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  1. Spicerub, I see you leaving. I will be glad if you give all BOO gold to me 😌
  2. It seems to me that many players are put off by the subscription system and the inability to play the game before buying. I think that introducing a free weekend or replacing the subscription to a different payment model could make a difference for the better and increase online.
  3. There is no need to change the warp. NQ just need to remove the safe zones.
  4. Yesterday we destroyed the ship, we destroyed the core, the ship stopped. The pilot didn't die, why? After the destruction of the core unit, the crew always died, now this does not happen. The pilot just got out of his seat and started removing loot from containers. Why should I be a pirate? Yesterday we were chasing a ship. We shot at him and hit him. The pilot of this ship left the game (logoff), his ship stopped immediately. We started to slow down, then this player came back and his speed immediately returned and became 30.000 km/h, but we already stopped.... NQ, fix please!
  5. I want to express my gratitude to the ATOM organization that agreed to participate in this PvP event on January 16, as well as to all RU community organizations that wrote to me in PM and wished to join our side in this battle. I want to thank BOO, because without you it would be very difficult for us. RUSC REDA were on the one side with BOO and HVC. Organizations that flew under RUSC REDA* tag: 1. DESQ - Delta Squadron 2. INFS - Infinitus 3. SMC - StalcerMEX Company 4. OPG - Organized Pirate Group 5. IRNS - Iron Sleeves (event organizer) *REDA - Red Alert (one of the alliances of the RU community) ANH - Anarchy (another RU community organization) Anarchy decided to fight against everyone in this battle xD It so happened that most of the RU community organizations at this event were from the Red Alert. Therefore, it was decided to use this REDA tag in this battle.
  6. We are canceling our little fight tomorrow. We are preparing a pvp event. The date will be announced later. We will destroy your blockade.
  7. see you tomorrow (13 jan) at 7 pm utc. Talemai safezone border ::pos{0,0,-13118280.6684,55279819.8670,460716.3214}
  8. Where is everyone? There is not anyone. Alioth safezone: ::pos{0,0,-3079072.5586,13040066.5641,36892.4953} AC ZEN H Hauler 2 [XS] ::pos{0,22,1.6570,96.4604,12883085.0000} NEST XL [XS] Talemai safezone: ::pos{0,4,-0.5797,-76.5579,441983.5625} Talemai Edge Station [M] ::pos{0,4,-0.6303,-76.6326,246385.8438} Talemai
  9. Expect Hammer this week. We need to teach you a lesson.
  10. Will you reimburse me the hours spent on the digging and my money? Did I do everything in vain?
  11. Wipe = death for DU. Since patch 0.23, a lot of people have gone. Look at the Twitch there are 12 viewers. Wipe will kill online completely. I don't want to rebuild all again.....
  12. PvP альянс "Кривой Вектор" (Crooked Vector Alliance) Pirate russian-speaking PvP alliance announces the recruitment of organizations and solo players. Here you will find a friendly group or organization to your liking. Пиратский PvP альянс объявляет о наборе в свой состав организаций и одиночных игроков. У нас вы найдете дружный коллектив или организацию по душе. Текущий состав альянса CVA: Anarchy [ANH] GREAT OMEN [GROM] Железные рукава - Iron Sleeves [IRNS] https://discord.gg/S3HXFccrnx
  13. Why can't we install L weapons on M core? 🙁 Please, NQ 😌
  14. I agree with you. Production was already quite complex. The introduction of schemes only complicated the gameplay. Look at what happened before the patch was introduced: the economy worked, players bought and sold things to each other, everyone was happy, there was creativity, you were not limited, you could do what you want, and what is happening now? The economy is broken, yesterday the dynamic core cost 9.8 million, and now 18-19, you can't buy it, you will have to sit in a hole for several months. Currently, only large organizations have access to the schemes, and the schemes are very expensive. The rest of the players are forced to sit in a hole for hours on end and mine,mine,mine..this is a terribly boring activity, this is a grind, this is not what a game with a paid subscription should look like, the grind is suitable for free games. I hate to say it, but this is clearly not the game I supported at the very beginning. Look what happened to Twitch, now there are only 10-20 viewers, no one is interested in watching you mine ore in the hole. When the develelopers added schemes to the game, they deprived many players of great mechanics, all your factories are useless, they don't work. I believe that need to remove the schemes and return the previous version of production as quickly as possible before it's too late.
  15. Current prices for schemes are crazy )) I am waiting and hoping for NQ to lower the prices of the schemes 5-10 times. I doubt that with such high prices, the economy will work 🙂 Perhaps it makes sense to wait for the patch with the balance of prices for schemes. I don't see the point of playing yet, I can't buy L cores, weapons, radars for normal price, i have to live in the game to earn that kind of money, i have to keep mining 3-4 hours every day for buy this, I'll be back in the game in a few months
  16. Now you have to live in the game for several months to build the L core. Haha. Good luck with that.... NQ, please bring the industry back to how it was before.
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