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  1. They should disable dispensers and screens on the market hex, I think that would help a lot. Maybe put it in rdms so future player markets can do the same.
  2. Maybe it is a translation thing. I hope it means " Scrap is no longer required to repair cores. "
  3. Thanks for that. With thrust control and handling at 4, I have 676 m/s speed with a front cross section of 14.0 . Are there any other talents that affect these values? On the ship blueprint I mentioned, it has a front cross section of 1.13, and it still has constant values, and I don't notice any speed changes. Maybe my client does the correct calculation all the time, but displays incorrect information? I have the v6 hagboard from alpha, when I get home I'll put one together and check to see if the values change.
  4. I haven't had an issue with the values changing, they remain constant for me. However my displayed speed does not seem to be correct. If I place a core and a large atmo engine only, with thrust control and handling to 4, my displayed speed is about half of what I have seen on screenshots of fully constructed ships. I have an alpha client that I have been patching, and I believe it it just a display bug because my speed is a lot higher than what it says. I'll post some exact values when I get home. Could you post your values on a basic large atmo engine and core only? Maybe my values are the same as your low values. My cross section and speed values are constant though. BTW , I left you a blueprint in your donation box, and i was wondering if you tried it out. The name was Magic Missile Type A. I am sure you get a lot of blueprints, but I was just looking for some feedback.
  5. I have access to 3 internet providers. I get this message on one of the providers. Try another provider if you can. If you try to use your phone as a hotspot, be aware that this game uses a lot of data.
  6. Would it be possible to get a few seconds of AGG effect for our ships when we get disconnected?
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