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  1. Id like to have a second go at this and offer this up
  2. Could really use some more chill or relaxing things right now.
  3. Ill touch your tail when you're ready, you don't need to hide around me.
  4. It's not worth getting upset over a trivial matter, only NQ has the means to hunt it down, they really don't need vigilantism on this. People could make a gazillion accounts but if there's nobody to show up launch day it was all for nothing. The real crime is if somebody actually wants a name that an alt account takes up.
  5. That doesn't sound terrible. I did like the Battlestar Galactica reboot
  6. I stumbled upon this clip. I might have to give this a watch, if the other episodes arent just mindless small talk and random chatter I might be able to get into it
  7. I believe this should help you all understand topics and in general computers.
  8. Welcome to everyone's favorite place to be.
  9. Yes, thank you lord void, that's what I was trying to mention.
  10. Why go just for dance emotes? It could really be a whole skill path.
  11. There are still forms of time dilation, but just not in the way that's been done in the past. With any luck it will feel much better on our end when we are playing. Welcome to the community and forums, beware the feral fan's.
  12. What its like when you first join the forums. What its like after youve been here for a while
  13. A road/pathing tool could be nice. to define an automatic travel path for vehicles or something, since scriptable vehicles for buses or trains might not be possible currently. define automated altitude to hover. layout the direction of movement and stitch together a path, whatever said road(s) looks like.
  14. Ill just second the notion, we have a chance to see a truly great game and excellent MMO created in our lifetimes. I've been dreaming of it for a decade or more. Should the people I've met while we wait on the forums be my friends or foe's in the game, well, at least there may come to be a sandbox with beauty, depth, and choices of the quality we all have desired for so long.
  15. Good job, just keep up the good work Wilks.
  16. Hello everyone! Recompiled the post, many people had a pouring of love for discord. We wtill have a Cinderfall Syndicate discord, though were transitioning it to a more invitational basis. Lets nya! or .. I mean lets chat.
  17. I don't have any personal issue with side effects, crazy as I am, I'd just as soon as repopulate the species with a bunch of genetically modified people grown in laboratories. forgo the traditional mating process. And I would with the most minimal reassurance that it wouldn't kill me undergo the processes to alter appearance. Being able to create a stand alone species with its own natural reproductive means isnt that important. If you can grow humans in the lab and mutate them, good enough. I played a twi'lek I know what it is to give up stats for appearance. This situation isnt any different, let me be a smol (exceptionally small and adorable) fox girl, ill take the debuffs, -strength, -int, slower learning, +agility, longer range target acquisition (not actual longer fire range though). But the whole stats thing is relatively unnecessary, I think its commonplace that the pioneers will have the nano former and probably some sort of mind machine interface. Everyone will have the same stats except for what you train into, or select on character creation. Im really just suggesting this as a possible enhancement of the physical avatars down the line, post launch. What does it hurt to pursue it, if you say it isnt realistic, I don't know what you mean. There are already groups of people supporting longevity and genetics research.
  18. Cyborg whale
  19. For me it works out that they are doing the space suits. Also, it's not like every scientist dropped what they were doing just because the world was changing. I think its highly likely that the fields of longevity and genetic therapy continued on. Theres plenty of people going for the mind machine interface path instead of a purely biological immortality, Im sure they got close to mind upload or heavy cyborg-ification. So the fact that we're all in suits, and you cant truly tell whats underneath works out pretty good for now. I intend to go on and roleplay being a kemonomimi, a person with human and animal traits. Cat, Fox, Dog, Wolf, would probably be some of the commons, and if they do go on to make more suits it wouldn't be that hard to accommodate a few that have extra earspace for the niche. If they made human models, it would not be so difficult to make a few hairstyles that remove human ears and replace them with a few animal ones. As for cyborgs, I mean, same deal theyre pretty much humans with tech replacing organic portions of their body, or even being an entirely synthetic human. While yes it is more work, they'll have plenty of time after release to focus on adding some of these flavor enhancements.
  20. Im pretty sure Tierless means that everyone is a neutral player, but that you can declare your faction loyalty and be open to pvp attack by anyone else that has declared their faction loyalty. Temporary enemy flags existed in SW galaxies, where if you assisted someone that was declared a combatant you became active and could be attacked killed as well until the flag wore off. If you continued healing, or fighting the timer for the flag would continue resetting. It was valuable to decalre yourself as a combatant for various reasons, however in a sandbox like this I could see it being altered in such a way where combat declared people can come in to your peaceful little base and start taking over your territory node. The only way to stop them would be to have either of opposed them in the first place by having combatants, or to go and gather up the posse and get to fighting. If everyone was inherently peaceful instead of inherently hostile it could go a long way to building up the world. Im sure there would come to be plenty of people to fight, after all you could always make an organisation of pirates that are just hostile to everyone else, but at least the option for basic peace could exist.
  21. There will be plex for the game. Perhaps a welfare system is something Cinderfall and other big alliance orgs. Or even states could look into
  22. I just find discord to be lackluster. when you have 300 people in a room all trying to talk or Type to each other it's about like having 300 people in Skype when you have 300 people in a room all trying to talk. i admit I haven't thoroughly tested comms yet. But just having an ability to separate rooms is a huge plus. And a css imbed
  23. Neopolitan

    Mech Suits

    Hmm you see I'm more a fan of exo armor like d.va, space marines, or a forklift suit. I would probably sooner end up in a hover tank than a walker
  24. It works, it just started yesterday so it will take some time to find willing participants. We could use more EU players joining, I'm sure there is a reluctance to do so. You don't have to speak if that makes you uncomfortable. I can make specific channels for German french polish if that would please people
  25. Hi everyone, so much has happened in just a few days! The community has an up and running Discord server and we would love for you to join! > https://discord.gg/hkxNNvd < or >https://discord.gg/FRDShpt< Come join us and talk about DU! Chat and play games or find other media to entertain yourself on the long wait for the launch train to arrive.
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