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  1. While your passion is admirable, the video is an advertisement for Meridian Jumpworks. It's not trying to pass those ships off as being from DU, it's just an exciting video that aims to increase recruitment for the organization. You'll be hard-pressed to find many organization adverts or promos that actually use DU ships; mainly because the NDA stops us from "showing off" cool-looking ships (that NQ hasn't publicly shown that is). Unless you're trolling of course, in which case ya got me.
  2. Well, I guess you better remove CATS as well since you guys joined the INA.
  3. But we're not technically an alliance, we're a federation-based org; so I'm not quite sure why we keep getting tagged as an "alliance group." We have a core member base of AFED-only members, along with our member orgs. Maybe the "new" AFED still has yet to get rid of the old image of AFED, as we were an alliance group then. @Maky1871 if you want to get a better understanding of what the Aeonian Federation is and does, I'd recommend swinging by our Discord: https://discord.gg/5mHbNR9
  4. For some reason, I can't recall doing one of these, so why not get it out of the way? My name is Tyler, but I am more commonly known as MasterChiefMKI (or MCMKI now). In the real world, I work for a company called [REDACTED] that provides multimedia services for businesses that can't afford to hire a full-time editor/artist. In the digital world, I've always stuck to FPS's and survival games, so Dual Universe is somewhat new territory for me. I joined the DU community mid-2017 and by (almost) 2019, I've played and continue to play a lot of different roles. Most notably, and my favorite, is my role as owner and host of the SpartanCast; a podcast covering a wide variety of different topics. I also founded and currently run the Dual Universe Yellow Pages, the Didact Development Group, and the MultiMedia Freelancers. My last role so far is my position within the Aeonian Federation as Director of Foreign Affairs. I find that giving back to the community to be my favorite part of the experiences I've had so far, and so I will continue to do so. It is my hope that my contributions can make at least one person have a better / more fun experience in-game and in this community in general. Have a good day! 👍
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    The SpartanCast

    We are in the final legs of the off-season! Season 2 of the SpartanCast is less than a month away, and as such, we want to make sure our viewers (old and new) are caught up on Season 1. We have two excellent playlists put together; and I would recommend watching the "Catch-Up Playlist," as it drastically narrows down which sessions were important. Regardless, we would like to wish everyone a bit of an early happy holidays, and we hope to see you on January 4th at 9pm CST over at our Twitch Channel.
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    And in this context, the usage of "ulterior" is more to enforce the idea that the agreement allows for collaboration outside of what was explicitly listed in the agreement.
  8. From the negative feedback I've seen in the various Discords I'm in, the crux of the issue is the perceived bias in the reporting and coverage of various stories as well as the owner's interesting history in DU. Personally, I think Dual Insider balances out Ark Central in a way that allows you to get the full extent of the story, and I will continue to watch both outlets.
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    The SpartanCast

    Season 1: Age of Reason Archive - https://goo.gl/PHW656 S1 "Catch-Up" Archive - https://goo.gl/aRj7pu