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  1. I will just skill telling you all the reasons this would be wrong and let you in on some key huddles in your way.... everyone starts broke... this mean YOU have no money and the only way to get money is to sell to npcs(at first), so your going to have to mine. which means you're going to have to leave the "safe" zone. Ya, NQ has said the "safe" zone will be 20km which seems like a big area... its not. Very far from it. there are 2500 people in the pre-alpha so lets use some math, 20km / 2500 people = .008km per person. how much ore will be in each "lot". And how many people will be coming on launch day? How many will have the same dreams as you? So go ahead and stay in the starter zone, you will never be relevant. I know I sound testy and I am a bit testy on this subject. PVP games aren't for everyone, and we must never stop using our heads.
  2. Something like this could pave the way for the creation of a dysons sphere.
  3. TL:DR all he posts on this subject, but her are some thoughts. At first(or near first) the "world" will be small and having large scale battles will hinder growth and diversity. Having multiple person crews will help with this but as the "universe" grows with the amount of space and available materials for ships players will start feeling limited (everyone will want to be the captain) I think they (devs) are on the right track in letting it go both ways (multi-crewed and solo-crewed flight/fight). But I think there going to far in making a wide gap. I think a better balance is making it just a little better with a multi-crewed ship then solo-crewed. As in maybe 1/1.5-1/2.0. where 1 multi-crewed ship is better then 1 solo-crewed ship but not better then 2 solo-crewed ships. This would allow groups to have an advantage and allow solo players to have a chance. would also allow people to have a role in a fight when materials and space is sparse, and grow when space and ship material expands.
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