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  1. Exactly! Nobody can say with concrete certainty that a wipe would fix anything at all. Sure some groups got filthy rich off the 99% reduction in schematics prices. But to be brutally honest, it wasn’t that hard for our group to get all the schematics we need. Hell, we have a drawer full of random unused ones. we have achieved complete self sufficiency except for Rare tier engines I like to use for safe zone transports. We also have a net surplus of T1 materials selling constantly and we can make all our own fuel. but sure, if wiping all our literally months of effort would demonstrably and certainly improve the game the I wish someone would explain it because like you, I can’t see the game NOT falling into exactly the same rut again, just without the few orgs selling Rare and exotic tier goods at MP6.
  2. Elite Dangerous laughs at you in Codex: Inara, ED Discovery, EDSM, EDDB, EDTN, DrKaii, ED Board, ED Engineer, Road To Riches, ED Trade Connector, Captain’s Log. etcetc. Far from scaring people off, the API turned ED from a good game in to an excellent game: a game changer, if you will.
  3. Wiping will fix the economy? Oh you sweet, summer child.
  4. So to all the “wipe NAU” proponents, how do you suppose NQ compensates those who joined in the Beta? Imagine actually paying over a year for a game only to be shoved back to day 1 suddenly at some arbitrary time and told everything you’d achieved has been wiped i.e. we deleted all your data… but we’ll keep your money, cheers. I would feel a right mug for wasting my time in a game like this only to lose everything I’d built.
  5. Those are Rookie Numbers. A million a day and a single charge per Skill Level so a maximum of five saved charges. Charges regenerate at an hour per charge. That'll keep the players on their toes and provide hours of continuous "quality DU content" (TM). Damn, I shouldn't give them ideas.
  6. Seems questions are difficult, I'll re ask the question part of the question: "Seriously, what would a wipe actually -demonstrably- achieve."
  7. Now that's what a physical manifestation of trolling looks like. LOL.
  8. the fact that they manually arrive in waves is... very NQ.
  9. people keep harping on almost troll-like about wipes.. but seriously, what would a wipe actually -demonstrably- achieve.
  10. More than different sizes, I would prefer an elevator to be able to reach from any corner of an L cube to the opposite corner without having to use 4 elevators in total. 64M is just too short. Moreover, I wish they would let us link elevators BETWEEN CORES.
  11. With the advent of Rare Engines that can double the power to weight ratio of engines while halving fuel consumption, I realised that I can pretty much get about the same additional space thrust "permanently" for any specific weight compared to adding a rocket engine with anything other than a trivial supply of fuel. For example while a 500kN small rocket is fairly light, with a medium tank of fuel to give it a few minutes of thrust you're adding 4T for the tank and 3T for the fuel. A 500kN Rare Freight Medium engine weighs only 2T, though, so you could pack FOUR of them in for about the same weight. You could go for a much cheaper Advanced freight engine and still come in under 2.5T per engine (so get 3 of them) and still use 40% less fuel than a regular space engine which comes in at less than 1% of the fuel consumption of a rocket! Admittedly the weight disappears when fuel is consumed but the tank itself still weighs 4T and is not discardable and anyway, if you're using rockets to power heavy vehicles, then losing a few tonnes doesn't make much difference. Even the case for rear cross section doesn't really bode well since the nozzles of rockets are quite large anyway and we can no longer stack them and rocket tanks take up a lot of volume compared to regular fuel tanks for the same number of L especially if you have skilled up since rocket fuel tanks' level-up capacity bonuses are crippled compared to regular tanks' bonuses (half the bonus for significantly higher XP cost). Besides dragsters and a bit of fun or other edge cases, is there anyone here who uses rockets on a regular basis? personally, I use them with light warp shuttles to boost away from the planet as quickly as possible, but I could likely get much the same effect with a single extra medium freight engine.
  12. Off topic? Elite started it off for me. As for builders, Repton was the first taste of builder game I ever played. Freelancer, Frontier, Federation of Free Traders (FOFT) All tickled the space itch but were all buggy as hell, IIRC. In the 90s I moved away from space games (were there any good ones?) and was into turn based games and real time strategy games like Dune 2. in the 2000s it was sim city 4 mostly. never really got into Eve though I remember seeing it constantly advertised and played a few free trials. I got back into space games only because of getting addicted to Galaxy on Fire around 2012 and wanting more. There I discovered the kickstarters for Elite Dangerous and Star Citizen and a few years later the arrival of NMS. All three which I still play. I suspect this is a fairly typical pattern for people who like space games, pushing half a century in the age department.
  13. OP used the word causeless. While I don’t believe it’s an actual word, I do think their intent is correct. IMHO tax should only be levied on hexes in the safe zone and could be justified as Aphelia keeping the peace in lieu of NQ developing real NPC enforcers ala EVE. Same for space stations in the safe zone they should be taxed in exchange for being eternally “safe” outside the safe zone taxes should not exist at all. What is reason for them to exist out there in the wilderness. of course there is no planetary PvP so you could argue that tax will be removed when planetary safe zones are removed.
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