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  2. Yes, the corner points would be vertices.
  3. Yeah at 5x3 you can make every letter out of just cubes! and also have the N at 5x4, and M & N at 5x5.
  4. yeah; for the second font Hexa I tried to make it with 3 voxels less wide. It made it alot harder to read and right; so Ennea font is probably better.
  5. Building in Dual Universe could do with a simple basis font that is small so that it can create any letter, and the larger the font is the more different it can become. for the limited options of small sized fonts a simple name for that font would be useful; Which I propose as Ennea Font. (Ennea is greek for 9; the amount of voxels this type of font takes up per letter. There is also a Hexa Font. Alas, some letters are hard to read at this level. W and M require a minimum of 4 voxels wide, and I doesn't need any width. S is actually more legible as 2 voxels wide. I hope having
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