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  1. The following link is to a post about the economy by the user Alpha Team Member: https://board.dualthegame.com/index.php?/topic/353-the-economy/ His/her post is much better than my own. Please go there if you are interested in the Economies of DU. Hello fellow Ark Survivors, It's come to my attention that since we are all going to be contributing to the economy in some way or fashion, and I worry for the sake of al of us. In MMORPGs such as World of Warcraft, currency can be acquired by completing quests, looting, and trading with other players (auction and barter). In the past, currency could also be acquired by micro transactions. This means that there is a potentially infinite amount of currency about the game world, which has led to global economic inflation. Dual Universe should not have to suffer with such an instance. All mentions of "economy" can refer to a factions economy or the economy between ALL players unless explicitly mentioned. On the basis of the starting areas (Arks): Quests given by the NPCs and completed by players should not have rewards, but rather these quests should be tutorials or tasks. The reward is in what the player completes. Trading NPCs at Ark stations should be based on the surroundings of the ark station. For example, the very first time an ark is put in, it has a base amount of resources, which it uses to trade with players. Say there are 3 small animal pelts in storage, the player would have to give something of equal value, the next player can perform the same process. Outside of the Arks, players would simply use the resources of the universe to trade, survive and build. As people expand and explore other parts of the virtually infinite universe, more resources are discovered and taken. This is rather alright, and the only struggle would the realistic enjoyment of preventing clans and guilds monopolizing resources, this is acceptable and personally preferable to any artificial limiters or changes. This means that the states of worlds would need to not regenerate minerals. Foliage and vegetation can regrow as that is sensible. Micro-transactions for in-game currency will destroy the entire economy very quickly. Players should not be able to use real-world currency to purchase any in-game item. Note that it is likely that the payment method for playing the game is subscription based with the option of using a token to pay for the month. The token should not be able to be bought with real money, the existence of the token could become disastrous as it has a real world value and is not limited. Instead, I propose that a fairly large (but constant) amount of these tokens be placed in the game world possibly first distributed by the ARKs (for a in-game price), then by players later on. Maybe as one token is used, a new one is placed in the world automatically to prevent their depletion. A constant amount of tokens should result with the same individual value before being altered by players' numbers. The point of all this is to avoid any possibility of inflated economy. The options are to do a credit system based on some global resource, or stick with pure resource trade. The concepts of a FULLY player driven economies, politics, and diplomatic relations are prized gems of Dual Universe. Lets do it right. TL;DR The economy is important and should not have the opportunity to inflate. Regards to NPCs (ARKs), Micro-transactions, and after-ark instances. Euclidius
  2. Dual Universe is what's on my mind.

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