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  1. Multinovae (Sylva)

    Astro-Phsyics in DU

    Very interested in seeing more info. It's been a while since my college astronomy course.
  2. Multinovae (Sylva)

    No Man's Sky NEXT

    I mean... I've been playing it since launch. I love the game, and am looking forward to future updates. :3
  3. Good to see some fellow Landmarkians in the game. I am already with an org, but I'm glad you're here.
  4. Multinovae (Sylva)

    Tutorial: Voxelmancy Essentials

    This is incredibly cool! Wish I'd seen it when I was in Landmark!
  5. Multinovae (Sylva)

    Any LANDMARK builders here ??

    I also was a Landmarkian and am very excited to be here!
  6. Multinovae (Sylva)

    Hello There!

    Just wanted to say hi to everyone!