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  1. I figure for a game like Dual Universe which has some focus on emergent cities, implementing this mechanic (or something like it) seems vital. Cities with potentially thousands of tiny static constructs seem like a pain to run on a system and unnecessarily complicated to plan around.
  2. It would be useful if construct owners could permit specific players to build only in specified zones of a construct via RDMS. This would be especially useful in, say, an apartment complex, where you could allow a resident to edit and furnish their apartment and not any other part of the complex. Construct owners wouldn't have to find workarounds like splitting it up with multiple core units, for example.
  3. Hey. I'm just a guy who plays video games a lot, and wants to get authorized in Discord ?
  4. discordauth:35iU_iLnfWcicsJ2UjaE5lNZGCqJNlOhHflTU5dxm3w=

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