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  1. These are good changes, it upsets me that they have reduced the optimal distance, and the M weapon models have become larger and now they look like L. If NQ want players to use the XS,S,M weapon, they need to set the same optimal distance for all weapon sizes and the same HP values. otherwise it makes no sense to use weapons other than size L.

  2. 4 hours ago, Shaman said:

    if a hauler comes into contact with a PvP ship, there is practically no fighting back, and you just have to hope that you get into the safezone in time. I think it would be far better if ships had at least a chance against PvP crews, in such a way that attaching guns to your ship isn't such a waste of weight.



    Just use gold instead of aluminum on your ship 😉 

    You can also pay the pirates a commission to prevent them from attacking you.

  3. 40 minutes ago, Heartbeat1 said:

    Min of FPS: 5, it takes around 2 Minutes to load every Voxel Change.

    2 months ago, we fought in PvP. At the very beginning of the battle, I had 60fps, there was 1 target on the radar, and when 6 ships began to shoot at us, my fps dropped to 15. Then we flew to a safe zone, and my damage continued to download, voxels continued to break. Voxels continued to download damage for 2-3 minutes. I have good internet 300 Mbps and good pc specs



  4. 3 minutes ago, FuriousPuppy said:

    I mean chasing for 30 SU and not having you on radar is suffice for me, people coming out at max speed in a random direction in a gold brick are going to get through sneaky lol

    if you have 9g you can easily reach 30k speed and follow to the target. I'm sure you have more than 9g.

    You may not be as experienced at high speeds.

    Your fleet must be able to do this to catch haulers at this speed.

  5. Campers are tired of guarding the Feli safe-zone 🤣
    It doesn't look like a Feli blockade. I thought they would chase us, but they didn't, they stayed to guard the safe zone. We went back to Feli and repeated it, nobody followed us. This cannot be called a blockade.

  6. 22 hours ago, Mulligan said:

    ATOM will be at the blockade in full force. Preliminary efforts have already resulted in a fleet fight with CVA as well as another light skirmish. unknown.png

    The results of one of our fleet ships after the battle.

    DU pvp is still alive and well, even without support from game mechanics. The blockade will continue.



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