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  1. Thanks a lot @Mod-Meldrik really appreciate it
  2. Thanks @Evil_Porcupine, will deffo keep that in mind for the next one xD
  3. Hi all, new video for you guys. This one goes over latest news, updates and happenings in Dual Universe. Hope you enjoy xD
  4. All good @Hades it is all content that has officially been launch by NQ. By making videos I am so familiar with the NDA I could read it to you in my sleep xD It did have some footage from older videos, so yeah very easy to forget
  5. Just a quick fan made promotion video for DU I made, enjoy guys xD
  6. Thanks NQ-Oli Still new to making YouTube content but DU is literally like the combination of all of my favourite games into one, so I couldn't help myself... xD Just doing it out of my love for the game really
  7. Hi all, I have made another video for you guys, it covers what Dual Universe is. As such it is really deigned for new players who have''t played in the pre-alpha yet, or players who are looking at getting into the game soon. Hope you guys enjoy xD
  8. That definitely makes a lot of sense, and if I am completely honest I was thinking to do more of an appealing post, have some (more) media elements in there to make it more visually appealing, however I was grappling with a moral crossroads. As I am still a new community member and new to making YT content, I was not sure how my posting of "come watch my video" forum posts would accepted by the forum members. I didn't want to do anything (like making people feel like I was making spam posts or anything or going against any of the forum rules), so I wanted to keep my posts kinda low
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