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  1. No decay please. As long as someone has a subscription, there is no problem. When someone cancels their subscription, there is still no problem outside of safezones (due to PvP, and perhaps some kind of salvage/hacking/theft mechanics hopefully). The only problem is inside safezones, some time after someone's subscription ends. Maybe simply remove ownership after some grace period (perhaps a very long one), and thereby making it available for others to salvage/etc. Or as suggested, put it in the owner's inventory (but the problem there is that all those assets suddenly cease to exist in the game world from one second to the next). As for org assets, off-hand I would say the assets should remain as long as the org remains, and the org remains as long as it has members with a subscription. The only trick would be that the game has to make sure that all the org's RDMS powers are always available among its members, but it will have to do this anyway. For example if a player has org powers that nobody else in that org has, and that player cancels their subscription, then there has to be some policy for the game to reassign those powers to other members. But that's really a separate issue.
  2. The longer you play, the more chance you get of being able to buy DACs with in-game money. So if that's your ambition then you can go for it, and the game will become cheaper for you with time and eventually free. Players that already supported the game through a crowdfunding pack receive a corresponding compensation in DACs. Some of the early backers made such big pledges that they can play free for years to come or even indefinitely. What more do you want...
  3. I didn't take the 50 minutes to watch that video (yet). But I'd like to make a few points in defense of loners here. Because I've always been one at heart. (btw. the below numbered points are not necessarily related to the 10 types of loners mentioned in the OP, it's just for easy reference.) 1 - Being an introvert is not the same as being afraid of people. I'm an introvert, but you can hardly call me afraid of speaking my mind, or of asking something when I'm looking for answers or help. Some people just don't see that much value in the social game, or maybe they just don't really like people all that much from up close. Who says they should? And who says they're wrong? 2 - I used to feel unworthy. Now I'm well over it. While that has eliminated my inconfidence, it has not changed my preferences about the social game. Being a loner is not the same as being awkward, shy, ill-adjusted or any such thing. In fact I consider psychological independence a key characteristic of a healthy and mature mind. Being alone is not the same as being lonely. And even if you are shy and awkward and insecure and whatnot, that doesn't mean that that's the reason you're a loner, unless you wish you weren't. 3 - There are other benefits to playing an MMO than the social game. For example a living breathing environment, or a realistic economy, or sensible interactions. Think about how much effort some single player games put into simulating that. 4 - What one calls commitment, another calls prison. You'll notice the word association there. Calling someone commitment-phobic is like calling someone prison-phobic and making them out to be the weird or flawed ones. But maybe different people just have different priorities or different values. Maybe browbeating someone into self-sacrifice for the collective is no better. Maybe it depends on who you ask. Maybe some prefer a Borg cube and others prefer a Firefly. 5 - Why treat "loners" as a wrong that needs to be set right, a mistake that needs to be corrected, or disease that needs to be cured? There are loners in the real world, why shouldn't there be loners in a virtual world? You may wonder why a loner would want to be in a virtual world (or in the real world for that matter), but there's a difference between being a loner and being 100% isolated. Very few people, including loners, want to be 100% isolated, even if only for pragmatic reasons. Also there is a very big difference between interacting when the situation calls for it, and playing the social game. Totally different things. Maybe some just enjoy being able to co-exist in peace without everyone inflicting themselves on everyone else. 6 - I agree that solo playing is a choice and a trade-off. There are upsides and downsides to either option, and whether you choose one or the other, in both cases you'll have to accept the implications. That's what choices are all about. Nobody builds a deathstar alone. Or who knows, maybe someone will! Just not because of any special privileges for solo players (nor any other players). There can't be any reasonable expectation that a single player can accomplish all the same things that a group of players can, and certainly not as easily or quickly.
  4. All you have to do is ask why it would be better, and watch that bubble pop. F.Y.I. the alpha server IS the patch test server. There is no live/production server. We all want 24/7 access, but the game simply isn't ready for that yet.
  5. Philosophy should be truthful and not anything else. Belief ain't it... Opinions ain't it... Preferences ain't it... Feelings ain't it....Points of view ain't it... There is nothing new under the sun. If philosophy had done its job, it would long be obsolete by now (and in fact it is - because it has). By definition, truth exists, and nothing else does. So how hard can it be, that after millennia of thought, they're still going in circles and can't agree on anything? Tat tvam asi.
  6. +1 Maybe a tabbed panel with one tab for each specified category, and a "general" tab for unspecified.
  7. Same here, I didn't know that. I guess that's their way of partitioning the workload into groups of players that are close together in-game, using our own hardware and bandwidth. So that could be good news for the total number of players in the game universe. But it doesn't necessarily bode well for overall performance in busy areas.
  8. I'm still not convinced myself...
  9. Sounds cool (pun) I do hope that the life of miners who dig below the water table will be submersed in cave ambience rather than underwater ambience.... Thanks @NQ for all the devblogs, diaries and podcasts, I love it!
  10. This is a necro post. Moderator please lock this topic
  11. Why has this not happened yet... Just DU it!
  12. Then came the evil necro poster.
  13. Yep, who cares about promises anyway, those aren't the stars I sail by. It looks good nonetheless. It's not DU, but it has its own qualities, and it might help me wait... Maybe also a source of inspiration, who knows. I guess we'll see.
  14. Development footage playlist (same youtube channel): https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLh-M5-wAw6pnnb4sXB8SQZtyEu6pOk3tI
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