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  1. I want to express my gratitude to the ATOM organization that agreed to participate in this PvP event on January 16, as well as to all RU community organizations that wrote to me in PM and wished to join our side in this battle. I want to thank BOO, because without you it would be very difficult for us. RUSC REDA were on the one side with BOO and HVC. Organizations that flew under RUSC REDA* tag: 1. DESQ - Delta Squadron 2. INFS - Infinitus 3. SMC - StalcerMEX Company 4. OPG - Organized Pirate Group 5. IRNS - Iron Sleeves (event organizer) *REDA - Red Alert (one of the alliances of the RU community) ANH - Anarchy (another RU community organization) Anarchy decided to fight against everyone in this battle xD It so happened that most of the RU community organizations at this event were from the Red Alert. Therefore, it was decided to use this REDA tag in this battle.
  2. We are canceling our little fight tomorrow. We are preparing a pvp event. The date will be announced later. We will destroy your blockade.
  3. see you tomorrow (13 jan) at 7 pm utc. Talemai safezone border ::pos{0,0,-13118280.6684,55279819.8670,460716.3214}
  4. Where is everyone? There is not anyone. Alioth safezone: ::pos{0,0,-3079072.5586,13040066.5641,36892.4953} AC ZEN H Hauler 2 [XS] ::pos{0,22,1.6570,96.4604,12883085.0000} NEST XL [XS] Talemai safezone: ::pos{0,4,-0.5797,-76.5579,441983.5625} Talemai Edge Station [M] ::pos{0,4,-0.6303,-76.6326,246385.8438} Talemai
  5. Expect Hammer this week. We need to teach you a lesson.
  6. Will you reimburse me the hours spent on the digging and my money? Did I do everything in vain?
  7. Wipe = death for DU. Since patch 0.23, a lot of people have gone. Look at the Twitch there are 12 viewers. Wipe will kill online completely. I don't want to rebuild all again.....
  8. Организация Железные рукава (Iron Sleeves) объявляет о наборе новобранцев в свои ряды! Вместе мы поработим вселенную и установим свой порядок! Кто не с нами, тот под нами! Форма правления: военная диктатура. Наши враги: абсолютно все, кто отказывается подчиняться и выполнять наши условия. Наши задачи: создание огромной армии, захват вселенной, порабощение населения, уничтожение неугодных режиму организаций и личностей. В организации присутствует производство, направленное исключительно на военные нужны организации и на поддержание огневой мощи флота. Мы будем рады видеть в своих рядах честных и ответственных игроков, готовых участвовать в развитии организации, а именно: 1. Пилотов 2. Боевые экипажи 3. Майнеров и производственников Страница организации на портале сообщества https://community.dualthegame.com/organization/9518/ Наш Discord https://discord.gg/n6ZuGGs
  9. Why can't we install L weapons on M core? 🙁 Please, NQ 😌
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