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  1. Nanoman

    DevBlog - r015 Udpate (part 4): Talent System!

    Yeah I don't know why its not on the main website (if it isn't - I haven't checked). It probably should be. But anyway now you and others know too. No problemo
  2. Nanoman

    DevBlog - r015 Udpate (part 4): Talent System!

    I wasn't there for the kickstarter and i know about it. I'd probably agree about eve but not necessarily because of the skill system.
  3. Nanoman

    DevBlog - r015 Udpate (part 4): Talent System!

    Walking speed could potentially have interesting implications for all kinds of PvP related situations.
  4. Not mass, but personal inventory space. It went down from 64m3(64000L) to 4m3(4000L). Indeed... They said the time to fill up your inventory mining will be the same, and the inventory is 16x smaller, so mining is 16x slower (not 1000x). And that still doesn't say anything about how much ore is needed for crafting. It's basically just a way to get a more realistic weight for your building materials. Because we are constrained to build with 25x25x25cm cubes, which is unrealistic, especially for vehicles. So they introduced lighter, honeycombed versions of building materials to compensate for the weight. Light materials will naturally be popular for fast and/or efficient ships. But there will be other stats such as various types of damage resistance, that will make different materials suited to different tasks. You probably won't want to make a carrier, cargo hauler or combat ship out of plastic. Liters is often used for storage specs. A commonly known example would be your fridge, or the trunk of your luxury car. But there are plenty more examples of it in industry etc.
  5. Nanoman

    DevBlog - r015 Udpate (part 4): Talent System!

    To those who thought there would be no skills, or that they wouldn't be time-based: https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/1949863330/dual-universe-civilization-building-sci-fi-mmorpg Search for "skill-based character progression" about halfway down the page. It says: In other words this has always been part of the plan. The kickstarter was almost 3 years ago.
  6. Nanoman

    DevBlog - r015 Udpate (part 4): Talent System!

    Can't wait to see the talent system up close and how it develops from here Just to report: I am subscribed to both this subforum and to all NQ staff on the forum, but I did not receive any notifications about this post This isn't the first time. These kinds of posts are the main reason for me to receive notifications in the first place, I'd like to keep up to date about communications from NQ and not have to keep checking various places manually. Hope this can be fixed. Cheers EDIT: Question, how much slower will the talent points come in when the training queue is empty?
  7. Nanoman

    Pledge + NDA ?!

    @NQ-Nyzaltar Is there a reason why the NDA agreement itself is not posted publicly?
  8. You can move mountains from a distance and fit them into your pocket next to your collection of warehouse and space ship parts. You can also melt metals in the palm of your hand, and put together or take apart entire structures through force of will. You are the envy of many a marvel superhero.
  9. Nanoman

    Any plans on mining tools

    For someone who posts pictures of mining drills from other games (and his general take on things), I suspect the cosmetic aspect also plays a big role. It's form over function. Playing with cool looking power tools, looks cool and feels powerful. It's not just about getting those resources, it's mostly about satisfying the need to have a badass self-image. (which is about the fear of being vulnerable and helpless). That's also why people like to break other people's toys.
  10. Nanoman

    Upgrade my pack?

    If you login at https://community.dualthegame.com/accounts/profile there should be an "upgrade pledge" button. I never used it so I don't know if it works but I'm guessing it should.
  11. Nanoman

    Tutorial: Voxelmancy Essentials

    It doesn't happen with all pictures, only some pictures. But the ones it does happen with, never seem to pop in (as far as I've seen anyway). I tried disabling browser plugins but made no difference. Ah well... Thanks in any case.
  12. Nanoman

    Game needs Digfighting

    Actually it was a joke with reference to what you said about realistic modern warfare (hence the quotation marks). Because it occured to me that vehicle collisions as a viable tactic would be no more realistic than dog fights. So the often used realism argument doesn't even hold up in practice.
  13. Nanoman

    Do you play EVE Online?

    How sad is that then.