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  1. I've been out of the loop here on the forums for a while due to real life, but I'm back and renewing efforts to recruit for the FCNP! Many of the organizations recruiting members have provided detailed overviews for their organizational structure, but I've held off on doing so very deliberately. The FCNP will be an organic organization that will grow and expand from a single colony (Nova Promissa) to a larger federation as we gain members, territory, and influence. While I do have a tentative roadmap for the type of organizational structure I would like to see, I want to leave the future
  2. It appears that you are correct; here's a quote from the "Ask Us Anything" thread that was just posted on the 28th: "As for missiles, they will most likely have no physical reality, beyond the visual FX that will be client-side only. The way combat will work will be through basic lock + fire mechanism, where the actual impact is probabilistically calculated based on various parameters (skills, distance, armor, etc)."
  3. That's exactly the point I made originally: the need for repair crews would be a benefit of a multi-crewed ship over a single-player ship. Something must have gotten lost in translation, but I think we're on the same page!
  4. I looked over all the posts there to see if I missed anything, and I'm not seeing the response you refer to (or any questions about the topic at all). I'll have to see if I can dig up the statements I remember reading; I'm fairly certain it exists somewhere!
  5. Perhaps I'm missing your point; what does this have to do with players actively repairing ships during combat? I'm unclear how your explanation of weapons and coding applies.
  6. Does anyone have any links to statements from the devs regarding ballistic weapons? I was under the impression that weapons firing any kind of physical projectile had been nixed in favor of "energy" weapons as those are easier to handle in terms of server resources. I could be wrong, but I do remember reading something along those lines.
  7. One area in which the benefit of multi-crewed ships would be apparent in combat is with respect to repair. The devs have already mentioned the role of players in actively moving around large ships repairing damaged systems in real time, and this is likely something automated systems in the game would not be able to accomplish.
  8. While there is a lot of interesting theoretical discussion here, I don't think any variation of unlimited speed is even on the table. The reason space MMOs have embraced the unrealistic notion of a speed cap in space is because unlimited speed--no matter how you balanced it for gameplay--would be impossible from a technical standpoint. There will be a speed at which the game itself simply won't be able to keep up (try playing Space Engineers with extreme speed mods, for example). This is why it's necessary to have different speed "tiers" that are governed by different game mechanics. It's
  9. We appreciate your commitment to supporting the legitimacy of democracy in DU, and look forward to seeing what your corporation will have to offer!
  10. Welcome to the Federated Colonies of Nova Promissa; we are now accepting applications for citizenship! The FCNP will be a federation of semi-autonomous colonies governed by democratically-elected officials, committed to promoting three key pillars of free society: life, liberty, and property. Building off of these core principles, the mission of the FCNP will be threefold: 1. To protect citizens from those who would do them harm, while holding citizens accountable for harming any member of another peaceful organization; 2. To uphold the right of its citizens to free and unrestricte
  11. Unfortunately, I'm writing this from my mobile and can't figure out how to include a link, but this question has actually been asked and answered by the devs. The official line is that custom imported textures (for painting) will not be in the game, and players will have to stick with the default options. Custom colors, however, are a work in progress. They did say that smaller decals like logos, emblems and flags might be possible, though!
  12. As a disclaimer, I realize the mechanics of what I'm proposing below may not be entirely "realistic," but I think they're plausible enough to pass muster for a sci-fi game like this and provide compelling gameplay implications. I’m personally okay with the fact that it’s to some degree sci-fi technobabble loosely based on scientific principles. The basis for these ideas is the fact that there are (currently) two primary ways of detecting things in space: visible light and radio waves. There are other methods based on inference, but to directly detect an object, it must be visible or emit
  13. Not sure where that's coming from; the devs have clearly stated on many occasions that this game will be subscription-based with no exchange of real-world currency for in-game benefits. How would this game become P2W as you understand it?
  14. I agree that a full-blown survival model with food and water would be a bit much for what this game is. That being said, the need for sustenance would infuse more complexity into the economy and introduce a new consideration to weigh along with other cargo, fuel, ammunition, etc. What I might like to see is "sustenance" simplified into a single item, much like a future MRE, that would need to be carried on your person or in your construct as a sort of solid fuel for your character. You'd simply consume them over time, and if you went too long without access to one, there would be some sort
  15. As Fitorion noted, there is a certain inherent cost to warfare if "ammunition" (i.e. lasers) and defensive countermeasures require energy, as long as said energy requires a finite resource to generate it. If you need fissile material for your reactor, for example, your ability to expend energy in warfare will have to be weighed against the availability of said material. The prospect of expending limited fissile material and possibly even losing it in combat along with your ship would be a check against uncalculated aggression. Other sources of power could be available, but not suffic
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