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  1. Philosophy should be truthful and not anything else. Belief ain't it... Opinions ain't it... Preferences ain't it... Feelings ain't it....Points of view ain't it... There is nothing new under the sun. If philosophy had done its job, it would long be obsolete by now (and in fact it is - because it has). By definition, truth exists, and nothing else does. So how hard can it be, that after millennia of thought, they're still going in circles and can't agree on anything? Tat tvam asi.
  2. +1 Maybe a tabbed panel with one tab for each specified category, and a "general" tab for unspecified.
  3. Same here, I didn't know that. I guess that's their way of partitioning the workload into groups of players that are close together in-game, using our own hardware and bandwidth. So that could be good news for the total number of players in the game universe. But it doesn't necessarily bode well for overall performance in busy areas.
  4. I'm still not convinced myself...
  5. Sounds cool (pun) I do hope that the life of miners who dig below the water table will be submersed in cave ambience rather than underwater ambience.... Thanks @NQ for all the devblogs, diaries and podcasts, I love it!
  6. This is a necro post. Moderator please lock this topic
  7. Why has this not happened yet... Just DU it!
  8. Then came the evil necro poster.
  9. Yep, who cares about promises anyway, those aren't the stars I sail by. It looks good nonetheless. It's not DU, but it has its own qualities, and it might help me wait... Maybe also a source of inspiration, who knows. I guess we'll see.
  10. Development footage playlist (same youtube channel): https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLh-M5-wAw6pnnb4sXB8SQZtyEu6pOk3tI
  11. They also have moving parts and everything is scriptable. You can actually build your own custom factory/assembly line, bolt by bolt, with robotic arms and everything..
  12. Link to playlist (videos continue being added by the devs): https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLh-M5-wAw6pmWgu83-8ujEIQnxl5ooz7G
  13. Yeah I don't know why its not on the main website (if it isn't - I haven't checked). It probably should be. But anyway now you and others know too. No problemo
  14. I wasn't there for the kickstarter and i know about it. I'd probably agree about eve but not necessarily because of the skill system.
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