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  1. Nothing wrong with Devs playing their own game, we just want to know why such a large area is being taken up in a seemingly impossible to achieve by a normal player manner and if what it is being used for benefits the players or just the dev.
  2. Maybe fly over there from time to time and see if anything is being developed there. NQ-Sophon isn't just a normal dev account, it's JC's account.
  3. I was under the impression that the safe-zones currently around each planet (and the Alioth/Thades/Madis Space Safe-Zone) would be going away once PVP is properly implemented 9-12 months from now and that the Sanctuary Moon(s) are the only artificial safe-zones (and possibly even half of Alioth now according to JC in yesterday's stream). A Space Safe-Zone can be created in-game by organisations who patrol and police such an area to help keep it safe from piracy and beginner-friendly. I do agree that we need clarification on this so that organisations can plan and be ready, instead of acting on assumption and getting disappointed.
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