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  1. I remember seeing a page online made by someone that had all the controls for the game in one place. Does anyone know where I can find this? Thanks
  2. Is there a way to delete this post so I can repost?
  3. Hi, I was wondering if I could hear from NQ staff their thoughts on when the server could have a significant amount more of up time in the context of the road map recently released. I realize exact times aren't known, but hearing the team's thoughts would be really nice. If this was already asked, I apologize and ask to be directed to the relevant post! Thank you for your time! - 13
  4. thanks really appreciate it
  5. They already explained, as others said, that static constructs will have weaker automated defenses. This is a great solution and it should just be left at that.
  6. https://www.videocardbenchmark.net/gpu_value.html https://www.videocardbenchmark.net/high_end_gpus.html
  7. I want to upgrade my GPU, specifically for DU. I currently have a GeForce 750 ti. I cant spend any more than 400, and would like to be below 300. I have an AMD 8 core cpu that works really well, and a large TV and two monitors. Could anyone give any suggestions or thoughts? I love the main benchmark site, but I dont know enough about GPUs to know the subtle differences in the specs etc. Thanks 13
  8. discordauth:Ss1UQacQKyeeDPlPry_o70uVtNK_7UYarwUJHIqRC5s=

  9. If you had TU units down, would you really even need to patrol? Since no one could build without blowing one up, and DU has mentioned email notifications for shields (surely some form of notification for TU units? or could see on the map that its not blue any more?), so surely you should be able to assess the state of your territory without physically going to each unit. Also, not to be cliche, but space is vast. If you find a remote enough system, shouldn't you have it to your self, at least for a time? Or at least theoretically possible.
  10. What are the flying pens? I dont see how emptiness is really valid.. If youre saying space is vast, yes, space is vast lol
  11. You said my feelings better than I could have said my feelings
  12. What are you most excited to do in DU? What are you most excited to build? What are you most excited to experience? Im very excited for the grand strategy aspect. I am excited for combat, and the hugely dynamic combat system thats gonna be in place. Im super excited to see thing like shipping and mining thrive, and to see others' creativity. You always get to see some really cool stuff when you get tons of people a good creative outlet.
  13. No one is talking about exploring game play. He was referencing something very different. This isn't relevant.
  14. I had time to think about this today before seeing these responses. I agree, I would like to be see automation or linkage in turrets, and also agree that maybe some kind of performance nerf with those automated turrets would be more than reasonable. As one person said, its like 1940's technology haha. I hadnt thought of that
  15. Where is the information where they said the one man per gun? Theres probably a lot of info I havent seen, in what ever video its buried in or what ever
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