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  1. No way! I'm from Toronto as well! Where in Toronto? I'm from Scarborough (in Guildwood).
  2. I'm Canadian here as well from Toronto.
  3. @Aaron Cain Thank you for the warm welcome! I'm glad to have a friend like you!
  4. I guess Asians really are a small minority in this game! It really sucks for me!
  5. A "Market" is the sum of all Buyers and Sellers in the considered area. A "Marketplace" is a platform or place where transactions / trading occur. The game will have a Bartering System (Player-to-Player Trading System) which was announced for the upcoming r0.15. You can't take data out of that! What you described is a "Promotional technique" in which the community can do it themselves in-game on their own, directly and/or indirectly (we have Screen-Elements in the game). To increase or create interaction between Potential Customers and Sales, Promotional techniques are used. The ai
  6. @Yuuyake Don't worry man! I already have access to the Test but I am still taking a break from Testing the game (I can Test the game if I want to, but I have no motivation). Let's keep in mind that this is a Test and all the mechanics of the game are still not finalized (some are still in development, some are yet to be developed, and some are subject to change). I am just like you, I am not even Testing the game! We still have a lot of time before Beta and Release. In which the mechanics of the game will expand and change. We don't even have the Combat developed yet! There are just ma
  7. @Yuuyake Very good question! I was actually talking about real-life model (which is what I would prefer). The way that the Devs plan to design the economy, is Players will be able to sell Blueprints that cannot be duped and can be used to produce limited amounts of Constructs only (like only 10 or something like that). This means that the people who will buy Blueprints will have to shoulder the required Material costs to produce physical Constructs -- Material costs is on the Consumers along with the Blueprint cost. The Market Value of Blueprints should be more than their total Develo
  8. That is called a Secondary Sector. The extraction of raw resources is a Primary Sector; Manufacturing and Construction are Secondary Sectors; Services, Wholesaling, and Retailing are Tertiary Sectors. That is how an economic activity works. What else do you do with raw resources but to supply them to Secondary Sectors? What else do you do with finished products but to supply them to Tertiary Sectors? All of these Sectors have Market Values. When building materials are used to make a building, the Market Value of the building should be more. If it's not, it cannot ever
  9. When we came to Alioth from the destroyed-Earth, we brought with ourselves frozen Embryos of agricultural Livestock and Crops through Cryo-preservation for our food source to ensure our survival. These Stocks can be brought back to life and they can reproduce. When you deploy something like a hatched Chick, they will Free Range for limited distance from the spot where it is first deployed. If you wanna relocate them, you can pick them up and re-deploy them to another spot. These Chicks will grow to a full-fledged Chicken. They will lay eggs on a spot, where new Chicks can hatch. Or you can pic
  10. We need Standards that are developed by cooperating and participating Parties. Using (Recognizing) such Standard IS A CHOICE by any external Party. The whole DU community do not need to comply to an existing Consensus Standard. It is a choice of any external party to Recognize an existing Consensus Standard and use it as their set-Standard. What I will probably do when this game Releases, is I will join a Corporation because I really have a Corporate mindset. I will propose a Founding of a Technical Committee within this Corporation in order to create Consensus Standards that will
  11. That is incorrect. When a Player buys from another Player, there will not be any Quantitative Easing from the Bots. While at the same time, quantity of Goods in this game are increasing because of continued production in the game. The economy is growing continuously and you have no Quantitative Easing. That will drive the Price Level lower and lower because Supply is increasing continuously over unchanging Liquidity. As the OP already mentioned, people during this period will hoard their Quantas. People who are holding Goods will lower their price just to make a sale because Aggreg
  12. lol ? The deal is I support having a Standard even to just the Consensus level. If people still do not agree, then there is another proposal - what I would like to call (and this is my own terminology) a "compatibility certification". A specific facility and Construct have to match. If they match, they are compatible; if they don't, they are not. Just have the paperwork to back this up! This is integration! Sometimes, something is integrated with some things but not with others; sometimes, they are not integrated with some things but is integrated with others. Make a tree out of this!
  13. Look at these door Elements. They all have their own specific dimensions. What do you call those? Those are already universal standard! When you want to design a construct that will go through a certain door Element, you have to factor the dimensions of that certain door Element which is already universally defined. There are such things in the game that are already universal such as doorway dimensions of a door Element. An aircraft designed with a total span of 25 ft. cannot fit on a 20 ft. doorway width of a door Element. It just cannot happen!
  14. Let me give some examples: When you are designing an Airport, you have to make sure that that Infrastructure can accommodate certain Constructs. Same with any forms of doors (like Hangar Doors), certain Constructs must be able to fit through these doors. When you are Building whatever Construct for the purpose of designing them based on function, you have to think about the right measurements/dimensions. For example, when you are designing a building in this game, how much should the height of each story be? If the ceiling is too high for their design based on function (such as t
  15. Price will drop - in other words, the quanta increases in value over goods - as quantity of Goods continue to increase while supply of Quanta remain capped. This is called "Deflation". There is no accurate way of measuring Price Level. Just like how we measure PPP, we measure this based on some certain Basket of Goods Index (this measurement that we use is CPI). A market works based on Supply vs Demand. Injecting more money into the market will increase the demand for Goods as there are more money available. These consumers will bid the price of the Goods up, causing Inflation. The
  16. A Technical Committee is independent of any Org. It's not part of a government. A Recognized Body is part of a government (it is part of an Org). They can recognize a certain Consensus Standard developed by a certain Technical Committee. If that happens, it becomes their Recognized Standard. This is what I want to see from the community of this game! So, what the OP is proposing is ofcourse very feasible and I highly support the idea.
  17. I got to agree with the OP. There must be Standards! An Org will have a Recognized Body (an Org or a group of people that is accepted by the Minister as having the expertise and experience to set Standards). Standards come from Industry Experts. Industry Experts will get together to form a Technical Committee to craft a Standard (it doesn't take a single Industry Expert to develop a Standard, it takes many Industry Experts to do that). This created-Standard will be recognized only by this Technical Committee so far. We call this a "Consensus Standard". Consensus Standards are
  18. Eternal


    A Fiat System is printing currency and regulating it. There is no central planning because we don't have a Fiat System. Businesses and Consumers can just freely trade in the Free Market of the game. That market is decentralized. Tell me, do you still need a Central Government? If you can't print money in this game, if the currency is Quanta which is standard for us all, you don't need a government. That's where I got the idea of Corporatist System for an Org. It's just Corporations doing business in the Free Market of the game. My problem with the Public Sector, is they control the
  19. Eternal


    A "Corporatist" System means that the Corporate Group is the basic unit of society and 'is' the State. The problem with this game, is there is no Fiat System. The supply of Quanta comes from Marketplace-NPC, and it's cap (total supply) is Centralized (regulated) by the game itself. So what does Financial Planning (Capitalism) and Physical Planning (Socialism) mean to Private individuals in this game? The Public Government doesn't even regulate the currency! There is no Central Bank that prints and distributes money. Why would the Private Sector want to be governed by a Public entity an
  20. I have knowledge of Asian cultures. I am fluent in Chinese, Korean, and Filipino and grew up with these cultures (I am not Korean, but I grew up assimilated in Korean). These, I know very well, culturally and linguistically. I can help with these should you have any questions. We don't really mix all Asian cultures into 1 district in overseas (I've seen mixed Asian plazas of businesses such as restaurants commonly, that's it). I live in Toronto which is a multi-ethnic city. We have a China Town in Spadina, and we have a Koreatown in Bathurst. There is also what you call a "Little M
  21. I live 7-hour drive away from Montreal. I've been to Montreal several times before, so I am very familiar with that city. Apparently, I am not going. I just don't feel like going.
  22. Thailand? Oh wow! I'm from Southeast Asia as well. Nice to meet you! ?
  23. What you are seeing in that picture is called a "Condensation Trail" (or a "Contrail"). Those trails are formed by water vapor coming out of the Engine or changes in the air pressure. The Engine exhausts 2 things, both CO^2 and water vapor. It's not just the Engines that can form them, the Wingtip as well can form them. We call them Vortices. For more information about "Condensation Trail" ("Contrail"), read https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Contrail That is the Chemtrail Conspiracy Theory people make ( https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Chemtrail_conspiracy_theory
  24. @TheonlyLoki The point is, you are presenting expectations here that are very irrational / illogical. You cannot compete without putting the required effort and time! You cannot expect to be in par with the hardcores while you casually dedicate and play the game! You cannot expect to match the output of groups while you solo the game! The reason why I brought real-life is the principles are exactly the same. How can you be oblivious to common sense? And also, you expect an MMO to cater to your solo playstyle? The game will have solo things to do, the game will have things for the cas
  25. Your expectations and perspective in an MMO-game (a shared online world) with the existence of competition that we players systematically structure, are just flawed! Those are the problems, not this game! If you do have the same outlook towards real-life, you need to seek some help! Ask yourself these basic questions: How can you expect to compete against organizations by yourself? Are you out of your mind? They work together in groups/teams to divide the workload required to produce higher output that no individuals can produce alone. If you can do all of those as an indiv
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