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  1. You have all our support ! It's comprehensive And thanks for the topic to explain the situation !
  2. Woaw ! A big surprise for me ! I'm glad to join the ATC ! Thanks @NQ-Naerais
  3. Same opinion than @spaceforger , I think it's useless
  4. discordauth:ocq4QbF4zrCqxwtAHvLpIMWawwWmBn4kbOYeG2B6Yiw=

  5. Hello everyone! My name is Elias Villd, an engineer in high-speed fluid dynamics, I arrived in this galaxy not long ago. Although many of the colonizers who arrived in this galaxy were hired by many companies, I arrived here as an independent. I think that my abilities as a computer developer and my knowledge of space engineering can be useful to a corporation. More seriously, my name is Rémy, I'm French, I'm 23 years old and I'm an engineer in fluid transfer in real life. I love the space, and I was excited to join the world of Dual Universe. However, I wished to wait to see its evolution. And I was not disappointed! The Novaquark team faces a serious challenge and produces a wonderful game. I can't wait to build beautiful things with you! Being a passionate developer, I've developed a lot in community projects (in C # and Lua mainly). I hope to develop great systems with my skills. (I hope my English is correct enough. ? )
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