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  1. Topic isn't closed yet... technically, your claim is invalid.
  2. Salut et Bienvenue! En effet il y a quelques Français, je t'invite à chercher ici ou là. Au plaisir!
  3. Malheureusement tant que ton new proc n'est pas installé… ça semble cuit!
  4. Edited. Not sure how this is Under NDA or not 😕
  5. Sorry to interrupt but this "- I don't have to grind all those resources (because I'm lazy or whatever) myself, but instead just buy a couple of DACs with RL money then sell them for quanta " is a big chiller… In the end, it's broken to bypass the gameloop with irl money! = P2W !!! What DAC Injection does is simply devaluating the gameplay of many by creating money (like irl) not backed by any Added value ingame. It's not as "win" like what we use to know on a very limited scale (win or lose a match) it's about getting more than deserved because you drew coins... definitely unbalancing the risk / reward game. I'd gladly ear how it's not broken, but i wish you guys a good luck on this one. Edit : To make it way clearer, a cosmetic shop would still permit NQ to generate Value without affecting the ingame Economy as a whole, because no Quantas would have been generated or lost to it.
  6. Hello, impressions: - inventory going from 64m3 to 4m3 was the best option with actual containers build imo. - I still don't like the idea of liters, especially for honeycombs or ressources… let's see - rebalance of item volume and weight?? mmm… i Don't even explain how a person is supposed to lift an xl space engine into his nanopack, these things should only be deployable via base containers… small parts take more space, big parts less? …. wait, what? - conservation of mass during process, nice, altho of course refining should makes the outproduct less heavy, hence the term "refining"... same for all elements on the chain to end-product... - amount of honeycomb acquirable, reducing is interesting. Adding more mass to already wooden/plastic ships because of weight limitations? so-so imo. - Rebalancing cost/weight with rate… Let's see how it turns out. Having XXs atmo and Xs Space could help. - Somewhat irritated from havin sodium or silicon scraps but then , might be needed for further things so let's see. I'm happy with the major point about inventory size, that was Breaking the game that much. Some nice balancing here and there… and strange moves. Eager to read what's next and to see how the inventory size mod will help to wipe dragons out. Thanks for the hard work, some things needs more love but it's ok, a good cake take some time to cook
  7. Because trying to reach the desired number… a few to go still ?
  8. Hello, just read that, how fortunate, mp me i guess.
  9. That's a no-no, i was about to mention dedication but wanted to get the thread back on it's rails, so you're welcomed to fix your statement. Also, brains doesn't save you from unpreparedness. It's not about general intellect, it's about game's mechanics knowledge. In that regard, we are all dumb now about combat in this game, if i needed to make myself clear. Well, we for sure didn't played in the same place then, by the time i was playing there was no way to be mindless on mining even in 0.9 so… Yep. Pretty much it atm.
  10. Mmm… I'm a bit "surprised" about the Eve story… what were your guys mining/hauling to be mindless and happy? Cause i played it too and i'm not so sure how you'd be able to do that with valuable ressources, unless you were in a specific portion of the universe where strangely no one seems to have interest in free loot? Like how many mindless players are going to get rekt simply because they'll be digging a damn tunnel alone feeling like carebears and get blocked down in it? I mean even there mining is too important to let casuals take care of it, too many holes, could possibly dig <<Somewhere that shouldn't be dugged out>>, and about the hauling… my god you have to script an autopilot to make sure it reaches destination if looking for big capacities! Ok, so basically the Casual Player Handling is just another Topic. Back to Persistence. OP should make a Poll, even if most of the replies here says "Persistence On" anyway, then maybe someone @ NQ would be able to answer it sometimes.
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