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  1. --------<| Pantheon Jumpworks |>-------- "Ascending the Limits" ~ Our Mission ~ Pantheon Jumpworks (PJW) is an International Service & Manufacturing Corporation that is comprised of several overarching branches and smaller divisions working for the umbrella that is the Pantheon Jumpworks brand. Pantheon will provide any services or goods that a client might need, as well as provide steady jobs to our members to ensure we all prosper and flourish. - Fratrum ducit ad proficiendum - "Brotherhood leads to progress" We work to ease the burden on our clients by offering any service from mining, construct building, construct design, transport (passenger and cargo), bounty hunting, bulk product shipment (ships, buildings, stations, materials, fuel, and elements), and more. We are open to contracts with any organization, so if you are looking for a manufacturer to buy goods from, consider Pantheon and reach out to us using the contact methods below. We are also accepting applications from citizens of all nations and career fields. Join Pantheon and be a part of a growing company with a bright future where your opinion matters and your new career is waiting. ~ Our Structure ~ Structure Hierarchy ~ Contact Us ~ There are several ways to contact us regarding membership, business agreements, partnerships, etc. The main methods are listed below, but we are most active on Discord. [ DISCORD ] [ PORTAL PAGE ] [ TWITTER ] ~ Member Organizations ~
  2. Because we've noticed a bit of false information being spread, we'd like to take a second to set the records straight: The Aeonian Federation did not "collapse." Collapsing insinuates that we as an organization failed and that could be no further from the truth. We dissolved the name and brand, but the members and agreements have stayed fully intact. We have restructured the Aeonian Federation into a new organization, Pantheon Voidworks. You can find a link to our page HERE. Admittedly, our last post in this thread and on the portal page may have added to the confusion. However, the aim of this post is to rectify that. Please direct any more confusion or questions about this change to the Pantheon CEO, which is me. Furthermore, we will be discontinuing this thread, as it no longer represents our organization.
  3. Parent Organization Aeonian Federation: http://bit.ly/2M5PPLC ---------------------------------------------------------------------------- The Free-Reign Diplomacy Alliance [FRDA] initiative is an effort in foreign outreach to connect with the smaller organizations in Dual Universe. The initiative is designed to offer smaller organizations a way to connect with a “parent” or “guardian” organization to satiate their growth. <This is by no means a separate organization, rather it is an initiative started and supported by the Aeonian Federation's administration> By joining the FRDA, you gain access to the support of the Aeonian Federation, its citizen benefits, and the benefits listed below. Please understand that we take care of our own, so we urge you to take this offer of generosity seriously. - Chief, Director of Everything [AFED] ---------------------------------------------------------------------------- Loyalist Code The Loyalist Code is the governing code of law for the FRDA. It decides who is able to join the initiative, what is required of them, and how the might access their benefits. The Loyalist Code is as follows: Section 1 - Legality An organization’s operations are deemed “legal” if and only if they do not break the universal set of standards for legality. If an organization’s operations break another organization’s laws it is deemed illegal ONLY if the laws align with the previously mentioned universal standard. Illegal acts are considered in the same fields as: griefing, piracy, and terrorism. Anything outside of those categories is otherwise deemed legal. Section 2 - Applications Any organization can apply to join the FRDA; it’s as simple as joining the AFED Discord server and reaching out to the Director of Foreign Affairs. We accept, as mentioned, any type of organization so long as they only partake in legal activities. If your organization meets the requirements set out in Section 3, then you have a good chance at getting accepted. When your organization is accepted into the initiative and you have satisfied the “integration” requirement, you will gain access to the benefits layed out in Section 4. Section 3 - Requirements The requirements for joining the FRDA are simple, concise, and are created with the sole purpose of giving your organization the best chance at success. Your organization cannot already be a part another alliance group This is to ensure that you aren’t caught up in the spider’s web of allegiances prevalent in DU. Nor do you need to, as you gain access to the wealth of AFED. If you are already in another alliance group, take a look at their Return On Investment [ROI] and ask yourself “is it worth being in this group?” Your organization will be held accountable under AFED’s central legislature and Non-Aggression Pact. This allows your members to gain access to AFED’s roster of citizen benefits, whilst also allowing all of our states to co-exist peacefully. Your organization must send a minimum of 1 representative to join the AFED portal page and Discord. This is so your organization gets equal representation in AFED If your members want access to AFED’s citizen benefits, then they to need to join the portal page and Discord. Section 4 - Benefits & Incentives By joining the FRDA, your organization is granted a plethora of benefits, which are tailored to the way your organization operates. Your organization is considered a part of AFED Defended within PVW’s immediate territories and minor logistical routes Gain access to a special roster of large clients like: Meridian Jumpworks, Didact Development Group, and more Gain access to the investor benefit packages within PVW Get access to Tier 1 investor benefits Gain access to a wide host of facilities to utilize like: Factories Logistical Warehouses Residential Facilities Gain the ability to apply for stateship within PVW Any previous participant applying for stateship will be recognized as a “FRDA Loyalist” and will receive higher consideration than normal applicants Gain the full backing of the entirety of the Aeonian Federation ----------------------------------------------------------------------------
  4. AFED Update - 05/14/19 We are saddened to announce that long-time Aeonian Federation member, Dominar has decided to step down from his Director position in favor of focusing on IRL events. While he is not leaving the federation as a whole (he will be staying to act as a Consultant for the new Director), he is taking some much needed R&R. With that said, RexMctavish has been voted in as the new Director of the Aegis. We know that he will serve the job well and we can't wait to see what he does with the division. - Chief, DFA
  5. Announcement is slightly overdue, but welcome to the Aeonian Federation!
  6. I believe we do. I'll send it to ya over on Discord.
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