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  1. Nanoman

    Pledge + NDA ?!

    @NQ-Nyzaltar Is there a reason why the NDA agreement itself is not posted publicly?
  2. You can move mountains from a distance and fit them into your pocket next to your collection of warehouse and space ship parts. You can also melt metals in the palm of your hand, and put together or take apart entire structures through force of will. You are the envy of many a marvel superhero.
  3. Nanoman

    Any plans on mining tools

    For someone who posts pictures of mining drills from other games (and his general take on things), I suspect the cosmetic aspect also plays a big role. It's form over function. Playing with cool looking power tools, looks cool and feels powerful. It's not just about getting those resources, it's mostly about satisfying the need to have a badass self-image. (which is about the fear of being vulnerable and helpless). That's also why people like to break other people's toys.
  4. Nanoman

    Upgrade my pack?

    If you login at https://community.dualthegame.com/accounts/profile there should be an "upgrade pledge" button. I never used it so I don't know if it works but I'm guessing it should.
  5. Nanoman

    Tutorial: Voxelmancy Essentials

    It doesn't happen with all pictures, only some pictures. But the ones it does happen with, never seem to pop in (as far as I've seen anyway). I tried disabling browser plugins but made no difference. Ah well... Thanks in any case.
  6. Nanoman

    Game needs Digfighting

    Actually it was a joke with reference to what you said about realistic modern warfare (hence the quotation marks). Because it occured to me that vehicle collisions as a viable tactic would be no more realistic than dog fights. So the often used realism argument doesn't even hold up in practice.
  7. Nanoman

    Do you play EVE Online?

    How sad is that then.
  8. Nanoman

    Tutorial: Voxelmancy Essentials

    Why am I only seeing "CmdyO0XVIAA7UCe.jpg" instead of the actual picture? It's not the first time this happens either.
  9. Nanoman

    Do you play EVE Online?

    Hey, if goldman sachs can do it, right...?
  10. Nanoman

    Game needs Digfighting

    "I want space collision damage because realism!"
  11. Nanoman

    A RESTful Api to for Third Party Applications

    Good point, so I assume that I wouldn't need to travel to that person in-game in order to do that? Sounds like something that would make sense to put in an eventual web api. Not just for this simple scenario but think of the possibilities for large org management. Also what if I simply never thought about putting optional guest permissions on my ship. I'm just saying, it could still be useful to do it remotely. Unless there are good reasons for not allowing it of course.
  12. Nanoman

    A RESTful Api to for Third Party Applications

    Maybe RDMS access would also be a good candidate to be part of an eventual web api. Unless of course NQ wants that you always have to physically travel (in-game) to the thing you want to edit the RDMS settings on. I haven't heard anything about the ability to do it remotely, but I don't know of any reasons not to. Would there be exploits? Let's say I'm on planet A and I have a ship on planet B that a friend wants to borrow. So either I would have to travel to planet B to give them permissions, or the game allows me to do it from wherever I am on planet A. If the latter, then I think it would also make sense to put it in the web api (if there is one). But if the former then obviously not.
  13. Nanoman

    Last Post Wins

    Take it back! (sorry but I don't get to use the angry emote much )