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  1. duckimus


    Max, you don't need access to the discord ours is enough =P
  2. duckimus

    Hello together

    Howdy nice meeting you too! What are you thinking of piloting once the game is out?
  3. duckimus

    Could a Decentralised City Function?

    Not sure you got my point, I'll try again. So say I want to buy 1000L of rocketfuel. That is made from stuff, that stuff has to be mined, transformed into fuel, and then transported to your market depots. At any point in the chain from mining to getting it to your city a person can slow down or cut off the supply entirely and cause the prices for rocket fuel to go way up. So now I start doing my business where rocket fuel is cheaper. However me being at the other market place makes spending my money on other products there more economically viable too. This could kill your city. Put a few people on that blacklist, and if they decide to make a concerted effort could can very well turn into will.
  4. duckimus

    Could a Decentralised City Function?

    The problem is most of the resources to support your city and its market will have to come from the outside. What will you do if someone on your economic blacklist starts wiping your supply chain? You don't need alarge force to stage raids on supplies driving up your internal prices and making the city no longer viable. I reckon a single org can manage that depending on the scale of your city.
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  6. duckimus

    Nothing to see here

    Hey there just another new face on the forum! I've been keeping up to speed with the game since it's anouncement and am about to buy one of the pledges. Can't wait to get my hands on some gameplay and design some ships with a little scripting inside. Move along.