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  1. Tutorial: Voxelmancy Essentials This tutorial was made for Landmark. I didn't make the tutorial or play the game but, since it's based on the same technology, we can assume that it will work pretty much the same. It starts with the very basics and ends with some more advanced concepts. Whether or not you have already tried Dual Universe, this tutorial should be able to help you to understand this awesome (but very difficult to master) technology which is the Voxel. As a voxel beginner, I think I am not the only one who yelled at these crazy little voxel
  2. Thank you for this new DevBlog that clarify some points and allow us to have a better idea of what you at Novaquark aim to. I agree with the different kind of secured areas, but I think the ForceField system with the 24-48 hours indestructible period needs a big rework. This game is supposed to be realistic, and I don't see what is realistic in having to get a shield down and wait 1 or 2 days before attacking ? I want to see battles lasting days, like in Eve Online. I want to see attackers able to have strategies to take down a city. And I want to see defend
  3. This topic is only about design, not production, and I agree with most of the points on the 1st post. This game want to be hard for everyone, but it want to be realistic as well. And you can't think that build an entire ship from scratch with real materials is realistic. Today, engineers are designing full products in 3D on computers before to start building it to ensure that the building phase will cost as little as possible. In the future, you can be 100% sûre this approach will be the same, even more in DU if you have to hire many people to defend your shipyard.
  4. You can do it in every game, so I would say Yes.
  5. A Holodeck could be a good solution, indeed. Being able to load and work on a blueprint with virtual voxels, then save it and leave the room for someone else to use it.
  6. It is done. €849,493 pledged so far, by 10,218 backers The 725,000 stretch goal looks so far away ! I have only one word for this : AMAZING !
  7. Go to the bottom of the page, click on "Theme", choose "Default", then you can like. Then you can go back to the custom theme because the default one hurts the eyes.
  8. No there is not ! The actual system consist in combine or refine ores to make refined materials. To do that you have : - The Mechanical Press for ore refining - The Foundry for alloy making And you can do it in your inventory for small amounts. This system is almost as simple as Minecraft. The system I talked about from Gregtech include : - Macerator - Forge Hammer - Ore Washing Plant - Chemical Bath - Centrifuge - Thermal Centrifuge - Sifting Machine - Electromagnetic Separator - Electrolyzer
  9. €809,638 pledged so far, by 10,000 backers Yes, 10 000 backers ! And only 1 day left !
  10. In Minecraft, you mine 1 ore, then put it in a furnace to have 1 ingot. It's simple, everyone understand it, but it's not very challenging. There is a mod called Gregtech, which include many more machineries, and add many more ways to make your refined ingots. You still can put your ore in a furnace to have 1 ingot, but you also can use it in a more complex way to have 1.5 ingots. The process looks like this : (1 dust = 1 ingot) I think a similar system in DU would be awesome.
  11. About this image ? I did the work alone. Indeed there was already screenshots on a Discord, but it was incomplete and I could not use it to have this quality.
  12. Now you can see it : https://board.dualthegame.com/index.php?/topic/11624-the-codex-press-f1/
  13. Did you remember this sequence in the August Dev Diary where you couldn't read the CODEX because it was too fast ? Well, now you can ! Take your time.
  14. XOR gate (rare, but never known) You can make your own custom one with already existing gates, but still, NQ could make one. Relay (one input, several outputs (The "OR gate" can do that?)) In the codex (August Dev Diary), there is a Relay that does exactly what you want. Relay antenna (send a "wireless" signal) All signals are already wireless, but I think it may only work in the same construct. Memory (Set Reset) and Bistable (Memory variant) Maybe the Switch can do that, I'm not sure. Look into the codex. Maybe the one called Counter c
  15. We did it finally : €725,983 pledged so far, by 9,501 backers 8 days before the end ! What a community support !
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