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  1. Yeah this is why I only considered large strictures, and you never know, maybe we will have a way to build really huge structures in an easyer way... but yeah space elevator/ orbital ring = just for fun
  2. AlexCout


    I don't know if i would like or hate such features...
  3. yeah i usualy use esc to get out of interfaces, having it here might be a bit tricky.... I hope I conserve my speed when i get out of the cockpit, so I can get back in
  4. well remember SE? :x jk yeah I guess, we'll see
  5. good question... I guess it depends on our abilities to use the jetpack...
  6. the problem is that if you want blueprints to be worth anything, then creative mode = bad idea
  7. also: from our beloved community manager: this has been said in a very similar topic not that old...
  8. I'm not against neither for creative mode... But I have to say that airline companies don't really build an airplane model from scratch, it comes from computer simulation, modeling and stuff.. and after the conception phase, they do tests on a prototype (I suppose) .. But it's true that the first plane wasn't designed in CATIA...
  9. there has already been a few topics about this subject... please use the search bar at least once before posting anything...
  10. I don't know if discord is the best way to implement voice com's in the game... however it would serve as a great starting point, before they manage to create a proper voice com thingy
  11. I don't think mech will be a thing for now, at least not until release, and wheels will probably come first if they ever come... All I can say is hope we'll have something more than hoverblades for planetary transport
  12. yeah now we are on the same line
  13. I disagree on the fact that pvp will stay minor, yeah people will cooperate, but for an average of at least 5k player connected goal, ( wich I think is reasonable for this game) you will have a lot of conflicts, pvp will definitely not stay minor nor on the small scale, I expect to see massive battles once in a while... and I don't think I'll be wrong stating this... even if DU and EVE are different, they stay similar, and many aspects of EVE will translate in some way in DU... not all of them but still
  14. Yeah I agree with what you said... but the "we made it because we can" argument will only work with 'small' ( still really really large, but not ridiculus ) structures, and a space elevator won't save much fuel, I mean, it's cheap compared to other megastructures and I would expect people to make them, but a ringworld for example, even though it's beautiful, the amount of ressources to make one is just huge, you would need to remove several planets from existence to match the ressource cost... yeah i am maybe too focused on eve's system... but hey it's an mmo with similar definitions of corporations and I have to remember that a star isn't small, a particle colider is microscopic compared to a real megastructure, I am even not sure if an orbital elevator is considered as one... you really have to consider how huge these things are... a large station in starmade might be huge... but it's a fly compared to a dyson sphere, space engineers ships are really tiny too, even the larger ones aren't close to 10km, and we are talking about structures several millions of kilometers large... well not really millions since they will probably be scaled down.... but you get my point ediy: remember, DU is pvp people are against each other
  15. (For after release... obviously) Megastructures... Huge, expensive and profitable... Many games turn around them but none really take it to a real level... ( well some probably do...) We all know that there isn't a real limit of building in Du, but what would push a corporation to build one? Surface area? No planets are big enough... Ringworld, space elevator, orbital ring and stuff are useless, or at least way too expensive for their profit... We'll keep the expensive side because well reasons... I don't want the first noob that join in to start to create his own megastructure, it just doesn't make sense... So which type of structure would be profitable? For now I can only think about 3 types of structures that could be potentially interesting for a corporation : - dyson sphere ( or swarm... but might not be possible with DU's drone and energy transfer mechanics ) - black hole farming ( transform matter to energy efficiently via hawking's radiations... But to be fair idk if it's that profitable... it has to be quite op to be interesting considering the risk of the gravity well... ) - Star lifting structure ( star lifting is the act of extracting materials from a star, not by scooping it, but by accelerating it via strong magnetic fields or accelerating the star rotation speed... here is a not so short overview: ) So we need a few mechanisms to make these work: - solar panels that produce an output which varies depending on the distance between the star it's facing and itself - Black holes mechanics ( radiation and a way to harvest them, matter consumption, a way to monitor the matter inside, maybe with a gravity probe? ) and a way to counter the gravity well ( thrusters might not be that efficient, although having to balance thrusters power consumption with the power output of the black hole to maximise the overhaul matter to energy conversion could be really interesting... + thrusters can act as a matter input, though implementing it is a bit tricky...) - A way of doing star lifting... I don't know how we could fake the process, so some thinking is required here... maybe produce an amound of matter proportional to the sum of the power of the magnets divided by their distance of the star and output the matter output at one pole, which would need to be collected in some way... (i.e. Share your ideas down there ) And what will be the gameplay benefit ? Well actually, a lot: - requires a HUGE amount of organisation and coordination -> will mobilise probably everyone in a corporation - Will probably require different corporations to ally and share their ressources and manpower for the construction - Will provide strategic positions, once built, it can only be destroyed or preserved, don't think about moving it, unless you have serval of them to provide a thrust huge enough to move it in a decent time... you want to see it move by your own eyes, not by your children's ones... - Events, imagines the title of a mag: "destruction of a 100000$ facility in a video game" Many more points I didn't think about or developed... They'll probably require a good amount of balancing and reflexion but I think it's worth it So they aren't like the titans in EVE, I mean, there are a lot of titans already built, but I would expect only 3 or maybe 4 megastructures to have been built after the same amount of time ( from when the titans have been implemented in EVE to now)... And i want the destruction of a keenstar in eve to be nothing compared to the destruction of a megastructure in DU... Some will say " they are too expensive, no one will build them..." and I disagree.... When you are at war with a powerful corporation, you want to have the advantage, and you'll probably want to invest in having a greater ressource income... and at some point, a corporation will definitely get their hands in it... ( and it wouldn't make sense for them to be cheap... ) So what do you think? Can we come up with a proper balance ?
  16. They can generate more planets if they need, but as they said running out of planet won't happened
  17. I don't think roof tiles have their place in Du x) And i don't think they are right in textures at the moment, since the goal of pre-alpha is to make the game engine work properly and reliably.... More something for the beta, alpha will probably introduce gameplay, esthetics can wait
  18. It's more for raising ideas, and in reality the reason for what SE looks like today is only because of a lack of management from Keen... But yeah leave it for post launch, the idea box is good for now
  19. If you really don't want people to get your data... (have fun)
  20. I personally started eating cheaper, trying to not buy more than I truly need, and I have been able to handle the price of the gold founder... Again the effort I'm doing might seems like a lot for ppl that don't know how to restrict their daily life, but in fact, it's easy, and I still think that the support I was able to provide, even if it's not much compared to the 10k backers, is worth it... Do not try to support them if you can't find enough dedication to get a bit out of your wallet, you might not be able to afford it due to your conditions, and if it is the case, i'm sorry for you... You also have to keep in mind that you would have needed a decent computer, and if you can't afford a 120€ pledge for a dream, then it would be even harder to handle a computer to run this game ^^
  21. Of course I know that the game won't properly simulate projectiles and stuff, but the point is you first think about a model, then you translate it to RNG and probabilities, and you get a game... It's true that it could be harder to get a system that allow not to simulate projectiles and follow a correct physical interpretation... I hope you understand what I just said, I didn't know how to put it...
  22. Soo Idk about you but I would like DU to follow a kinda sci-fi path ( which means 'science'-fiction, folowing realistic mecanics) and i would like the to follow a bit the laws of physics... so what do we have to use as a shield? Also lasers can ´logicaly' pass through any shield, ( if we don't have white hole tech) -magnetic fields, really good at repelling or deviating shells/plasma projectiles -particle field, might be able to do something about shells if dense enough but not really effective, however plasma could be dispersed , also lasers might get affected by these depending on the wavelength of the laser and the size of the particles... Also the particles could be heated to a plasma that would kinda affect shells a bit more, might deronate explosive shells... ... But a point defense is actually better at shielding than a shield, point defense can be made of -projectiles ( lot of cons with tyem at point defense since you have to turn a turret which has to deal with recoil really fast ) -lasers ( problem is lasers unless really powerful have trouble heating large objects fast ) -particles ( particle cannon could be really powerfull at point defense if we can manage to spin up not one but a stream of particles in a particule accelerater) -maybe antimatter cannon? (To create an explosion on the shell itself which would at least deviate the shell if not obliterating it in the process...) lot of things to think about... a huge playground
  23. I want so bad to be able to "hack" into the ships systems if the ship has an antenna but might be too much to ask, I don't want a crappy "hack tool"...
  24. AlexCout


    I would love to use my joystick too...
  25. I want to build ships not especially large ones, but more the medium ships you can thrust for what they were made for I don't know how good ship trading will be, but I hope it'll be great
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