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  1. Glad to know that this will be possible. Interplanetary travel and space pirating would be boring without being able to interdict others.
  2. I don't think that would work well with DU. Interplanetary travel takes days, so visiting all your territories regularly could be a problem even for an active player.
  3. Okay, maybe not expensive to maintain, but they will definitely be expensive at launch. "We want the Territory Unit to be hard to make because we don’t want a sort of gold rush at the start the game, that would favor early players and reduce the gameplay to “get as much TU as possible before it’s too late”."
  4. In the most recent update, NQ announced the introduction of emitter and receiver elements for inter-construct communication. What are your ideas for it?
  5. Because you won't be the only one who can transport kyrium to that certain planet. If you charge too high of a price, no one will buy your goods. A competitor will charge a lower price, leaving you with no sales.
  6. Prices won't be unified even if you can change prices remotely because the supply and demand of a resource is region-specific.
  7. Local markets are important because planets and regions in a planet might have specialized goods. Iron would be cheaper to buy near an iron mine than at a shipyard, which consumes iron. Local markets aren't there to just cause inconvenience, but for immersion. Also, allowing people to change their market orders remotely would increase market liquidity.
  8. I'm saying that scripting and being able to change your own market orders benefits everyone, if its easily accessible.
  9. By a long time, I mean going to another planet within a system will take days, if not weeks.
  10. But what if you're an interplanetary weapons seller, and you need to raise all of your prices at the same time? You would have to physically go to each market on each planet that sells your weapons, and change the order. That would take a long time.
  11. Yeah, pretty much. With an API, you would be able to get market data from NQ servers.
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