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  1. nzwoodturner

    Micro-credit Loans

    That won't be causing the deflation, what will be producing it is players leaving the game with lots of quanta, therefore taking it out of circulation, players joining the game, thus needing more quanta, and more mats entering the game, lowering the price of minerals.
  2. nzwoodturner

    Micro-credit Loans

    They will have the quanta from when there were no buy orders lower than not price. With permanent market bots, the price for ore will fluctuate just above the bots buy price on average, because when you just have the bot buying stuff you will have inflation, but when you have the players buy orders you will have deflation
  3. nzwoodturner

    Micro-credit Loans

    I think you guys are thinking too hard about it. The market bots can stay indefinitely without affecting the market, just being there to stop deflation. This is because players will put buy orders up that are worth more than the bots so that they can buy stuff for their trading. In my opinion this is a really good system, because it will keep the average value of quanta level
  4. But those who get in early often have an advantage over those who come later, so you have to decide whether you think this game will succeed
  5. nzwoodturner

    A civil or military status for cores.

    Nq have already planned a protection mechanic. Having any constructs invulnerable outside of safe zones would go against the basic idea of the game
  6. nzwoodturner


    @Eternalgo look at EVE. They have the same basic idea for the economy and orgs, and that game is doing well. I suspect that, though these are two seperate games, the economy’s will be basically the same in both
  7. nzwoodturner

    Black Scarlet

    You can play the game with those specs https://support.dualthegame.com/hc/en-us/articles/115002021534-Dual-Universe-system-requirements
  8. It is always possible for a small group to compete with a larger group. Case in point the siege of c-j6 in eve online https://www.polygon.com/2016/4/5/11346848/the-true-history-of-eve-online-empires-of-eve-andrew-groen
  9. nzwoodturner

    Cameras and Video

    It would be great to have security cameras like that and reversing cameras ect
  10. nzwoodturner

    What can we build?

    I think the real question is, what can't we build
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