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  1. In fact, the real battle in DU takes place at low speeds of 3000-15000 km/h
  2. 2000km/h? lol, no thx. This game has long distances, so don't limit speed. DU is not a Starbase. I do not see anything difficult in combat at high speeds.
  3. I think NQ shouldn't completely disable HTML. It is necessary to enable the player to use the screen locally. There is no need to sync HUD with other players if they are not on the ship. NQ, please do this: if html is used, then the code is executed locally and does not sync.
  4. It seems that you robbed the Empire? xD
  5. It was a good fight. It will be necessary to repeat it sometime.
  6. I saw the speed of all your ships, they did not even try to folliw me. Looks like you thought there was an ambush 🙂
  7. if you have 9g you can easily reach 30k speed and follow to the target. I'm sure you have more than 9g. You may not be as experienced at high speeds. Your fleet must be able to do this to catch haulers at this speed.
  8. Campers are tired of guarding the Feli safe-zone 🤣 It doesn't look like a Feli blockade. I thought they would chase us, but they didn't, they stayed to guard the safe zone. We went back to Feli and repeated it, nobody followed us. This cannot be called a blockade.
  9. Spicerub, I see you leaving. I will be glad if you give all BOO gold to me 😌
  10. It seems to me that many players are put off by the subscription system and the inability to play the game before buying. I think that introducing a free weekend or replacing the subscription to a different payment model could make a difference for the better and increase online.
  11. There is no need to change the warp. NQ just need to remove the safe zones.
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