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  1. In some games there have been options of being an active participant in combat, or a non combatant, by means of flagging. Star Wars Galaxies offered an option to be overt or covert, overt meant you were actively supporting your faction and could be attacked any time. And Covert meant you could attack but you would become flagged for pvp for a certain ammount of time. Whether or not you were pvp engaged buildings and item storage containers were not PVP accessible, Im not really sure people even among hardcore PVP players that they would want to tear down peoples houses, they might want to try and steal their items in storage, but I was thinking that stuff in storage would be off limits, and stuff on your body would be hardcore loot rules or semi hardcore where you might lose random items when you die that could either be lost to the server and deleted or gets left behind on your corpse that other people might be able to loot. I cant say Im a fan of Arkification, its not something people will ever be happy with, one element of society will always be upset. If you cant go in and fight, PVP'ers are mad. If you cant craft peacfully people will also be upset. -- If you can craft weapons of war in de facto invicibility theres a problem. If it absolutely must exist though, then how about if an enemy force occupies a greater number of hexagonal faces, they can initiate a De Arkification process. if your faction/guild is really losing a war that badly this will give you some time, Im thinking 7 days- rounded up to 1200GMT in order to prevent late night or multi time zone conflict abuse, so that you can evacuate your precious belongings. You might be a very lonely loner, but in an MMO you have to give a little trust to some people, so maybe there can be a special tag for home owners property owners, that will allow them to package your stuff up and move it for you, but not take item ownership, in the event of De-Arkification. Nobody asked the romans if it was ok to sack rome ahead of time, so i feel that really is a gracious move to give your enemy a 7 day notice before tearing down their special place. I suggest a formula for Arkified zones as, 1 max per guild of 25 Accounts or more, 1 arkification placement per planet per alliance. If the game can recognize accounts and not just the character ID we should be able to prevent people from making many alternate characters and spamming Ark Tokens. However, I'd also like to suggest and alternative to the current Arkification. Why does it have to be 100% one way or the other? Is it possible that Arkification could be commonplace, and say have 6 Hexagons that are Arkified with different conditions than have been presented already. 1.) Ark tokens are hard to find / expensive to create 2.) You have to give more electricity / fuel / credits to power the Ark Field, and the more Arkified fields that touch the more power / fuel it takes to keep up (to the point where its completely unreasonable to power more than a specific ammount of Hex's, 6-15? whatever is tested upon and monitored after beta) 3.) They prevent destruction of buildings and looting of containers 4.) They allow players to mark themselves as non combatants within the parameter of the field, If you switch back to Combatant you have a small timer that prevents you from shooting / fighting right away and your NameTag / Lifebar / or some indicator will reveal to enemies / neutral's that you are switching to combatant. If you stand near the edges of the Field with a weapon equiped for too long you will become flagged, and experience a mild debuff for a short duration. 5.) The TU is quantum phased and immune to destruction and hacking unless the enemy completes a De-Arkification. 6.) De-Arkification, can be initiated by destroying 66% of surrounding TU, or by occupying a nearby Hex, the Time required to DeArkify will start at 14 days with only 1 Hex and go down to a max of 7 Days with 50% surrounding Occupation. -- Destruction will not weaken the Arkified TU, it will always take 14 days if you destroy the surrounding TU. If you Conquer 100% of surrounding TU the Arkified node will protect buildings but lose the power to give Non-Combatant status to players. 7.) I suggest for a death penalty, player have some small Item Durability decay instead of randomly losing items or letting people loot corpses - I suggest that players have a chance to drop several different quantum fabric or items that could be used in medium-rare grade, ammo / weapon / armor crafting 8.) Optional thought, allow individuals or non guilded Accounts / players to arkify smaller houses individually and only initiate a destroy timer if that person is unable to pay the maintenance fee / keep the power going, or if theyve been offline for over ... 6 months allow another player to initate a 7 day destroy timer and send an email to their registered account reporting the event. --If a guild voluntarily chooses to De-Arkify a TU shouldnt they get the Ark Token back? There is probably much more to consider in terms of balancing Arkification, as Klatu Satori said 1) They become an automatic, artificial military fortress. .It might be ok for them to be that way if its controlled. 7 days might be too much time, Im not sure without some testing (my thought was to give people at least one weekend to re-act). They could be a way of controlling where major battles for planets take place and establishing a "Front line" of combat
  2. hmm I mis-represented the notion. In other games you know how you can take a shuttle, or a flight path, or even just teleport from one place to another for some modest fee. and you pay the fee to an NPC in order for the privilege to move form a place to another place without walking there in a means to save time. The concept if players will have control over such a system, namely I imagine guilds or.. town mayors / politicians having access to a skill or something that allows for the creation or designation of a transportation network. or even say linking into a neutral galactic transport network. either way works for me though, players having to create buildings and ships to operate their public transport and dictate where and when they go, by means of tags / drones / special modules etc. or a network existing in the universe already, and upon unlocking a skill or meeting certain requirements you have the ability to tag a building / ship / or place a special module made by the devs. that links up with a universal transport network. I accept that the entire idea might be shot down, just because it adds a level of automation that could potentially be exploited in ways that im not seeing right now, however in defence of the idea of automation, if its a common part of the universe illegal RMT becomes less valuable and the legal Susbcription-Time Shares value goes up. Also, I really am curious about stargates versus FTL, and jumping system to system or being able to create more powerful stargates that can move you many systems at once. Is it really necessary to make people spend alot of time just moving around doing meaningless things in order to open up the possibility of a possibility that players will want to gate camp and prey on people that are already irritated by needing to make 83 stargate jumps to transport some bananas and used medical supplies?
  3. the above was from a different thread. Given that anything is still subject to change Im left mostly just going off of the vibe they are giving off. I think I see them wanting to take an approach similar to EV.E where you select ships and then use moves. If it makes sense to do it just like eve where you very boringly clump your weapons together and push a button to fire them and they auto fire over and over as long as you have ammo or energy in your capacitor, then ok. Im hoping they make the game a bit more dynamic than either 1.) Select target, navigate intentionally user unfriendly menu and select keep at orbit X-Meters, 2.) blobbing up and clicking align to target, and waiting for someone to warp the fleet. and then: Push button 1 that is keybound to auto fire all your weapons. and the automated turrets track your enemy based on metrics and stats. Terms and concepts: Player Controlled Jet, AI Drone In a game where many ship classes are competing for roles on multiple levels. Will it be of any use to take a player and put them in the cockpit of a fighter / bomber, when they could be on the bridge of a cruiser? - Does such a scenario imply that any possible advantage of a player controlled fighter jet is rendered ineffective because that player could just instead solo captain a cruiser with NPC's filling the sub commander chairs? Player controlled fighters might be more valuable than say Drones, in this case. but would 1 fighter jet outweigh the advantage of piloting say a cruiser and just putting NPC's in the sub commander spots. and then being able to command both the turrets on the cruiser and a compliment of Drones? Assuming that its unreasonable to balance Player controlled fighters in a meaningful way, Is it better to focus on Carriers having a fixed compliment of NPC controlled fighters/ bombers / drones? and a 'Standard' bridge with 2-5 players, or whatever the dev team comes up with. In terms of damage they may be reluctant to make carriers the alpha-dog, a good strength is their flexibility, but many advantages of carriers start to fade out when were talking about ships having Railguns capable of penetrating shields and hull at obscene ranges, potentially even further than the operational flight range of light space craft. In which case people might think to make carriers into some kind of ship medic and replace their weapons with modules than can repair allies, why wouldn't a battleship do that as, or more effectively? I think Id like to see Carriers being a ship in command of Electronic warfare and special bombs/ missiles more so than a sitting duck that tries to repair some nearby allies before being instantly destroyed in one enemy salvo. Combining the possibility of being able to have active stealth fields, or hiding your signature by being in asteroids or what have you. I think it will be just as effective to design a battlecruiser with active stealth and a bunch of guided torpedo's or missile bays and take out a few enemies before retreating all while at extreme range. Unless possibly there could be stealth bombers / fighters / drones, or that there is a significant advantage to Player controlled Fighters/ Bombers. Or alternatively that the Drones/ Fighters are not a major part of the carrier and more that it controls the flow of fights by Electronic warfaring enemies, and possibly having some kind of anti-virus// anti hack // anti ECM role to protect allies.
  4. In another thread this was suggested by NovaQuark - FTL Travel will be the hard and slow way to explore other solar systems. It will be difficult because complex logistics will be needed to make the travel worth it. In fact, we expect FTL Travel to be most likely used to go to an adjacent unexplored solar system, and build a Stargate... So this makes me question, out of fear, because in EVE of the two things that bother me most. 1.) Movement controls are not intuitive and done almost entirely with most clicks and very tiny and thin menus that you have to precisely navigate. 2.) jumping hundreds of times all over the place, causing cpu and gpu to load and load and load Zones. If players are going to be laying out Stargate networks. Will it be possible to create gates that traverse large amounts of space and not just system to system. 1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9,10 If each number is a system. Can I make a gate from say System 1 to system 8. or do i have to make Six worthless jumps to arrive at the destination system. Also, I have been holding onto this idea for a while, would it be possible for Guilds to create a public transit network? By any means, Im sure this wont be valid but my idea was That guilds could be allowed to create special transport ships at space-stations, a ship commanded by a NPC-Drone, and the NPC being given some specific input requirements, or custom designed tags or.. something. Home Destination, Target Destination, Waiting Time before departing, Boarding Fee.
  5. When I first started this thread. There was no information on what kind of targeting or equipment setups could be available. So when this was first theorized i was going with the hopes that it might follow first person shooter logic, only with ships, and turrets, maybe fly by wire missiles - though thats not the case. Since things will probably involve more pushing tab, or selecting targets from some element of the user interface, the overall useful-ness of light craft like fighters and bombers seems very diminished.. Especially if the team intends to create modules around various types of ships. just say for example destroyers, cruisers, battlecruisers, dreadnoughts, battleships, Super Heavies. which will cover to great effect all of the things that fighters and bobmers can do. So why outfit a squadron on light craft, when you could bring 2 or 3 more cruisers or what have you. I want to point out the difference here in having a NPC filling a spot on the bridge of your cruiser, and a drone fighter or bomber like in EVE. Drones are quite strong in swarms, and also in blob fights there can be hundreds if not thousands of drones, blobs arent fun but i think the Team at DU is anticipating they will exist. though i hope they incentivise some other means of fighting. Would ai drones, and fighter craft exist. would fighters with NPC pilots exist do they serve any purpose or will they just be clutter in the game. I try to envision players making some ships similar to a BattleStar, Gallactica in specific, but I really wonder about fighters and bombers being able to do anything. The main possibilities that come to mind. -Being able to target enemy modules specifically. Shield Generators, Power Coupling's, Engines. and either disabling them or causing a debuff on the enemy. -Fast transport for boarding parties, or infilitrators. if they exist. -Able to target incoming Missiles or Bombs. -Fighters having a Afterburner boost that accelerates them to crazy speeds. To add, I like world of warships, but the model of combat is very controlled. there's a strict limit on the aircraft carriers and the dev team there spent many painful weeks arguing about their balance. Imagine how the game would be if it was 6 carriers and 6 battleships on each team every match.
  6. Well I'm really hoping for a throwback to an older idea where players can put down structures, almost anywhere. Many games aren't designed with much player freedom in mind. Like archeage, it had some, but all the player housing is in specially marked areas, so that there isnt any way for it to interfere with the quests and whatnot. And in this sense, Archeage was not a sandbox, another problem the game had with allowing real player housing, is that in terms of world space the world was rather small with lots of abnormal terrain. I dont believe we will have any problems like quests getting in the way of player freedom. However, some things that arent clear yet... How big will the universe be. Will we be able to go to every planet, or only specific ones the devs specify. How big will planets be. Can we terraform planets Tried to find some data on how big maps were in Star Wars Galaxies, but I was unable to find a reliable answer on the spot. As I remember it took about an hour to walk from one side of the planet to another. and there were 5 major planets to put buildings and cities on. I would be fine with it, if the devs hand craft some really big planets, yeah theyre mostly empty space with random stuff and mobs strewn about, however you can really make them feel like home by building on them. I believe they're going to allow us major freedoms though. I suppose its possible that there will be some planets that end up looking like coruscant - a city planet with no vegetation zones, and all atmosphere is either imported in, or processed and filtered industrially. I think most people and guilds will spread out and that planets will be big enough to support multiple cities and hundreds of houses, that doesnt even consider the possibility of creating large space stations to inhabit. Im going to go out on a limb with a hypothetical, based on what what theyve said about the game so far, the game vision, and whats possible with technology, and that what an indie company might be capable of. 400 solar systems that players cannot build in 100 solar systems, that players can build in 75 planets you can physically land on, planet size 25 square kilometers about 15 square miles. 7.5 wide by 7.5 tall. if you are fairly healthy and can do an 8 minute mile that will still take about 60 minutes to get from one side to another. (that would make planets a little bit smaller than the entire game world of oblivion) 1,125 sq miles of space, 720,000 acres, of course things would be scaled down by our perspective in game, making smaller things seem larger. and just for reference, a reasonable luxury home can be built on less than 1 acre of space. The game could be explosively popular, especially at launch, Voxel building, land and space combat, market sim, political sim. Things might become fairly crowded if the game populations stays steady at over 500,000 players. but even then people will spread constructions out between planets and space. and planets might be hotly contested and dangerous to build on, because of guild wars and battles over resources. Also, I believe that guilds and players will manage these systems in clever ways like building apartments, skyscrapers, ect, and thanks to the tags, players could make contracts. or even guilds could to manage land plots. Not only that, but we players will have to consider to negative effects of destroying planets. crops might not grow / might have to wear a breathing apparatus to go outside, might have to pay alot of maintenance on the unit because of radiation / pollution damage These thoughts about land management, I think it would be disappointing to have any specific caps on how much or what you can build. Unfortunately, in the scheme of fairness, players will probaby have either a set limit, or a scaling system of expense like Archeage on land zones. Which might play into skills or classes. IE Politician, Merchant...
  7. What an amazing blend of anime and realism. I believe that real people could probably look like that within the next 50-75 years, if the world would pushes more research into DNA and genetics. possibly reversing aging, creating new stem cells with a younger date than current cells in your body; extending lifespans greatly, and even changing the way people look at a fundamental level. It makes me wish to express, that even 'realistic' can have a flawless or slightly abnormal look. Those Miku eyes, enhanced larger with a big blue pupil, I love it- just look how cute she is
  8. It will be interesting to see what they have in mind for actual robotic / artificial intelligence drones. that operate semi autonomously. I was thinking they might allow us to use the kind of drones our current armed forces use. They are drones, but there's always a person somewhere operating it, if we expanded the technology a few decades Im sure we will have entire fighter craft and bombers that use similar remote flying technology. I dont think it would take much more effort to allow players to do this, just let us designate a control console as the cockpit of another vessel. Might need to create one extra module, a Transmitter to put on the carrier and that could have a specific operating range put in place by the devs. Otherwise the usage of the items could be defined by the tags and code players have access to?
  9. Well, this is a development. Though its not as if I had a pretense to either free fire or targeting. Now there can be all kinds of stats and skills which will be fun to explore. I like targeting, but am a fan of free fire, if that makes any sense. Really I just like what will work best because both have advantages and disadvantages... There is alot of science that is way above me. What I want to say is there could be a mechanic where when a certain amount of energy is released in a short amount of time. the shields get exponentially stronger. I dont know if quantum vectoring ... or some kind of photon science could explain it. Maybe there could be a few passive skills available to players, defense engineers or shield operators ect. That automatically trigger upon receiving a truly massive amount of damage all at once. Plank Scale Absorber - Refocuses all the attacks into a plank scale anomoly near the ship. Emergency phase distortion - flux the warp drive in a series of pulses to distort space around the ship causing 95% of shots to miss for a short time. or just.. something more smart-er than this. ; ) but along these lines
  10. I have to stop and ask myself, just how is it going to affect things on a few levels. 1.) Who is going to care about us being good or bad? will here even be that many NPC's 2.) If I want to sell contraband, but Im a good guy and the game literally prevents me from doing so, Im gonna have a big frown on my face. How can the game differentiate between Han Solo, a good guy that does some bad things. and Batman, a bad guy that does good things. Its not i think its a bad idea, for instance if players could click your profile and vote on you being good or bad or something. and then people would might be able to get an idea of what kind of person you are at a glance, like youtube thumbs up thumbs down. Im just having a hard time conceptualizing fair and balanced use of it in a sandbox.
  11. Ah thank you Kiklix. Yes I should have stated more clearly, Most of the time you will only carry things you need. and leave your super valuables in your home or storage somewhere. When you die and respawn you might lose some of your stuff. that may be destroyed, or left on the ground for other people to take. Not sure what the devs have in mind. You could also potentially kill yourself, and then log out, to prevent unexpected loss. I propose this though because, if you try and be sneaky and are in PVP fighting, but just hit logout to try and avoid any penalty. your body goes limp, and you might lose more than you expect, or even everything you had on your character. Your other items stored elsewhere are safe, and so is all the money in your virtual bank. Or if you randomly disconnect. If your friends know you have a cat that pulls your Ethernet cable out alot, they might train up the Resuscitation ability in order to keep your in game Comatose body alive for a while longer so that you will log back in on the flight deck of the ship, instead of 50 light-years away at the arkship resurection node. there were other 'exploitable' ideas though i threw in. It could have alternative function, if say they put stun weapons in game, you might even get captured by your enemies if your team loses or you get caught out. its a integrated mechanic but not specifically related to Blackout, that kicks in if you randomly DC, or push Logout while in combat.
  12. Indeed, this would be an extra tool for communicating. While we could always type things out in the chat box. Assuming it will be "global" and allow for communication anywhere in the universe - I think it will be because of either the nano former or some kind of holographic eye implants that are our "Heads up Display" (HUD)/ User Interface. But to have an extra system, like in tribes ascend where you could push VGTG and a voice would say "I am the greatest", and auto type the same thing to your team using your name. VAB - attack the enemy base VAF - attack the enemy flag VDB - defend our base, and so forth with these commands They were always initiated by hitting the V key and then the subsequent keys. They werent particularily hard to learn if you were dedicated. I suggest that there be Radial menu's for many parts of gameplay. Instead of getting a list of actions like in eve, there could be Seperate action keys. Like if you push V you get a radial menu for voice commands. If you push C you get a menu for interactive commands. like opening a container, getting into a command chair, flight seat, getting info on an object. I surmise there would be a customizeable 'bar' in the options, by default the 9 possible options around the radial being set to 1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9, but you could change the keybinds specifically to V-E-B .so instead of hitting V, 1, 1, for Voice, Engine, Broken. They could either trust the community, or put the voice commands on a sequence, like {1.) What is it, 2.) Whats wrong with it}. and put things in the category so you cant say whats wrong before what it is. (2)Broken (1)Engine=(NO) versus (1)Engine (2)Broken=(YES) looking something like: V - 1 - 1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9 V - 2 - 1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9 and so forth But of course, this is a fairly robust suggestion and would require a significant ammount of work by the devs. I would like to see it but I understand its not priority, Mostly this is here so that if they are asking for options at the office they can also say, well what does the community think. I also have no doubt we will see a standard chat system
  13. How do you think we might be able to manage spies, so that they still have a place in the game but don't become ridiculously overpowered. Say if a person has infiltrated a guild and worked their way up. now they have access to terminals and stuff. they start messing with settings on ships in critical battles. or altering tag settings in combat. .. should they just be allowed to reign total chaos if they are dedicated to spending years of time infiltrating organisations. and are clever enough of bastards to pull it off?? Would it be better to make spy more of a quick infiltration type, that sneaks onto ships and hacks things. gets info on their Resonating Frequencies, Shields / photon weps. and does sneaky stuff like locking all the doors on the ship or turning off the Atmosphere. Im not saying people wouldn't still spend years infiltrating organisations and making friends, only to backstab them. but If there were a more 'fun' path offered . maybe we will see less of the negative and hate filled kind of spy? - the kind that could really turn people away from the game
  14. Excellent wondering what you feel about there being a Defense skill line, like Harmonize Shields with allies, to offer some kind of friendly fire forgiveness. I do think that friendly fire is a necessary factor here in breaking up fleets. --- Im a fan of the manual targeting, I remember Nyzaltar saying somewhere that there may be basic AI we can put in roles, but they clearly wont be as smart as players. Maybe a hybrid between, auto tracking gimballed mount, and a turret. A player turns the turret towards the enemy ship, they have it targeted, and it will auto track within the cone of vision. --- On the notion of Super Capital ships, they've always been a massive liability. I think people will be reluctant to build them, it just takes so much to operate them. Also I was wondering if the Warp engines can even support them. If they produce waves to distort space around them, either 1.) the warp engines form a bubble that doesn't engulf the whole ship and it breaks itself upon trying to warp. 2.) it forms a warp bubble so big that it really has a hard to moving in between planets, stars, and spatial phenomenon --- Ive been dieing to hear about what they are going to do about resources. Will asteroids respawn? If we actually dig, IE Minecraft style instead of Extractors IE S.W.G. style. It will make salvaging highly valuable after we potentially hollow out planets.. and if that affects their gravity or anything but in terms of resource diversity, im not sure how to handle it. I mean its theorized that there may be old burnt out dwarf stars that are huge morasses of diamonds. heres a link to a little article attempting to explain it http://www.fromquarkstoquasars.com/lucy-in-the-sky-with-diamonds/
  15. In Pvp and Pve and everything in between, players find interesting ways to win, gain an advantage, or prevent their loss in an impending demise. This concept is an attempt to bridge many styles into a coherent method. Simply : When you click logout and are flagged in combat, you logout, but your body remains in the game. functionality, people might be able to move your body into a jail cell. People could steal your non cosmetic clothes - Armor and Weapons. Hack into your Calabai-Yau Space Nano Pack and take your 50 bananas. When you log back in, and -wake up-. You find you have been put in a jail cell and are wearing inmate clothes. You could always suicide, with your nanoformer thats built into your body's cellular structure. Or you can negotiate with your captors. Maybe they have a robot, or a terminal where its all set up to let you go, if you accept the demand to pay them 100,000 credits. and they give your stuff back. Maybe theyre just bad pirates and stole your stuff and wanna see you go crazy, and or kill self. --- For PVE, when you are fist fighting a bear, and you suddenly disconect. Your body goes limp, you are still in combat though. The bear might kill you. Or, it could even be coded so when a player is in blackout state, the bear loses interest and walks away. This would need some testing or check though to prevent abuse. Like if Bear is at 80% health or more, it will, drop combat with player and move away from them. If at less than 80% it will stay in combat until you are dead, or a certain distance away. Your friends could drag your body away from combat? --- On ships, this gives you a chance to log back in, in the same spot and not far away on a resurrection node - or something else. It could even tie into a medical profession ?? skills to keep blackout patients in combat or alive longer? --- In general, player bodies shouldn't be persistent things. or we might end up with piles of player bodies, and mass graves or something crazy. Players could keep other players, bodies in game. By keeping them in combat. A stun gun turret or something, shooting them every few minutes, in the jail cell. Or, Mad scientist Doctors keeping them on some kind of life support --- I pose this idea half based on the quantum immortality, pretty much we are interfacing heavily from our dimension, with the Dual Universe Dimension. Even if the characters die, we their consciousness are still alive. When we go to log back in and force an argument with the dimension of Dual Universe that we are alive. Its forced to create us if we died. Its a little blurry on when you aren't dead though.
  16. hahaha the great joy of strategy, and I will look forward to competing on the open markets with different styles of the same ship! Maybe a Shield Tank Carrier, Maybe a Carrier with Range extending Communicators, and fast engines! who knows maybe someone will take a battleship frame and mount "flight decks" to it, thus making Aviation Battleships like the japanese did. carriers that focus on interceptors, multirole, or bombers exclusively. I also think the customization for Skills, will make interesting choices available. a Person that trained weapons or offense skills. Might have a significant impact on the performance of a ship. Maybe they have skills to make the fighters / bombers do more damage for a while, or to make Flak Canons more accurate ect. Navigators or Engineers might be able to overdrive the engines and help keep you out of range, at a dangerous risk though! I am really liking the possibilities, Maybe you intentionally build a small carrier, and put a Active Cammo module onto it. You hide out in an asteroid field, you snuck in by having a module that decreases your signature by a lot. The enemy is sending out fighters and using long range scanners in the area to try and find you though. they know your signal is in the area. but they havent spotted you or locked on yet. So you engage your active cammo and move into the shadow of another asteroid then turn it off again because it either takes alot of energy, or makes heat build up or something. and the cat and mouse game continues. Until either you run out of drones / fighters / or decide to run away. (Does that sound about right?) all these ship thoughts are leading to ideas that need new threads though. How to keep blob fleets from happening? /Could Reactors go nova to force people to spread ships out/ Will modules be restricted by tonnage class or have a differnt mechanic of control like the ammount of energy a reactor or many reactors can put out to affect say the strength of a shield generator? or how large a Active Cammo Field (stealth) might be, Will blocks have mass that affects acceleration, will engines generate torque, and or heat signatures? please feel free to make a new topic with any of these if it sparks some thoughts. i dont have any follow up at the moment except the initial concepts.
  17. Hello again, friends, today I want to pose another mind racking question to you all. The viability of carrier combat in sci-fi games. Here is the dilemma. a carrier is a ship that houses several smaller ships, or even a squadron or two of fighters or bombers. How can you make a ship like that viable against a battleship with railguns or some other crazy sci fi weapon. 1.) how do we as players prevent the loss of our valuable asset, Pilots. and prevent sending them to a resurrection node I believe the answer rests in two areas. 1.) Carriers will have alot of defense, heavy shields and heavy armor. they wont mount many guns and so they'll have more power / more modules for shields. 2.) Drone ships, take the flight seat from a fighter ship and put it on the bridge of the carrier. Now your fighter pilot gains the added security of the ship and defense of any Space Marines guarding his body. While he pilots a drone ship in nearby space. think of the possibilities of faster movements the drone ships could make on players that design standard fighters. ((If they implement any kind of G force limits to human bodies))but even if not then the ships could have smaller profiles by design since there is no human inside of them, just a communicator, maybe it uses some kind of sub space channel for nearly instant communication with the pilot. It makes the carrier themselves a huge target, instead of the fighter ship having the same value of destruction as the carrier. because all the players will be inside the carrier. More fleet possibilities? Consider yourselves lucky my criminal mind wanted to keep this concept all for itself to gain a advantage in a few early wars, That said I would really like to hear what anyone thinks about this or anything similar
  18. I know the feel of many of the buildings in the art is quite future(istic) style which looks great by the way, I think with the voxel tools, I can probably make my own Torii, aka Shinto Shrine. But will there be any ... oriental (-esque) style textures or interior design // furniture // landscape lamps ect. The interior design exploration, the red walled, black floor, holographic planetary art// interface one actually seems right along the proper idea. https://cdn.artstation.com/p/assets/images/images/000/677/763/large/emilie-rinna-1064967-orig.jpg?1430562426 I didnt find it in the media section on the Dual Universe frontpage, if you all didn't want this out moderate this post I totally understand, however I thought the exploration in design concepts were great pieces of work. I feel like I could replace the plants with a tiny pool of water and drop some Koi Fish right in. Though I would miss those plants, they add some fresh feel in Edit: I noticed that you called this Art Nouveau, I was unfamiliar with the style before, but its very cool.
  19. First, in Dual you won’t have to use predesigned ships, and in fact there will be no predefined ships. We will have some basic ships available at the beginning but nothing will force you to use those I pulled that off the Multiplayer Ship devblog. I would personally be disappointed if they made a mode creative or survival, but single player non the less, where people were using resources that aren't connected to the multiplayer version. and so in a sense they are building and testing ships for free. Edit: I think a standalone of you being a fighter pilot or something. as the arkship is trying to leave earth and you die heroically in the end escorting the ship fending off a bunch of freebooters or something could be possible Somewhat related once they have a semi final release of the character builder, I would love a stand alone of that.
  20. Going back to review the plausibility of a resurrection node. I was actually woken up today, may 25th, by this thought. It's possible the universe doesnt care too much about you being alive or being dead. and that the RN is able to present an argument to the fabric of time space saying "Hey that person isnt dead they've been standing right here." Taking only the energy to produce a wave strong enough to counter argue the universe. The universe attempting to keep its substance unified, just goes "Oh, my mistake" and will begin to recreate you from the most recent point it thought you were alive. Resulting in you being "Respawned" on the RN pad. Think of it like a puddle of water, and something causes a ripple, this event was your death. This machine the RN says these ripples arent true producing a counter ripple that negates the death ripple from its location. And thus causes you to ressurect on the pad. If a principle that all matter exists everywhere, but is awaiting input from a stronger force, probably time, location, and quantity. I suggest that when the machine makes the argument you never died and the universe goes "Ok, lets see." It performs its checks to see if you already exist in order to prevent a single line paradox, because if you did exist, it would probably make a fork in the road producing a parralell universe instead of breaking an already existing timeline. If you were dead, it would make a bridge gap between whatever point it thought you were alive at, and the time that the machine is saying you are alive now. Bringing someone back from a long time ago may not be possible due to some kind of degradation of signal or the initial Death Wave is too far away for the Negation Wave to ever catch up, or even that the death wave already moved through the entire puddle and there isnt anything to Negate anymore. Or bringing someone from very far away for a similar purpose of wave degredation. The difference between say, the machine being told to recreate a broken ship, and recreate you, is that the universe knows that the iron exists somewhere else already, but when it checks for your consciousness and doesnt find it, it thinks it has messed up and then attempts to correct itself to prevent a rip in the timeline. I would ask a theoretical physicist for an opinion. or someone with a good understanding of math. If someone is really interested in making the RN work as realistically as possible.
  21. Hey Jared, very fascinating, you've got my gears winding up now :3 I believe the charge element refers more to a constant supply of electricity, like you say though, maybe the device could store several ready-to-go respawn charges before needing more electricity. Think if a spy sneaked in and cut the power cord somewhere. Instead of simply destroying the R-Node because the spy, or the spy's guild can capture it later for its wealth. The way it works is simple: you first need to set up the node, except the one of the Arkship, which is always ready to use. A Resurrection Node is a power hungry machine (remember, the beast is twisting the fabric of the quantum multiverse space-time topology What is -possibly- happening is this machine somehow monitors for your death, and it is able to save your fundamental 'spark' your consciousness whatever it is that makes you,you, it doesnt care about your memories or knowledge per say, just saving the core essence. In the regeneration of the body, it eats a massive ammount of power to distort the fabric of time-space to make a copy of the past, or even a seperate dimension. and puts "the you from 5 seconds ago" into the world, as it is reconstructing all the particles, it dumps your 'core spark' into this new body. That body may or may not have built a Super Duper Proton Gun last week, or it could be a body from 5 days ago that never learned Herbology level 3. It might be a body from a different, nearby, dimension that didnt build any body armor. just speculating though.
  22. I do find this fascinating, it will be good to hear what anyone else has to think about a built in system like this. It could be that in this environment it is best left as something you write into your biography, and just the way you act becoming more known in the community as a badass pirate, or a protector of innocents. a trusted politician, that builder that never returns extra materials to the guild. The development team is really the only ones that know if this add's depth to gameplay or not. I think the worst thing for this system would be if its just an extra layer, forced ontop of trying to play. but if it is a tangible, working thing then it could be great
  23. Well, my idea isnt as developed as it could be, I have never given much thought to the mechanics of honor and good and evil. I'd like to see something more complex generated a square graph, Left is Honorable, Right is Dishonorable, Up is good, down is bad. You might be an honorable bad guy so you are in the left bottom. Like you saved some kids, by buying them from a slaver. against Being a dishonorable, good guy, in the upper right of the rectangle. You saved the kids by killing the slaver. Neutrality is just a zone in the middle of the square, where you have made the choice to do something Good and Something Honorable, and then did Something Bad and Dishonorable to move yourself back to the middle. the point of being neutral is mainly to avoid the Disadvantages of being good or bad, or loved or hated for being honorable or dishonorable, and not to gain something staying in line with the concept of being neutral.
  24. I feel I need to re-examine my earlier statement. I have felt kind of bad about saying bad guild leaders are low income workers. I was really thinking of myself the time I spent working at an Arby's and was trying to run a guild. I didn't have any managerial experience, It was a fun guild, but it became unstable after time. I didn't blame anyone but I also failed to realize I could have done better If I had tools or training. What I really should have said Is people with BIG EGO and a lot of time usually form the first guilds in games, and because they have alot of time and will lie or say anything to prop their ego people follow them. The guilds are stable as long as the ego lasts, when the fresh flames of the game begin to settle down and turn to crackling embers the ego-maniacs lose interest and cause guilds to go bust. Thanks, and my apologies for the low-blow.
  25. While it would be natural they cross analyze what works in other sci-fi mmo's. Eve has a bounty hunting system that is fairly popular and therefor I have no doubt we will, eventually, see rewards for killing people hard coded in. Even if its not, we players could still establish systems. Im not completely sure the true depth of the Tag system yet. but it might be possible to apply a 'Tag' to any character with conditions like 'Kill this Character' and the person that placed the tag will Pay out x ammount, or give you reputation, or heck maybe pay you with a new Tag that offers you to Kill another target, or Gives you access to their space station. It was implied the automatic distributions of tags could be possible. And so a HYPOTHETICAL system like this should be possible Guild-Banan-o-Rama applies a 'Bounty Hunting Tag' with optional conditions 'Kill this Target' or 'Destroy Target Resource Collector' the game will be waiting for the conditions to be met, the Tag might have a time limit before it expires, it also may have a Time limit to complete once you do accept it. Once the conditions are met, the automatic tag system will issue whatever commands were placed on the tag to begin with - Guild Banan-o-Rama will pay the first Tag holder to complete the conditions 1,000,000 credits and Destroy all other Tags held by players.
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