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  1. Docking mechanics

    Rather than having a hodgepodge of limited solutions for specific use cases, I tend to be very much in favor of a more generalized and flexible approach that solves all of them and more.
  2. Linux crowdfund please

    I really think you are underestimating NQ, what makes you think they're so short-sighted as you make them out to be? They wouldn't even have come this far if they didn't know how to lay a solid foundation for the long term.
  3. Linux crowdfund please

    I think the graphics engine that NQ uses (Unigine 2) is already platform independent, so that shouldn't be much of a problem. https://devblog.dualthegame.com/2016/04/29/dual-universe-switches-to-unigine-2/
  4. Yep, and on a side note, that's another reason why simple disincentives to discourage griefing and trolling etc. in games don't tend to work as expected.
  5. Some things just hit too close to home for some people and it's different for everyone. This is an inherent feature of human psychology, there's no way around it. If you really want to go down that rabbit hole then I bid thee farewell and have a good one, because you will never come out of it alive ...
  6. Some questions about the game

    And a viable base defense, kinda like anti-tank obstacles but for aircraft. Imagine a whole territory air space littered with floating voxels in anticipation of an attack... oops!
  7. Hey im Bjoerek

  8. Cloaking Tech

    Didn't know we had cloaked junk up there...
  9. Salutations

    Howdy mate
  10. Cloaking Tech

    Having a deep stealth mechanics with different types of detection also allows for the gameplay around it to keep evolving, because it provides ways of adapting to trends.
  11. Linux crowdfund please

    I'm not naive about security holes or corporate practices, I just don't think this is the place to wage a campaign. If you're eager to play the game, join the club. But I do recommend that you stop making it an ideological issue.
  12. Linux crowdfund please

    Start a linux org in DU you'll fit right in...
  13. Bot Pet Plushie!!

    yeah I know about that pet, i was talking about the plushie. Definitely deserves to be in a crowdfunding pack.
  14. Redubbing The Pre-Alpha Trailer

    I might make it the theme song of my super duper warrior clan. When my leet fleet of boom doom arrives with that music pouring out of P.A., it shall induce mortal terror in the hearts of my pitiful enemas... I mean enemies. Now all I need is enemies...
  15. Some questions about the game

    Yeah maybe so. In that case, to avoid the costly per-voxel collision detection calculations, maybe there could be slight damage distributed across the entire construct or something. Just to encourage somewhat more realistic flight behavior and safe landings (not enough to be effective in combat).