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  1. On 1/26/2019 at 2:31 AM, Warden said:

    And fauna? I mean I'm just trying to imagine Conan Exiles, Minecraft etc. with no "critters" and similar at all.


    You could argue that it's not fully comparable because obviously, those worlds usually


    1) rely on classic servers with limited player slots and

    2) also intend to offer some sort of possible singleplayer or offline experience (not all, but many)


    So those might "need" it. While Dual Universe will aim for huge player numbers. I'd say "Yes, perhaps correct".


    I still think having environmental or local hazards such as fauna may be more interesting in the DU setting than not having that at all. I realize it's more work to design the creatures or whatever it may be, and then work to implement AI. But assuming it's not terribly impossible or hard in the given framework and assuming it is later possible because resources are freed up, it should be considered by the devs.


    I'm not talking about humanoid NPCs now, but creatures that may have developed on some worlds that would logically allow it. I wouldn't mind some humanoid NPCs either to simulate some of the background factions in DU or people from other Ark ships, though.


    TL;DR: I understand, it is no secret that the focus for DU appears to be on players, less so much on NPCs or even a potential "PVE" NPCs would bring. Then again, I would welcome certain critters and whatnot to spice things up on some planets. Having those doesn't hurt PVPers or anyone who doesn't mind an absence of NPCs or creatures. I'd say at the bottom line and on an abstract level, more people benefit or enjoy such potential adversaries than not having them.


    The only practical obstacle I see is the effort and time required to implement those things in the game, next to a potential "vision". I'd assume that eventually a point would come where core mechanics are in and where the devs can focus on other aspects, such as more content for players. And maybe even PVE content. You can leave out more complex adversaries like other humans (as NPCs). But creatures or other life forms might be nice.



    Yeah but, Fauna wandering into towns? They have to despawn permanently when they die. I like the idea of animal critters, but they will wander into our builds and ruin our nice stuff.

  2. 23 hours ago, Warden said:

    For a long time I went with the notion that only players are fine. I do not recall everything, but that was the gist.


    Yet, now, I think it might be an issue, potentially, for many.


    If the game is sold as that, OK. But even so, that doesn't mean some couldn't not like the fact. Just like Fallout 76 did advertise it prior I think and in the end many disliked the empty-ish world. Do not get me wrong, you had NPC and AI in the game, just not any humanoid NPCs. But you had enemy and neutral AI.


    I feel or fear it might perhaps later feel empty-ish or not as entertaining compared to having a few creatures or animals. All other sandbox games from Eve to Minecraft, Conan Exiles, etc had some sort of NPC set or array. To spice things up.


    I currently believe that only a large player base could compensate for this.


    Recap, not minding limited time, resources or prioritization: with some NPCs you'd likely please more (potential) players compared to not having either. I also don't mean to imply "drop every thing and work on NPCs like creatures".


    Simply consider that various, even if rarer, NPCs can spice things up. Perhaps way later this topic can be revisited or considered by the devs when critical parts of the game are done.

    Sorry to give a simple answer, but I think that space is meant to feel empty, untouched lands, new horizons. No bots that have gotten there first. 

  3. 8 hours ago, Tan Mojo said:

    Atlas has a very interesting NPC mechanic where a player can purchase NPCs to do various jobs on a pirate ship. I wouldn't mind something like this in DU. These types of NPCs can be used for (as was stated earlier) low level jobs and tasks. Maybe design them in such a way that they look different from PCs. Maybe a robot with a specific look or color?


    Planets should have some indigenous creatures. Not every planet, obviously, but there needs to be more immersion with planets. Make creatures rare. Make them valuable when found. Make them instill fear into our hearts when we come upon that rare planet teeming with life.


    PvP is great and all, but trust me, there will be many players screaming at lack of PvE content. This could be an easy way to implement PvE for players who just want to base build and fend off the occasional herd of creatures or solitary predator. 

    This is where the conversation gets really interest, because in an mmo there is utility to allowing an npc to take your place when you're offline such as a market bott selling for you.

    However, it should be exactly that, the market ai are, bots, they are simply market bots that link to the global or galactic market in a way only NQ can keep track of. 
    But everything else can be lua scripted, local sales of items, ship command, repair services, everything except mining can be made with LUA to do a job in sequence.

  4. 12 hours ago, CoreVamore said:

    I do wonder if you are running some form of privacy/cookie tool in your browser that may be blocking the ability of the website to update the cookie used?


    I would normally agree, my security preferences are quite tight. However, their previous privacy cookies worked just fine. Last months is still not working right.

  5. If it takes months to fix a community website for NovaQuark then it might take them months to fix in-game glitches.

    Please fix your website cookies for the privacy policy, it is setting a bad example for your video game you're working on. It says, "we don't care if it's broken, we'll get around to it eventually" which is unacceptable to a single shard, major glitches will be needed to be fixed within a day. and minor glitches within a week.

  6. Maybe animals, maybe space beasts or big mythical worldly beasts. But AI as humans, or as ships or alien ships would really detract from the fact it's a single shard mmo that is ran by the players. I don't want to be running around seeing ships and people and being like "is that a person or an AI?" I always want to be like, oh... enemy ship approaching it's definitely a real person. Oh there's a guy walking alone in the desert, it's a real person! Not some random side quest npc or something dumb.

    Sorry to anyone who likes the idea of NPC's but they could only detract from this games ideas of single shard mmo.

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