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  1. 1. Very unlikely to ever be put into the game, the computing resources it would take would be enormous. 2. Good idea, I am pretty sure they are planning to implement that. 3. You are right, it will probably never be put in the game, they already have elements that produce lift.
  2. NQ would have to continually design better guns to implement this feature if you want it to go on forever. It would be possible to just have it at the start of the game to slow down pvp, which I think would be a good idea, but it would eventually be where everyone had the highest tech weapons, after which the feature would be useless they could make it where the blueprints only do finite guns, which would make it even slower to get to the saturation point
  3. I expect that if you make the ship look nice, players will choose to buy your ship over a cube if they function and cost the same. Cool designs would add a small amount of value to the ship, but not much
  4. If you are good you can play solo, but it will be much harder. I expect eventually there will be massive orgs that take anyone, and will not require you to follow them, like pandemic horde in EVE online.
  5. @Lavayar @Anopheles can you name an mmo like DU that is moving away from subscription model. I can only think of EVE online, which is still a sub model
  6. And you are in first person view, you control an avatar rather than a ship, you build you own ships and stations, you can edit the planet, and the galaxy is theoretically infinite. The list goes on
  7. This is the entire concept of the game. you are meant to be able to do nearly everything without NQ intervention, and be able to think for yourself. Anything else and it is not a true player driven single shard sandbox mmo. I am fairly certain that NQ will implement a couriering system almost exactly like EVE onlineā€™s system, which has worked for 16 years my two cents
  8. Since this is not the nda forum, we cannot tell you what the game is like in here other than it is a ton of fun. If you post this in the nda part of the forum (blue) we can answer you fully
  9. The system is exactly the same as EVE. The only differences are that you passively gain free sp while nothing is in the queue, and there are no skill injectors
  10. They covered that. In the dev blog the said that they would somewhat reimburse sp after a reset
  11. That won't be causing the deflation, what will be producing it is players leaving the game with lots of quanta, therefore taking it out of circulation, players joining the game, thus needing more quanta, and more mats entering the game, lowering the price of minerals.
  12. They will have the quanta from when there were no buy orders lower than not price. With permanent market bots, the price for ore will fluctuate just above the bots buy price on average, because when you just have the bot buying stuff you will have inflation, but when you have the players buy orders you will have deflation
  13. I think you guys are thinking too hard about it. The market bots can stay indefinitely without affecting the market, just being there to stop deflation. This is because players will put buy orders up that are worth more than the bots so that they can buy stuff for their trading. In my opinion this is a really good system, because it will keep the average value of quanta level
  14. But those who get in early often have an advantage over those who come later, so you have to decide whether you think this game will succeed
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