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  1. 8 minutes ago, UnclePaulie said:

    What good is a L core vs 10 s cores? Hard to fight when all your guns are dead.  if you have a L core with 6 gunners, and 4 repair guys, what they gonna do? Target 1 s core, take time to actually kill it, while 9 s cores which are so so much cheaper, put constant damage on guns, engines, brakes, adjusters.  What they gonna do after the 3rd repair and its destroyed?

    During the last event, the golden eye took damage from a dozen ships with L weapons for an hour and he remained alive.  M, S and xc weapons are useless, they are toy weapons.

  2. 8 minutes ago, blazemonger said:

    The problem with this is that it changes _nothing_



    We had XS core cubes with L guns

    we now get XS core sized cubes on L cores with L guns

    I agree with you

  3. 15 minutes ago, blazemonger said:

    It's fine.. large orgs can now maximize their advantage by controlling core availability and price. NQ has clearly thought all of this through very well and things are happening as intended.. /s


  4. I agree about XS, S cores, but why limit M cores? I think this scheme looks perfect: S cores: S,XS weapons (+M maybe?), M cores: L,M,S,XS weapons, L cores: L,m,s,xs weapons. Unfortunately the damage from M weapons is too small, and S and XS size weapons are completely useless.

  5. "Medium cores may not power large weapons"

    Really? Why can't we use a L weapons with M cores in 0.23 update? M cores are large enough. Now all players will only use L cores in PvP because of this. I'm disappointed.. Now there will be only L cubes in pvp, congratulations!!....

    NQ, have you seen the prices for L cores?  You destroy PvP and freedom of choice/design...

  6. 1. Ship X is firing on ship Y from 1.8 SU range. Ship Y pilot is hit and logs off (alt-f4 or game crash etc). Ship Y has no other pilots on board. Will ship Y continue to move? Will it stop once the core is destroyed?

    Dishonest players will make a relog, you will have to brake, and when they return, they will again have a speed of 30K, you will not be able to catch up with them.


     2. Ship X is flying toward a market district and is at 1 SU range from it, market district has N amount of players in it. Pilot flying ship X has game crash or does alt-f4. What will happen? Will the ship continue on like it's trajectory and crash ? (Does ECU has any effect here?)


    3. Will it be possible to install L weapons on S/M ships?


    4. Update 0.23 introduces script protection for blueprints. If I or another player destroys the core, will the scripts in the chair/programming board be accessible?

  7. "Further, if you disconnect while another player is in range, the server already assigns the task of handling the physical properties of your ship to that nearby player. This means that your ship will continue to move in this situation. "


    I hope this distance is 2SU (radar range)? Dishonest players will make a relog, you will have to brake, and when they return, they will again have a speed of 30K, you will not be able to catch up with them.

  8. Dear NQ, you need to do something with using the resurrection node on the ship in PvP. Also need to do something with bug-users who use alt+f4 in warp jump or PvP.

    Here's what I suggest:
    Add cooldown and add the prohibition of the use the resurrection node in PvP. If you are locked by another player cooldown starts working for the entire crew on the ship.
    I think it's not normal that when you kill players, their ship stops because they died, and then they are respawn on their ship again..

    This is easy to do:

    cooldown = false
    getData = radar_1.getData()
    enemylock = getData:match('"targetThreatState":[^0]')
    mylock = getData:match('"myThreatStateToTarget":[^0]')
    while enemylock or mylock do
    cooldown = true

    Please upvote https://upvote.dualuniverse.game/suggestions/133027/cooldown-for-resurrection-node-in-pvp

  9. RU Community Discord: https://discord.gg/GsBfjKk


    RU organizations:










    Fundamental Constructions



    Space Expeditionary Force



    Megalodon Industry Corporation



    VK RU Community  (Admins - KadaFF, SneakySnake; translators: nikonru, ZiGi, SneakySnake)


  10. 3 minutes ago, Tnecniw said:

    Dang it :/

    Do not despair, you will receive content from Contributor pack.


    Silver Founder backers gain:

    Alpha 2 Access (instead of Beta)

    Sanctuary Territory Unit (x1)

    Arkship Passenger Outfit (Bronze)

    Supporter Pet lvl.1 (different from Founder Pets)

    Legacy Resurrection Node (x1)

    Extra Character Customization (x3)

  11. I think this will be an extra load for the server. You can use teamspeak or discord. Chat is the best solution. For example, a special chat with a range of 100 meters. Another option is a special plugin for teamspeak similar to "task force radio" mod for Arma 3

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