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  1. Those shields are for territory units. Turrets are for static constructs (and presumably space stations). Not everyone will have a territory unit, and even those that do will probably not have territory units everywhere they have static constructs. And space stations can never be protected by a territory unit shield. It's also not feasible to stay within a safe zone until you can afford a territory unit. You will be able to afford almost everything in the game before you can afford a territory unit.
  2. This. All it does, is ensure that those who are already powerful gain an extra advantage, while those that aren't don't.
  3. You look nothing like your profile picture in real life
  4. A cooldown period could be abused the same way, it's basically an automatic freeze request. But still I think it would not be a good idea to seize someone's assets the day after their sub ends...
  5. Nanoman


    Points in that "wealth talent" would go at the expense of points in useful talents, which would mean that the most useless people will be able to hoard the most... Not sure I see any benefit in that.
  6. What's the point of upkeep for anything when you're already paying for a sub...? I would think the sub itself is enough upkeep. Even if you don't log in for months or years, you're paying real money to maintain your stuff. People who've actually abandoned their account and in-game assets would also have stopped buying game time.
  7. Yeah but only the opposite side of course. My side are definitely the good guys. Because whoever I side with is definitely the right side. So... don't be rude.
  8. Yep, the godfather is very polite too Shows you just how much politeness is worth. And how meaningless its presence, or absence, when you prefer substance over style.
  9. Would you please go F yourself? (hope that was polite enough )
  10. Ah yes, the ominous "they"...
  11. Guess we shouldn't have brought ourselves with us...
  12. Nanoman


    Meh, I'm not a real person, and I got in, so.... /shrug
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