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  1. Honestly, If it hasn't been brought up yet, I think it should. First, A ship built in space shouldn't need to be structualy sound in a Zero Gravity environment. No gravity to compete with. So ships built in space should be specified as Gravity or Zero Gravity or Heavy Gravity builds. Secondly,.... Portals or Instant teleportation. Will there be Teleportation in the game already? Will we be able to upgrade it and build our own super teleporter? I have a few ideas that can only happen if we can improve Teleportation our own way. Though i think the limit to the tech should be, If you want to go somewhere, you need the A and Z. A on your side and Z on the side you want to go. Or,... To keep things new, Offer ingame only, Wormholes.. Randomly appearing. Can only take you to new places. Only thing is, you're lost once you get there. If we could build our own Portable Portal (Quantum) Generators, then i could see myself making it into a Weapon. (Shoot Missile there. Teleport to there) Though *overthinking* if you do make portals, There should be a size limit to something that can be sent. A Ship slightly smaller than the portal can't go. And Both Openings need to be the same size on both ends. Someone add stuff. Otherwise i'll just keep going.
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