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  1. When will you return VR for missions? Previously, we could transport other people's missions, but now it's inconvenient. A lot of my friends want to leave the game. It was thanks to the missions that my friends returned to the game this summer. Please do not delete this great VR mechanic
  2. NQ, you don't need to store mining tunnels in a database. Just reset the terrain below 5 km every week, lower all the ore to a depth of more than 5 km. This way you can bring back old mining.
  3. How many people play this game? Sometimes I think they kill the game on purpose. It is very difficult for beginners to get comfortable with this game. It's an awful long time for talents to open, in this game your factories freeze after each server restart, your base takes more than 2 minutes to load, I can continue this list endlessly. They killed interesting gameplay again, like it did with patch 0.23 when they added schematics
  4. In the new update, players will not be able to use the build mode in pvp. Will players be able to fly in a build mode without the ability to build and modify something?
  5. voxels are almost useless because they added CCS. I don't like it either, it used to be fun and interesting to fight.
  6. When will you fix PVP? I thought you would fix this first so we can fight normally for the asteroids. You just have to lock the target, then select this target for you to start having serious performance problems https://support.dualthegame.com/hc/en-us/requests/56517 I think you have a very serious error in game code, because 2-3 months ago there was no such performance problem in PVP. Why can players still dock ships with shields and resurrection nodes on their ships? it is for this reason that the destroyed ships retain their speed and do not stop after the destruction of the core unit.
  7. It is also necessary to deactivate all resurrect nodes on the docked ships of the destroyed carrier ship, because when you destoy a main ship, the player of that ship spawns on the docked ships and starts removing elements of the main ship. All alts on docked cores must also die.....
  8. The ships do not stop after the destruction of the core unit, the problem is still not fixed, we constantly have to write to GM. NQ, please fix it!
  9. Guys, in addition to the fact that after each server restart, you are forced to launch all your factories, now after the restart you will have to restart all your mining units 😔
  10. You just have to pay the pirates a commission and the problem is solved.
  11. Factories stop after each server restart. When will this be fixed? Players are forced to launch thousands of factories after server restart.
  12. Do not fly in a straight line between planets, avoid flying in a pipe. Benefit from escort services for your ship. Any ship, even without a LUA with 8.5g+, will be able to destroy your ship in a pipe. They just have to stand there and wait you.
  13. NQ, please do not change/not delete radar.getData() so we can create custom radar widgets. If you change getData we will have to do our own json structure, pity us...
  14. Everyone knows that now in the game any weapon and shields other than L size are not used in PvP. Here's what I suggest: 1. Same HP values for all shield sizes. 2. Same damage values for all weapon sizes. 3. Forbid the installation of small shields on large cores, as it was with weapons (XS shield for XS core, S for S core, etc). These 3 simple changes will help NQ forget about the problems of XS/S/M weapons forever. XS/S/M weapons can do the same damage as large ones, but they shoot very close, and the same HP values of all shield sizes will help small ships fight large ships.
  15. Why did you add CCS? It is not compatible with shield venting...
  16. SneakySnake

    AvA ideas

    I created this thread so players can submit their ideas for the future AvA mechanics here. This will make it easier for NQ to collect our ideas. My suggestions: I think NQ need to give the players the ability to plant C4 bombs with a remote detonation or a timer on other players ships, so that later they can detonate them in the pvp zone, we also need tracking beacons that will transmit the coordinates of the ship every few minutes that the ships owner can detect and remove from the ship before departure. This will be a good start for the AvA 😗 These 2 mechanics will be the easiest to do. Another AvA mechanic is the boarding mechanic. How it can work: when 1 ship approaches another at a close distance, for example 20 km, a button appears in the pilot of the ship to send a request for boarding to the pilot of another ship. A boarding request cannot be rejected if your ship has fewer players than the other ship that sent you the request. When boarding starts, the ships stop 100m apart and remain motionless, the boarding timer starts working. While the boarding timer is running, players cannot pilot and fire the ships' guns, these 2 ships cannot be destroyed by other ships, a no-fly impassable zone appears around these ships until the boarding timer stops. If none of the ships was captured during this time, then after the end of the boarding timer, the speed of the ships is restored.
  17. UP! Why is the shield always visible? It should only be displayed when taking damage 🤔
  18. I hope AvA will be added on release as it was written on the Kickstarter.
  19. After the Apollo update, voxels have become useless in PvP, now no one uses them on warships, I'm disappointed. Previously, PvP was more interesting....
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