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  1. Weeeeelll, you would have to get big enough to get international players around the globe! There might even be some rich guys paying others to play at a specific time, who knows? But in a game like this, you either choose to concentrate on one planet or you would be having a lot of trouble to manage, especially against night raids and night griefs that can easily be done from, say, my time zones
  2. Haha well, argument is good right now so we don’t have to go through the “Dual Universe sparks controversy upon update 1.34” post by some big gaming media I agree that a flexible system is for the better but we NEED a system one way or another, otherwise it would be total chaos, and it’s not those chaos that pvpers love. It would be ironic that orgs has their own rules yet there are absolutely none in the universe - basically setting orgs to fail and people to go rogue. About the lone ship attack, let me elaborate my thought a little bit on why karma system should be influential in such attacks: Say you are roaming in space and you saw a ship flying past you, there are three scenarios: 1 - the ship is harmless, alone and small, looks like someone’s trying to get to another planet from the starter 2 - the ship looks like some kind of cargo ship, could have valuable asset in it 3 - the ship seems very high level and dangerous, pretend to be peaceful and let go Without a proper “reputation” or say karma system in place, there is no reason why you shouldn’t go for both 1 and 2 situations, and it wouldn’t stop their ship from attacking you (situation 3), but with a proper system, you would think twice before you want to attack on situation 1, since it might not be worth the points to get nothing, and it might go the same way as the target ship. Nothing’s wrong without a system, as some may say, but to NQ it would be a bad case since the victim in situation 1 is likely to quit and leave, since they literally lost everything to someone’s personal satisfaction, and that’s 1 less subscription for them where did you know about the reputation system thingy? I would totally love to check it out
  3. Really? I have never seen a game that requires 24/7 attentions, or maybe have they all failed hilariously? I think NQ is wise enough not to attempt that because hardcore players in the end, are minorities You would be dreaming to believe that they designed NQ so people need to play it 24/7
  4. Well, not everyone would have time and energy to deal with things like this, you are definitely one of the lucky ones that can group up quickly and stop the griefing, most, especially casual players who's simply just here to play and enjoy, would just complain and leave and it wouldn't take more than a few dozens for NQ to start swinging ban hammers, and that's not exactly a solution either (see how quickly Conan Exile's population drops when griefers abuse the bugs and made everyone quit the game), especially not a P2P game Again, I'm not saying a Karma system would completely solve this, but it could have a chance rather than letting them freely roam and attack until last person left on server. In BD you lose the most precious thing if you are neg karma and dies (drop enchantment level) and we certainly could have something similar, something that makes people fear to go full neg and plan their attack carefully
  5. Wait until someone claim all 6 hex around your city and no one in your city can get out And wait until an org camps your base all day long, kill you again and again everytime they see you until you quit And wait until an org camps the starter planet and kills everyone that tries to get out Wait until an org finds your temporary resurrection node in a pvp zone, kills everything except that and force you to repeatably spawn and gets killed the list goes on... People need to realize that without a rule, a game fails quickly and soon you will have to find your own friends to kill because no one's left to play with you. People who calls those anti-griefing system "nanny system", are the ones who wants grief everyone, but cries so hard like a baby when they get griefed, or if they have to do any kind of pve grinding to get to a state when they can properly pvp, I usually call them the "pvp kids" If you are those teabaggers who called the enemy "noobs, ggez" after a matchup then I don't have anything to say. This is DU , some are here to play, have fun and enjoy the game, and some are just here to commit crimes they can't do in real life and they are the first I will block if such feature is implemented If you want to cause chaos, sure, you can certainly do that! The "Nanny System" isn't going to stop you from doing that, but you won't 100% get away with every destruction you do, like hit and run
  6. You are going to run out of bullets REALLY REALLY QUICKLY ? and also that encourages the strategy of building ships that can take a hit and drain your ammos before the main fleet attacks
  7. Hahah well I guess those wildlife don't appear for the sake of appearing right? Like you can get stuff off them, food or skin or whatever ?, I won't want those creatures to just be a decorations in the game. Well I mean no matter how advanced those suits are, they still have to find at least protein to feed "us", right? ? Unless there's some genetic modification they did to us when we were asleep for all these years, making us super humans that don't need to eat ? Anyhow, I don't care for it much, but it would be pretty interesting to see food companies popping up if they decide to have at least some degree of hunger and food
  8. Yeah, I am hoping that when it come to release they could maybe at least have things like radiation, body temperature, hunger and thirst that it would add some gameplay dimensions, don't need to capture anything if you can just say gather meat on a creature and cook them There is a lot of things NQ would have to consider when it comes to PvP, we don't know much about it yet but it could really make or break the game so, hell of a 2019 we will have if not carefully planned out it could tip to one of the extreme rather easily and losing control to what it should actually be we will have to see then You could obviously avoid violence easily by making deals with the organized syndicates but it's the lone wolf griefers that's the key of total chaos, let's see how NQ is going to tackle this problem as space griefing is hard to define and hard to prosecute ?
  9. Well the thing is, PvErs has no intentions of destroying other people's items, raiding, or harm any other players in anyway, YET they HAVE to pay for staying safe, but pvpers, whos intention is destroying other people's items, raiding, and harm other players in anyway, pay nothing for keeping their loot from being completely raided and destroyed - since they build their storage on PVE areas, you see where the unfair is at? If PvPers has a risk of losing all of their reserves - such as only able to build in pvp areas, then I would call it fair, otherwise it will just be all day ganking and no way of paying them back Well, karma is not needed when you are valuable target, since it is worth losing karma over attacking, but if you are NOT a valuable target, then people would think twice before attacking rather than "let's kill it for fun!", because it's not worth attacking - which provides a lot of safe passage for pvers to just get what they need to build The system is not about whether you can or can not be attack outside of safezone, but rather to make people choose their target wisely, for example, letting go of a solo player who's just gotten out of starter system and looking for home, and has nothing on him and go for a grouped cargo ships which might have valuable ores in it. With the system right now, people can just kill him for fun and he would leave the game, that's $10 less per month for NQ, there's nothing that can stop anyone camping starter planet leavers for the fun of it. When the big org senses a stronger power - combined player group for instance, they could just retreat back to safe moon with all their resources at 6a.m US time in the morning, then attack individual players with their firepower, how is that fair?
  10. Yeah! Karma points are like, if you are a known criminal you could be denied access to countries, but for the rest, you are welcomed to visit. This is one of the few ways I could see that any “public” city projects would be successful, otherwise it would just be a city with 5 residents or a city that occasionally gets blown up by infiltraters for fun if there’s no systemic judgement based on your actions in game, you could really blow up cities and run away, causing manybto rage quit and no one would even know you did it! Do I smell the game plagued by griefers?
  11. Yeah, but pvpers can store unlimited materials in moons where no one can touch them, yet pvers won't be able to get the same resources that pvpers would have access to? I call that unfair! Doubt it, rare resources isn't called rare resources for no reason, the first thing big orgs do would be to control them and sell them at a profitable price, rather than flooding it at the current mechanism, besides, 10000 members can easily control a planet - they just need to have daily patrols with split up defense (not claiming a hex next to another) and no one would ever step foot in there Timezones is a big problem, I'm Australian and I play when most of you guys sleep, so unless big orgs can find 24 hour defense shift, I can just go take a unmanned city before hiding back into the safe moon again That is, NOT TRUE, it might seem to you that nothing changes - since you want chaos and fights and want to attack random ships. It prevents people who's a bit of both from ganking weaker member of the society for fun, or people from different timezones ganking idle/unmanned ships for fun, the whole point is, if your karma goes below zero, you will suffer some consequences - whether if it's that you can't access the normal markets (here comes the black markets??) or you can be ganked 24/7 from others, or maybe that you can't enter ASA/MSA area if you are full red, it's just an idea it's obviously not complete otherwise NQ would hire me to think about their PvP vs PvE Balances Haha if he want to start a new life, there are ways for the person to regain karma easily , tell me, what is stopping a huge org to build around a pve moon, sealing most of the areas with heavy defense so no one can get out? I'm pretty sure a 10k member org can do that easily I don't know what they did in EVE, as I never played it, but if you are the type that loves to be the chaos, then the karma system is not for you - you would find a way to kill anyways and you would want/enjoy direct pvp battles than you attacking afkers (not sure what that's called but I remember there's a word for it), it is rather for people to think twice before they want to attack an unmanned jet flying through the sky, or follow an innocent soul, wait till they get out of ship and blow them up (which I consider a very low thing to do)
  12. That is true, however if they decide to put at least one or two safe moons in every system, then it would be the same as empyrion That's the issue isn't it, since you don't have a creative mode, designers that are pve won't be able to design powerful ships for sell as they don't have the resources to do so, and pvpers would be too busy to design a ship as they would be mining and fighting all day long, then the pvpers would have to "pay/hire" designers to make them their ships (which is good but) you will see big orgs quickly dominate the universe since they can just "pay" everyone, basically kicking the small orgs out of the game as they will have no resources, no designs, and no powers in pvp - and that's very flawed If they intend to make it full pvp, then I would suggest to have, say an area of moon that takes about 48 hours of real time to travel, forcing most to stay in the non-safe area, instead of "I can run back to my safe base in 2 minutes if I see the big orgs" It's actually not, the karma system acts like that you can't just shoot down a jet over "international water" and get away without consequences, if a transport ship does not wish to fight in space, taking it down should have consequences unless the owner is known to be at war with the attacker - make it simply, you will get yourself known as the "terrorist/criminal" if you do the things that matches the criteria, and the neutral forces are welcomed to take them down without consequences, or even with rewards To put it in dot points so everyone can get a full view of the system: Everyone starts at the same karma No attacks can be done in ASA/MSA, like what they are intended Everyone start off as peace/neutral, you can not attack anyone even if you are outside of ASA/MSA unless you are attacked You can switch between peace/pvp-attack mode with half an hour cooldown You can switch on the PvP mode, which allows you to attack anyone, anything in UA, but if you attacked and destroyed an innocent ship - who did not return fire and is still in peace/neutral mode, your karma will be reduced in a certain amount If you are in peace mode, and you are attacked by someone under PvP mode, you can return fire and kill the attacker without taking much of the punishment (self-defense) You can recover your karma by doing good things (what exactly, I dunno, maybe restoring planet greens? community services in ASA MSA zone?) if you are in PvP mode against another person in PvP mode, no penalty on kills Modes carries over to their constructs as well If your karma drops below 0 (which will take a few kills without recovery to happen) You are stuck in pvp-attack mode, and can not switch back to peace mode - you may continue whatever you want to do with attack mode but everyone can attack you without bearing much of a consequences Bounty can be set against certain character with negative karma You can only switch back to peace mode when your karma goes above 0 The Arkship area MIGHT attack you as you are known as the space mobs Your radar appearance would show up as "red" instead of what everyone else has, to warn of a certain known criminal entity exists in someone's path If the org you belong to declare war against other org: Your org members and their org members are automatically treated as pvp-attack mode against each other, no penalties is applied until they decide they want peace with each other again For scammers, spies, they have to work for one organisation against you, you just have to "perma dec" their org, so you two remain on war for the rest of the game lasts, besides, isn't your own organisation's job to care for these kind of people? And since the pvp would be target based, I kind of doubt that innocent bystanders would be that much of a trouble as they would just run away, or flag up and take responsibilities This way, if you mine and see someone's stealing your mine, you flag them and kill them, and go back to do about 10 minutes of service and your karma would be as normal, but it would get rid of most of the griefers who just camps and kill for fun, and gets away with it every time Besides, you don't just go to war without saying "we are at war with xxxx", that's the reason why declaration should exist, small skirmishes is dealt with by the flagging/karma system and big wars should be known by everyone, at least in the system in game, instead of a forum post "we are at war with xxx" As of alts, I believe you would have limits on how many alts you can create, and if you just want to kill and grief soon you will run out of alts with positive karma I hope it's clearer what I meant by the karma system it certainly looks slightly confusing when I type it out One more thing I would like to add is that if you have a claimed territory in UA, you are allowed to attack anyone that's not authorized to step onto the area/ fly into the area, and take no penalties for it The whole thing is so that if someone want to stay peaceful throughout their gameplay, they should be allowed to do so without having to be feared of ganking all the time (I mean, you still would fear for ganking but you would know that by killing you, they have their karma dropped) And if someone wish to fight all day, they can keep their neg karma and continue fighting, but they will risk of getting ganked or looked for by others (so they actually have something to lose) Well, that's about the method they used in Black Desert to deal with thousands who want to grind and fight over territories and spots, and those who just want to cut some lamb, fish, gathering and go back cooking
  13. I'm planning to create an org that builds secret facilities for hire, maybe you will be interested in renting a spot?
  14. The problem is, those pve safe places are available to pvpers as well, and it’s highly exploitable - you can pack your major reserve in a pve zone, while raiding others and hide back when you are attacked, that way pvpers loses nothing upon a defeat, and gets everything when they win - it disencourages building on pvp space, and therefore decreases the chance of pvp in general the exact same thing happens on empyrion, where you see absolutely no structures at pvp space, simply because there’s no point of putting them there unless you are looking for fights, everyone packs their things in pve space, and fly to pvp space if they need to mine, attack, or look for fight with nothing on their ship. No one would want to lose the things they spent days to gather. It’s also unfair for the PvErs at their point of view, unless the ship constructions does not involve materials that you have to get from a pvp space. Big orgs would guarantee to hike up the prices and that will force pvers into pvp space to get it themselves, which they do not want at all - you get less pvers playing as a result as they simply can not build any good jets to sell. Space pvp and pve will highly unlikely exists at the same time in the same system, so to me it’s either full pvp (except for the starting planets) or everyone has a chance to turn their mode between pvp or pve (say it has 7 day cooldown if they switch), or you can have a flagging system, where everyone begin with same amount of karma and attacking innocent ships reduces your karma (Black desert style) and when you have negative karma, others can attack you without punishment, arkship/moons defense can attack you as well considering you are the "bandits" - combined with war declaration between orgs and nations which allows full scale pvp battles without punishment unless they retract their declaration. This way, you get happy pvers minding their own business, and pvpers who are free to attack, but has consequences and can be attacked at any time (which is something they want, more pvp actions). This is the perfect system for an mmo to me, it prevents griefers from doing anything without consequences, pvpers who won't just camp outside of moon for some innocent pvers to leave and attack them, orgs that has to consider the consequence of their actions, and it also supports pvers on whatever they would like to do/build, win-win!
  15. Welcome! See you in the alpha and hope you will have a lot of fun
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