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  1. I literally cannot relax lol... Ever since I pledged silver and put the order in for better hardware, my mind is getting log jammed with idea after idea. Not to mention, those pesky questions I have that extend beyond NDA. You're right, though; while seeing the game's development from alpha on seems nice, the thought of getting burnt out well before launch is something that has happened to me, before. I'll try and explore in moderation.
  2. Thanks, happy to be here! Hopefully, my new components arrive soon, I'm dying to get in there and see what we can do in the game's current state! Sadly, the old 750ti/2500k isn't cutting it, but I knew that going in, since it's below the minimum requirements. ?
  3. discordauth:9nJ4S_guW515KWzc-5mh8LNLdd9EAL_j4eq_Wb_HWuw=
  4. discordauth:9nJ4S_guW515KWzc-5mh8LNLdd9EAL_j4eq_Wb_HWuw=
  5. Hello, here's a little about me. Basic Information: Age: 36 Male Location: Dallas, TX Favorite MMOs: Anarchy Online, The Secret World, Tabula Rasa, CoH, Elder Scrolls Online, Dark Age of Camelot. In that order. I enjoy building games such as Space Engineers and Scrap Mechanic, as well. I have no functional knowledge of programming languages or any professional expertise in design. I do, however, have an eye for aesthetics and consider myself a decent creator of functional constructs in most other games. I look forward to seeing how far our collective creativity can get us, in this brave new frontier of Dual Universe. Thanks, Novi.
  6. discordauth:9nJ4S_guW515KWzc-5mh8LNLdd9EAL_j4eq_Wb_HWuw=
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