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  1. Hey @Tekhamon! Personnellement , bien que je joue beaucoup moins qu'avant (changement IRL et non un reproche au jeu), je ne me pose pas trop de soucis avec Demeter puisque je vis majoritairement dans l'espace, n'ai qu'une tuile (mise en HQ car ne faisant pas d'industrie) et n'utilise pas vraiment les MU, ai uniquement calibrΓ© et mis en place une dizaine sur Sanctuary.
  2. Personally, I've always defended the fact that it's all well and good to want the great freedom to do what you want on your own, but it's not that (even if you add gameplay) that will create a game with a living economy, interactions between players (direct as well as indirect) ...etc How do you want a player-run economy if no player will buy anything from you because he can do everything himself? Why would players join an organization or play with other players if they can do it solo? Why would players build infrastructure, cities, hubs; FUNCTIONAL and LIVING, if they have no reason to go there, to interact with others ...etc Various things need to change in this direction, the current "game" is far too based on JC's utopia, which dreamed that in a totally free world the players would play as they wished, together, specialising themselves, creating companies that create circular economies, services ...Etc Except that JC did not have a vision of a game, but of a utopia Players are humans and they are far from respecting utopias if they have no reason to. Besides, he himself thought that pvp should be a small part of the game, that everyone should be a bear, that DRM should not exist and that everything should be shared, even Lua codes...etc The fact is that if you really consider DU to be an MMO with flow, animation, interactivity, an economy ...etc there are many things that need to change that will "restrict" these freedoms; because it is also a game that lives, these choices and decisions. Most sandbox games where you can do everything so easily, people don't stay for more than a couple of months. DU still keeps its players because of mechanics like voxels and Lua, but otherwise nothing more. And you can see that NQ, since JC's departure, is trying to make DU a game, which it isn't yet. And so that means changes. And SO, to get back to the topic, if we want a GAME, where there are interactions, direct or indirect (mission, market, services), economies (and stop saying to remove the bots, it will be even worse afterwards as no one will have a reason to buy as long as they can all do it), in-game powers, services, player groupings, living structures ...etc. We'll have to go through a decision tree for the talents And that even if it remains based on time and not actions (because it's difficult to set up a system of experience on all the actions of the game and that it is not exploitable; like piloting? ). A decision tree would lead players to specialize as they choose the branches they want to play. To give a vague example but for the sake of the idea: - a pilot will concentrate on the use and improvement of the performances of his skills, but will not be able to take at the same time the installation or the manufacture of these elements - an industrialist will focus on manufacturing but not use - an builder will focus on unlock the use of rare materials, rare decorations ...etc - a ship builder will focus on place down bonus on elements and get best pvp materials ...etc A tree does not mean square classes, let us rather say that a tree of decision will lead to arc-types of classes, but which will be composed of various choices of branch. TRULY! If such a system is implemented, it would make sense to allow players to use a talent point reset token (given for free at the beginning of the game and which could become an item purchasable with real money in the shop once the one offered is used). And before reading your comments that retort "yes but I want to be able to mine, craft, use the elements of my ship ... etc), you might as well say that you want to play a single player game and therefore do not complain about the lack of "dynamics" to summarize all the points. To these people I will answer, to give me the reasons of : Why would a player buy something you sell on a market if he can do it himself in your same logic? Why would players group together if they can do everything themselves and don't need anyone else? Why would players create shops when each player can create his own ship? (besides the aesthetics) Why would players use and organize living spaces, flow nodes if players don't need to buy, talents from other players ...etc? ...etc I think that if we want Dual Universe to become a game and not a sandbox based on a stupid Utopia of someone who has thrown promises at everything. I think it's important to accept and push for mechanics that add a need; the need of other players directly or indirectly (if you don't want to play with people, good for you, but the marketplaces where you buy items, or the missions you complete ...etc will be sold by players, or organized by players who need you in some other way; you will interact with them, but indirectly)
  3. Don't get me wrong. πŸ˜‰ I'm not saying all players should log in every day. Just for example, if you only play during the weekend and log in on both days, that gives you a good boost of 300k. I just expose that because it can be a boost. Beside that I see some players saying that their city project, event venue circuit will not be able to stay. But in addition to the feature of HQ (which fit to the majority of the projects), you have to think economically, if you have a city put in place a rent for example, for events, to finance either you go through sponsoring organizations, or charge for players who want to participate, sell products ( for example racers for races) ... etc. So for me it's not the end of the world on the contrary it can lead to a dynamic ... even if it takes a little time for everything to be put back in place after this hustle and bustle. Anyway that remains a personal opinion.
  4. A lot of players seems forget the daily 150 000h each day. Even with that you can collect enough quanta, without doing ore trading with MU, or missions ... or all other acivites like ship selling, ressources trading, event organization ...etc Where did they said it was 1 000 000 per month ??? It was already 1M per week on the PTS. Nothing changed. No no An inactive tile, is just a tile on which industries and mining units can't run. But you can keep building, terraforming or digging. If you're a solo player you should stay on Sanctuary until you determined an economic model to substain to taxes. - If you log one time each day, you will get 150 000h per day ; 1 050 000h. - With missions, you can get much more with much less time. - On your Sanctuary tile, you can keep using mining unit indefinitly, so use it to generate resources or income. So technicly, if you take a tile on a non-sanctuary tile, you can generate resources from two tiles and double your production. In addition to that, you can find multiple way to get quantas, sell ships, do events to win quantas, salvage tiles ...etc If you a new player, as said higher, nothing force you to come on other players you can stay on Sanctuary as much time you need It's taxe free. After that, if you want to build somewhere else you will always be able to declare a HQ tile, and so build on it and use it without paying the tax, just will not be able to use MU or industries on it (but it will stay possible to do on your sanctuary tile). I don't see real issues for newbies. They got Sanctuary tiles ; safe, free, persistent, productive .... it's for that. My personnal opinion is just that 5 HQ tile per player is a bit too much. Would suggest to limit it to 3.
  5. This feature is only available to player-owned, not organization-owned It written in the text you quoted 😏 Anyway, I personally approve that 5 is too much, I propose to reduce to 3 tiles, but one per planet could a thing too πŸ€” And may be limit it to SZ.
  6. I think this headquarters feature is really good. For all the players who don't want to have to pay every week for a gameplay or creative project. Or have "safe" tiles that would never go unclaimed πŸ‘Œ. Anyway... I think 5 is a bit much per player. I'd say more like 3 or 2 HQs per player personally. And on top of that ... why have to wait 1 month (2 unpaid weeks+ 2 weeks to claim staic builds = 4 weeks) to be able to loot a tile ... a bit long, no? Would this HQ functionality be limited to the safe zone? I personally think it should be to avoid squatting on T4-T5 tiles.
  7. Be welcome! I hope the studio will continue on the new path it seems to have taken. More quality, more communication and a clear direction.
  8. If I remember well, when the repulsion has been exposed a long time ago, they exposed too that they will reconsider it when teh AvA will be considered.
  9. If you checked today PTS release change log, they fixed it. And if you read the older PTS change logs, they fixed multiple exploits Anyway, I like this PTS release ! So much Lua πŸ˜…
  10. Was curious to see what is an emergency (because all players say their request is emergency ^^' ) but I have to admit ... I didn't understand your point πŸ˜… What do you want to add ? @teso91
  11. Globaly, I like the idea ! The docking and boarding rights use is logical. The build helper addition is good to be able to monitor it. Anyway ... the docking procedure become more "complex", more steps. A thing that could be not appreciated. Could be may be improved later with a right management with Lua, to be able to implement board system asking docking request and autorize by Lua ...etc The boarding system ... humm.. on one side, it's good to control who is in your construct. And think about expositions with the "deactivated" status is good. Just certainly consider to reauthorize entering of players in active constructs when we will have to ways to defend, with the AvA. Currently, considering there is no ways to act against a players, I'm for ! Good addition ! πŸ‘
  12. We don't know anything about the new system. And yes existing systems will be broken. And ? It's not a reason to say it's shitty πŸ˜… It will just give a new support of developpement. And more possibilities. We even don't know what kind of limits we will have πŸ˜… For HTML/CSS it was the characters, and it was heavily impacting performances. On FPS aspect and data transfer aspect. And it seems hugely better on that... so wait to test. I will may be say it's a huge shit after testing it. But for the moment, I stay optimistic Be optimistic sometimes ^^'
  13. Nothing say it's limiting possibilites, wait and test. But I agree on the fact it's missing informations
  14. The script size limit is not a real limit. You can simply store code or UIs so, in databanks and extend so your limit. I do it all times to load, unload libs and heavy UIs.
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