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  1. From the negative feedback I've seen in the various Discords I'm in, the crux of the issue is the perceived bias in the reporting and coverage of various stories as well as the owner's interesting history in DU. Personally, I think Dual Insider balances out Ark Central in a way that allows you to get the full extent of the story, and I will continue to watch both outlets.
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    Complete Season 1 Archive: https://goo.gl/PHW656 S1 "Catch-Up" Archive: https://goo.gl/aRj7pu
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  4. @Warden I absolutely agree, it is for the most part quite labourous. Honestly the only reason we started this org back in April was because of the lackluster org registry on the portal. If NQ adds an automatic category system to either the portal or in-game, we'd be perfectly fine to start winding operations down.
  5. DUYP Promotional Video #5:
  6. DUYP Promotional Video #4:
  7. DUYP Promotional Video #3:
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  9. DUYP Promotional Video #1:
  10. The Dual Universe Yellow Pages is an organization directory sorted by service category. We are non-biased when it comes to who lists their org here. Listing is completely FREE and only requires you go through our application process which will give you a channel that you will control and be able to post and advertise in. The Dual Universe Yellow Pages has the largest rolodex of organization categories, as well as over 60 listings. Our categories range from Autocracies to Transportation, with numerous categories in between. Here at the Dual Universe Yellow Pages, we want to make sure everyone in the community knows what they're going to do after launch. That's our sole purpose, to host a list of organizations that allows anyone to join and instantly find the organization type they want to join. As such, we want to reward the people who have listed organizations by offering additional promotion. Every month, a single organization is chosen at random and receives the status of "Featured Org." They are then added to the #featured-org channel and their representative gains an additional role. If you want to list an organization, find an organization to join, or just be social with the community, swing by our Discord and say hi. Discord: https://discord.gg/VvvVXM2 Community Portal: https://community.dualthegame.com/organization/du-yellow-pages-tm
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