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  1. So is the XS container but we have THAT....
  2. Also makes salvaging a more viable career path...
  3. I just need to come up with the most boring thing I could possibly say.
  4. I do question the need for roads when everyone is flying...and without any wheels ?. I dont think were going to get to build outside the box, but the box may get bigger/different
  5. Wow, so much venom from the peanut gallery, guy was just asking a clarifying question and you all jump down his throat lecturing about "real life" and being a human? Possibly you'll be wanting to self reflect and see to your own particular issues before berating others?
  6. What about a dead star core, super dense, huge gravity, tons of dense, heavy minerals, no light, takes forever to mine, hard to leave ?
  7. Hello everyone, been lurking for a while now, thought I would introduce myself, looking forward to the Alpha 1 soon!
  8. discordauth:upHKj3hvBUYBdvHSNUMduwoBFY-iYMU0ebrcv4hqxTU=

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