commit enough weapons to Larger weapons. So A true Anti-Capital ship L core will tear it a new one.
  9. So i have been pushing for weeks-Months for NQ to have a PVP round table with those of us who PVP so we can really try to assist in helping pvp foster and Grow. Mostly ignored, whatever I trust JC/Entropy/NQ are doing the best they can. And I am aware the rules for the IDEA box is one idea per thread but this would take like 8 threads so consider this an IDEA for pvp balancing. After Entropy's Interview with Spreeezy, a GREAT interview I felt more excitement over the coming potential changes to PVP. Changes that make sense, changes that will inspire diversity in pvp.. and punish the 'Build Space filler' type construction. This is logical and more accurate, the thiccer and bigger a bebe the easier it is to hit it. Anyways.. Entropy raised a good concern, and one we should all be leary of, how to prevent the L core and Medium cores from just being the end all be all for pvp. Ideally a Fleet of Large Cores would be the maximum fleet you would field, but it makes little sense for them not to have support. Its the equivalent of having a Capital Fleet in Eve that can do it all. That shouldn't be the case. The equation is simple... The larger it is, the Worse it Preforms... But the more powerful. With the Opposite being true. For instance, Large weapons should preform like Battleship weapons. They should gain labels, attributes, even Designs that suit that function. - Large Railguns, should have worse tracking than they do now, and a MUCH slower rate of fire. The larger the gun, the slower the rate of fire. But the Damage should be catastrophic. So for instance, if a Ship is flying, lets say a Small Core with low crossection at say 5,000km/hr at a high transversal... the Large Railguns should almost NEVER be able to hit it. Other variables like overall distance, speed of the ship firing the weapon, and so on would be taken into effect. The further/closer having a modifer for the ability to hit the ship, sort of a Sweet spot. - Missiles should focus more like Torpedos, with horrific tracking, that basically are only best fired at a target of large or Medium Core size. The launchers would be Labeled, like Capital Torpedoes or whatever. They have a super small magazine, maybe starting at 1 and expanding to 4. These weapons would have a SUPER long reload, but if that torpedo hits... its devistating. They would LOOK like torpedo launchers, not just a bland size edited missile launcher. Instead of having Mediums be smaller Torpedo launchers, have them function more like Cruise missile Launchers, with a Look to match. Lower yield than L weapons, maybe a larger magazine, and say longer range, better tracking but just don't pack anywhere near the strength of the Torpedos. Small missiles could be more like anti-S/XS core weapons. Large cores could use these as an attempt at PDWs, while XS/S do the same thing with the missiles. Larger magazine, reasonable range, but less damage. Tracking would be MUCH MUCH Higher. XS missiles would function almost like 'dumb firing rockets'. Obviously lock and fire but with a tiny window to hit, and a large window to miss. They would look and function the part. - Lasers same thing, some super powerful low damage radius, but extreme damage area that functions as a Cutting laser or something to that effect. These weapons would serve some sort of purpose that they just dont now. These sort of changes are just related to L weapons, but they would continue down the line. Cannons would function like HUGE heavy Cannon type weapons with incredible damage at close range, but you would have to time, pick your shots because of reload. Where as XS cannons would be like Vulcan Gattling guns, that serve a role.. anti-XS close range weapons, with magazines and function that SUITS the part. These XS would be almost fixed weapons, for the missiles, railguns, lasers as well. Ships wouldn't just orbit or joust, they would line up to fire at each other. The tactics associated would be so much more effective. These changes balance weapon systems to make a more dynamic role for weapons and combat tactics. It won't just be XS cube wins all, because XS cube will be IMMENSELY easy to hit and kill. And large/S/M core cubes would have the same issues, especially if ships have to balance fitting/power grid between engines/shields/weapons.
  10. This is glorious. Let your salt flow. You screwed with things that were obviously not supposed to occur dude. v0v what did you think was gonna happen lol?
  11. It's ok, because even Daphne Muses in her own discord about getting into a pvp ship and 'griefing NG logistics's.... Good luck
  12. I mean its fine really, we enjoy pvping and fun things cost things. However we would PREFER to fight fighters... not kill defenseless ships. Thats like much less fun..
  13. Its not really lucrative to hunt ships. We spend more in Fuel and ammunition than the majority of ships are worth
  14. Thats not accurate especially in the context you have supplied. Lets say I played a game like Star-craft and was destroying my buddies base. By your assertion if I kill all of his units he continues to spawn I am a griefer. If I played a full loot MMO, which we do... and the target I have selected to fight has armored their core, as they should it will take me time to kill it. If you say that me killing the same guy 10 times to get to his core is griefing, then what you are saying is... Once i shoot his ship and he dies, thats it I should disengage and move on. Not kill the ship, not be rewarded for pvping by taking the ship. I kill the guy one time, and he gets to say 'oh gee willickers you got me!' respawn, get back in his ship and leave. No thats not how it works. You are suggesting that by playing the game, as it is intended to be played... we are bad people. Thats not true nor accurate. There are no social consequences, this comment could be misconstrued in a way to suggest that if someone kills you or someone else... YOU may do something bad to them. IRL. This is the long and short of it. No. So I just wanna say, though my opinion is stupid and no one really cares... that the game has pvp. The game has pvp orgs which are large and like to fight. They are bound, because so many of you feel pvp shouldn't exist or safe zones for days. I told you how this was gonna go and none of you listened. Since you forced pvpers to have very limited means to pvping they have to take what they can get. So they hunt the commerce and trade lanes. When atmo pvp comes... there are gonna be wars. Empire vs NG, or like BOO vs NG, or like numerous other orgs vs NG/DSI/Others.. and its gonna be a blast. You guys will have the occasional commerce raiding but we are gonna be hunting each other and we will not cry and whine about it. The real problem here is that you guys feel you should not have to endure any risk for your reward, which borks the game. You guys made your own orgs because you wanna make something and be the leader, and instead of joining a larger more powerful org and working out how to PROTECT your convoys you felt that we should just ignore you because thats how its gonna work. Thats not.. at all how its going to work. But you lads will learn in time. Build relations with pvp orgs, join orgs that will protect you! Form mutual defense treaties... all of that stuff. Stop sitting in your corner playing blocks in a warzone, saying that no one should be able to touch your block city because... you built it. Imagine how this will work when they implement defense mechanisms, imagine that NQ will create a way for you to protect your ships that you wont even bother to learn because 'eww'. And you will still die. Then you will whine that you died from pvp, in a game with pvp, in an area that is clearly marked, for pvp. Join a pvp org, there are so many orgs offering defense for your convoys, there are ways around getting killed in the pipe. We see people defeating our tactics almost daily... when atmo pvp comes there will be wars between the larger orgs and you guys are gonna have a blast. Stop being salty over what is actually alot of fun. And Joacorderio stop projecting. C'mon hugs for everyone!
  15. That's because we mostly do our own ammunition. But if you wanna work something out maybe my people will talk to your people and see if we can work something out
  16. Pvp is fun. I do not believe currently there are any actual Pirates in DU .. more roleplayers.... I am a Tactical Asset Aquistion specialist for the All Father. And Buisness is a booming. Pray to the All Father or he will command the purging of your wild.. wicked heretical ways
  17. It needs sink holes to generate an economy for other members. If there is no demand or serious demand there is less need of supply... And you guys don't make money? This is like the most basics of economics. People don't want you to buy less.. they want you to buy more so they make more... Dafuq?
  18. This is rich. I love threads like these because someone at some point is gonna accuse us of being psychopaths and sociopaths.... You likely will get banned for that if you keep it up. They don't allow name calling here. Risk vs reward is the most honest and realistic resource sink there is if there is no NPCs or PVE. You guys call PVPers the minority... But why are some of you activating mutual defense treaties? And why are some of you complaining regarding removing safe zones if there are no pvpers out there? There are massive pvp orgs in this game.... We will fight each other. We want to fight each other... We plan on waging war on each other. But we are gimped at the moment. So because we are so limited we have to hunt the easy prey. Turn us loose and let us run... We will find each other and be less likely to be camping your slow boat routes. Or keep it the way things are and the moment you try to come out we will shoot your ships.... Interdiction is a planned feature as well... What happens then? You may have to work with other orgs.. in a team game.... Who would have thunk it.
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