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  1. Different vision of RP here. We think RP is just positioning his avatar and/or his organisation in the world, define identity and method and act accordingly with logic, lore and game mechanics. This is not playing an artificial role with full created background, lore and capacities (like "we are a people from another galaxies with telekinesis powers" or "we are a millenar empire".... No we are all All naked in a cryopods until the release, and coming directly from earth!).
  2. Our will : meet the Noveans, help and advise those who ask for it, collect and promote good ideas, hunt down and eliminate bad ones, always searching for the better and most immersive experience in Dual Universe. Our methods : erect a Temple on each planet and moon, build a Sanctuary in each city welcoming us, show our new civilization, in its best and worst aspect, always on the move from projects to projects, from cities to cities and, if needed, from battle to battle. Our players : mature, creative, laid-back and fun kind of people, wanting to play together on common and individual projects, in a trustful relationship. Mostly french and english speaking but open to anyone wanting to share time and ideas with everyone.
  3. As you said, this idea opens too much space for exploits. PvP players would organize themselves to have the most toughness possible, defeating each other in friendly training. The only way to deal with the fact that there will be powerful and weak characters (because we need this, it creates a lively society...) is to enforce the inter-dependencies between all players. If industrious and carebear transporters players are necessary to PvP core game, they will be protected and encouraged to continue their business. In the opposite, if a player can be powerful AND autonomous, it's like Homelander in The Boys, he can do what he wants for no particular reason. 🐵
  4. The Old Guard is honored to welcome Heldric and Shealladh as Brother and Sister of the Old Guard. Heldric is a very dedicated voxel builder, searching for the perfect technics. Shealladh's aim is to gather knowledge and build the first Library of DU ! - - - - L'Ordre des Gardiens de Gaia est honoré d'accueillir Heldric et Shealladh. Heldric s'intèresse de près aux voxels et compte en maitriser les arcanes. Shealladh souhaite tout simplement bâtir la plus grande Bibliothèque de DU pour y accueillir tout le savoir de ces nouveaux mondes. Discord Website NQ Community website
  5. Guy, you are already losing weeks and months of your lifetime playing video games ... ?
  6. https://community.dualthegame.com/organization/the-old-guard-of-gaia-fr We speak french and english !
  7. The Old Guard is glad to welcome Geolidas and Eleena as Brother and Sister of the Old Guard. They share with us a taste for immersion and good atmosphere in a real group where every member know each others and work together. Geolidas is a weathered drone pilot IRL and will be a perfect fit for flight tests. Eleena is interested in architecture and is full of visual ideas to experiment ingame. Our first priestess ! - - - - - L'Ordre des Gardiens de Gaia est heureux d'accueillir Geolidas and Eleena en son sein en tant que Frère et Soeur de l'Ordre des Gardiens, membres à part entière de notre groupe. Ils partagent avec nous un goût pour l'immersion et la bonne ambiance, dans un vrai groupe où chacun se connait et tout le monde travaille ensemble. Geolidas est un pilote de drone expérimenté IRL et sera parfait dans le rôle de pilote d'essai. Eleena s'intéresse à l'architecture et vient avec pleins d'idées visuelles à expérimenter en jeu. Notre première prétresse ! Discord Website NQ Community website
  8. We can not mimic reality because DU is a very different kind of world : nobody really dies, nobody really suffers. There's no moral conflict, no limit to what a player can consider as fun. He shoots at a medical facility ? Well, there's no dying people nor children inside, just voxel exploding in the void. So neutrality won't be respected in the game every time an organisation thinks this is a fun thing to shoot at neutral people. Neutrality will only be respected if they have funnier thing to do elsewhere.
  9. Noveans, Here is our current structure and some explanations.
  10. The actual fighters are already Lock&Fire beyond visual range. It would be logic to have this on our spacecraft and no more dogfighting. But we have a long way before the first PvP mechanisms. And I'm wondering if they won't put PvP at the very end of the development to let creative and community players build a world before letting others destroying it.
  11. In such a game, you can't introduce roleplay out of nowhere like scenario, character creation, lore creation. The world will evolve out of the control of any GM. And the lore is simple when the game will begin : we all were on Earth just some minutes ago, in our mind. So any lore is litteraly beginning the day of the last DU server wipe. It is more a "RP event" kind of game, with an objective and a team. And they deal with real attacks, real problems, real personnality. As for me, roleplay in this kind of game should be limited to this : define a Big Objective, define a method to reach it in the long term and choose some behavior rules. And the most important : stick to it whatever it happens and stay consistent. But it doesn't imply a different kind of gameplay ingame like talking and acting weird. The griefer part is a real issue. I like the concept of full PvP full loot, because it induces real behaviors, real alliances, real need of protection, in short, the foundation of any civilisation. But for some, PK is the core of their gameplay because unlike real life, there is no death penalty nor lifetime jail for murder. So this is easy to target carebears and above all, this is riskless ! A game developement studio will never introduce a temporary ban if the player is caught and put in jail. This is the main unbalance when dealing with the PvP/PK issue in any game. They only have rewards and no punishments.
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