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  1. "Winning" is an arbitrary line in the sand. DU is a sandbox.
  2. Yes, but you were kinda suggesting that they are swimming in money and I think it's a little bit too early for that party just yet. And don't forget that they will continue to develop and add content to the game after release, rent/maintain a sizable server farm, and aim provide quality service. Those have been some of the reasons mentioned for the subscription model. So that's going to significantly extend those 2 years you mentioned, if we're going to assume that. Btw. they do owe all the backers a shitload of DACs. Basically everyone who backed will be playing for free for months, years or even lifetimes. So the current playerbase already won't generate much revenue for the first few years. Unless they sell their DACs, but then the buying players still won't be generating that revenue. I should hope that they will indeed turn a profit at some point, but I wouldn't expect it to be any sooner than any other well run and successful business. For which 3 years to profitability is considered a good average. So while I understand your point about p2w (although I only partially agree), I can't really see DU as a shameless cash grab by any stretch. They are of course a for-profit business, but I think things could have been much worse if they had to answer to a game publisher instead.
  3. Well, it's not like they got those 20m euros as a christmas present. They got it from private investors, who will be wanting all of that money back and more. And that's just for NQ to break even. NQ doesn't have 20m, they owe 20m.
  4. I don't think you've actually seen proper cash grab games yet....
  5. Did you see these too? This is not theoretical, this is what they have now and it works. I don't know what performance will be like. With some luck they will talk about this in the upcoming podcast dedicated to community questions, keep an eye out for it. I don't know. With enough players it should work out, if NQ knows what they're doing. And from what I understand they're taking inspiration (and employees) from EVE for this. As for immersion, Noveans have all the same "funny" shapes that humans do... But seriously, I'm not too worried about it becoming a total mess. This isn't like Second Life where you can build as much as you want out of thin air. Everything costs resources to build, and there is also the talent system which affects certain kinds of allotments and whatnot, again similarly to Eve. I don't know what NQ's policy is on this. I doubt that they'd stop anyone from building whatever they want in the privacy of their own sanctuary, lol... But anyone who goes out of the safe zones will most likely at least fly something functional that suits their purpose. Also it seems to me that there is at least as much drive to create things that look cool or pretty or whatever, and not just "funny". If you haven't seen the twitter feed or the "community digest" posts on the news page for example, you might want to check those out. https://twitter.com/dualuniverse https://www.dualthegame.com/en/news/ You won't get anyone's experience so far until the NDA drops. But maybe this helps as a partial answer (albeit somewhat outdated): And this: https://www.dualthegame.com/en/news/2018/06/01/new-engines-and-ships-dynamics/ If you've seen the recent roadmap update, the first version of PvP is set for the upcoming Alpha 3 phase (January 2020), and they call it one of the six pillars of the game. Nobody outside of NQ knows what it looks like yet, but clearly it will be a significant part of the overall game. As far as I know there will not be a law system except what players and orgs make for themselves. There might be a reputation system, I don't know, I think they mentioned something about it once but nothing recent and no details that I know of. I do believe there will be a bounty system at some point, but not right away at release. There will be some safe zones, see: https://www.dualthegame.com/en/news/2018/01/30/our-toughts-on-territory-protection-mechanics/
  6. Whenever someone's monkey brain says it's one or the other, and not before.
  7. AHA! Caught everyone off-guard... Behold the strategic placement of this masterful post. Bet you didn't see this coming!
  8. Right, who needs a legal system when you've got mob rule 😂 In fact.... what's the difference, when the mob is responsible for the legal system....
  9. Namaste brother!
  10. As with everything!
  11. Just a heads up, you guys. I'm going to win this. Best give up.
  12. I love how the global debt is several times more than all the money in the world.... What a pickle! If ever we needed more proof that hoo-mans are insane (and that the financial system is a scam).
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