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  1. Hi, I was wondering how to "properly" dock dynamic cores
  2. changing shadows from 'none' to 'low' fixed my issue! as always thank you guys!
  3. Do we think there will be (much) larger cores in the distant future? (I know you can dock mediums onto larges for the moment) Thanks
  4. I hadn't seen that this got replies, thank you guys!
  5. Game was working fine for a month. all of a sudden it crashed and i got about a dozen directx and some 3d stuff and similar program errors with the crash. ever since then i cant get the game to play at all. i get loaded into game and it immediately crashes with 'unhandeled exception'. I've resinstalled and ive restarted. any ideas?.. the more specific the better. thank you
  6. The substance part really made me and my buddy laugh lol
  7. can someone explain all the core unit slots and skills? Im confused on the organization slots and which skills effect what core slots and what core slots are used when I place something.
  8. This was extremely helpful thank you! A person had PM'd me about it after I posted something somewhere
  9. I heard recently theres a ground pvp update coming soon and I was wondering what resource I should use to see all announcements and information from novaquark. Im assuming theres a specific discord channel or forum area where they post all announcements and update notes. Additionally, Im wondering what the details on this ground pvp is going to be. Thanks
  10. It'll only let me do dirt for 100 meters and its nearly 500 up. tyty
  11. Hi, I worked my way to the water surface from the ocean floor unit by unit and am now at the top with a core unit, but im not sure if my unit is level/the 1-voxel layer thick platform ive layed is level. Any suggestions on how to lay a core that will be level with the water? by "level" i mean 'not off angle,' not 'right on the surface of the water.' thanks
  12. I definitely think wipes for greater technology is a logical sacrifice. In my opinion most of the issues are simply things that we need to be patient on. Its a very complicated game. Things like economics are gonna take a while to level out. Again this is just my opinion but it seems natural that things are going to take a while to distribute and reach an equilibrium in the markets. The current economic system seems pretty well set up to me. Seems like it'll scale down the line well. People can specialize in mining, refining, or producing or trading/shipping. Seems great Overall I just really like that they're trying to let us do everything possible in the game within reason. Like the last person said, its nice that people can focus only on the aspects they want for the most part.
  13. I just wanted to take a moment and share my awe with the current state of the game. I come from an extensive gaming background and pledged around two years ago (give or take). Ive been so excited and just recently started putting in lots of time (I've played over the years). This game is so beautiful. I usually hang out on Jago on the ocean floor and around the water. Its so stunning and fun. I love the mining mechanics and flying mechanics. The industry seems wonderful so far. All in all this game just seems to be doing so well and Im very happy to be able to say that. I'm hopeful that a single person will be able to scale their combat capabilities a little so its not entirely reliant on other people (an example of this could be investing lots of money into your stations' defences, making it able to withstand larger forces). Other than that small worry around combat, this game is really great. Thank you devs ❤️ (PS, I didnt intend for this to be a discussion of what combat might become. Thats not the purpose of this post. Id prefer to discuss that individually or just wait for more information to come out)
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