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  1. The Federation Alpha (Recruiting)

    I think that guy above forgets this is for a game not irl so it doesn’t really matter what type of government any org runs. Even then most orgs are just Roleplaying the majority of that content and it’s usually pretty democratic when it comes down to it because people just want to have fun. Lol come back to reality
  2. Organizational Propaganda

    This is a low resolution version of a 30second propaganda video I did last week. Inspired heavily by Starship Troopers and 1940’s recruiting ads.
  3. The following is the creative work of Firestorm a graphic artist and member of the Dark Star Imperium on Dual Universe. Starting off will just be chapter one, however as the weeks go by more chapters will be added. The possibly of minor edits is an option so if anyone has suggestions on anything I might miss let me know, so stay tuned. This is the story following a young man by the name of Ryker Telemachus Omi and his journey from civilian to full fledged citizen and member of the Imperium Marines. Please follow his story as this seasoned young officer is thrown in the midst of a new and strange enemy. DSI Discord: https://discord.gg/2vkazux <— reach me here Chapter 1: Beginnings https://docs.google.com/document/d/1p4bIiuEFxA6N0ph2cO6xmjv9qiO3E2VyqQ_aJw97TpE
  4. DSI Ship Concepts

    DSI Soulfire http://imgur.com/RXL5ZQp <—— Side View http://imgur.com/dCp4DKJ <—— Top / Down
  5. DSI Ship Concepts

    So here in this thread I am going to be posting sketched ship concepts that DSI will be producing in DU both for our Navy and public purchase once they game goes live. All concepts presented are exactly that, “Concepts” and do not reflect in game content. Each submission is basically a detailed design guideline that DSI will use for construction purposes at DSI Shipyards and outsourced work with our partners at Objective Drive Yards. Thank you, Firestorm
  6. Organizational Propaganda

    Would love to see your work but literally everything says “image deleted”
  7. Show your banner, emblem or the like

    Dark Star Imperium Theres a few iterations with different colors and backgrounds for certain types of posts but this is basically it https://gph.is/2JbIdBw <—— Animated Banner
  8. Hello, CT3PO0 I really like the spin on the logos you have above. So I’m with the DSI , Dark Star Imperium and like the OUD we are a Militaristic entity that requires Military Service of its members. Our org pulls its creative tastes from Starship Troopers, Wing Commander, Battlestar Galactica and Gundam. So we are very Militaristic to our core just like the Federal service requires of the Terrans in Starship Troopers. Our propaganda and media is heavily enfused with that 1940’s scifi spin and our logo design currently is aimed to give off a strong stance as well as fit our name. I Would be interested to see what you think of our logo and possibly what yours would look like if you were create something different. if you would like to reach me for the rest of the logo concepts or original Black and White versions you can find me on discord. DSI Org Page: https://community.dualthegame.com/organization/dark-star-imperium#tab-applications DSI Discord: https://discord.gg/2vkazux DSI Propagana Ad. <—— Animated Banner
  9. Hello and greetings I’m Firestorm and a am a part of the Dark Star Imperium, a relatively new DU org that was formed by over eight large orgs who consist of friends and enemies alike from a game called “Space Engineers”. We have been contemplating a switch to DU for over a year now and decided now was a good time to start laying the ground work for our org. So far in just four days we made it to org page four and are steadily climbing. We are focused on PvP but we are a well rounded org that intends to be not only PvP but also self sufficient in all sectors. Alliances are being made, treaties, trade deals are being brokered and people are enrolling for Citizenship with the Imperium. We look forward to doing business with you all and maybe, just maybe we will see YOU! In Dual Universe - Firestorm Vice Head of the Dark Star Imperium https://discord.gg/vqnhhRe
  10. discordauth:ySE4H0Y1ow07PCQicVleYBARA-8GGlmCd9eLZ7Aj37E=