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  1. My largest concern about this game is the opportunities that griefers will have. I hate pvp, doesn't matter what game it is, FPS, RTS, MMO doesn't matter. I detest the concept on a fundamental level. I plan on building ships, I already have designs for required dozens of players to use efficiently. I also want to build space stations and shipyards. I have absolutely zero interest in participating in any combat, all i want to do is build. I like the idea of "arena zones" that are specifically for combat. Otherwise players like myself will be griefed endlessly by the more disreputable members of the community. Sanctuary zones need to be more common and easier to make use of.
  2. you're talkin about a jump tube/elevator/turbo lift, could be useful
  3. Rails could be used for many things, bay doors, recessed weaponry, bulk catapults for fighter launching and even ship transformation. Rails can do a lot.
  4. https://community.dualthegame.com/organization/aegis-foundation#tab-members Come join the Aegis Foundation, were looking for all types of players
  5. Starmade rails are good, but Hopefully the DU devs can streamline em, all those logic blocks are just in the way, better to drop 1 logic block, open it, and program it for the system. https://www.twitch.tv/videos/176819848 got to the 14:03 mark, the number of logic and rail blocks required to do this were insane and not because of how many rails it moves along, it's because of how many things have to be changed to make it work and each change needs a mirror so for each block change there are at minimum 2 states and that could be 2-8 logic blocks per state.
  6. I understand that BUILDING a colossal structure will and should take a ton of resources, I have no problem with that, i'm talking about designing one, VERY different. Make a toggle, modified from how Starmade does it. Creative mode on, -You have access to unlimited resources -The project is yours -Those with permission have freedom to work on it while they are also in creative mode -While in creative mode it cannot be used to fight in pvp, it will deal no damage to enemy ships -It cannot be used to mine or gather resources -Weapons fire will only damage base terrain such as untouched asteroids -When exiting creative mode you port back to where you entered it so it can't be used for travel -The only thing that can be transferred off of the project is the blue print. -Can only have 1 project active at a time Creative mode off, normal EDIT: Just realized I double posted serves my brain for working in 2 directions at once.
  7. What if there was a creative mode server, and a standard play server, the only thing you could trade between them are blueprints?
  8. I hope not. Apple is a blight to technology across the world and should be destroyed. From Mac to IPhone they've done nothing but steal and corrupt technology for profit. They are the worst type of company, right up there with Wal-Mart and exxon.
  9. Thanx for the heads up. I don't plan to import, DU has a much easier to define system then something like minecraft when it comes to construction. I plan on recapturing the plans ive made 1 ship at a time by replicating them to scale, then refining them. I really hope that a creative tool is something that would be implemented soon after launch if it won't be ready for it.
  10. Hello, I know it's been said before but I feel it kind of needs to be rehashed. We need to have some kind of construction simulator that doesn't require resources. Building anything larger than a fighter just isn't practical any other way. With thoughts towards larger ships like 5-10 man corvettes, destroyers, frigates and cargo haulers, those kinds of ships would take eons to farm material for and were not even talking about battleships, carriers or cruisers that are substantially larger. As a ship designer, I feel this is an incredibly important point. For years I've used minecraft of all things to design ships, and it works, but I could never imagine designing ships like this one without having unlimited resources for design. The resources spent on mistakes and correction alone are massive. This is the largest ship i've built but I have a MUCH larger ship in mind i'd like to try and make one day, but its crazy big, 13.6miles x 7.5miles x 6.2 miles by plan. I doubt i'll ever attempt that design in this game, but i'd like to see it one day. These are a few of the ships I DO want to make in this game. Centurion Trident Maelstrom Valenroth these are just a few of the ships I have in mind, Like I said I have 2 dozen designs, and i'm only 1 person. I still work on them, watch me here if you want. but my point is, i'm sure many other designers feel this way and feel that the lack of a creative mode would be game breaking.
  11. like tshirts and the other stuff mentioned for the pledges, anyone know when they are supposed to be sent?
  12. Lack of resources would turn a 1 week project into a 1-3 month project depending on rarity, I am all for a creative mode for design, but requiring the actual resources to build. I have nearly 2 dozen ship designs planned out a ready to go. Instead of it taking a year to get them out it'd take like 10. The design aspect of the game is what I am drawn too and requiring resources just to design would be a major blow to the game IMO. You don't need resources in real life to create a blue print, why should we in-game?
  13. Have they announced what the fuel will be made from and how we will acquire it?
  14. Hello everyone, I'm looking to build up the Aegis Foundation which is going to be a ship development and construction company. I have big ideas but I won't be the only one. were going to need everyone from miners and cargo runners to security, managers, builders and designers. If you're interested please apply. I'm going to try and do a big meeting the week before we have alpha access.
  15. Any idea if they are going to give us tools to do this? I understand that hull deformation will probably require dry dock repair if it's anything above minor but during a major scuffle could a crew of a manned ship have an effective engineering team repairing the ship during the battle?
  16. Hello everyone, I'm looking to build up the Aegis Foundation which is going to be a ship development and construction company. I have big ideas but I won't be the only one. were going to need everyone from miners and cargo runners to security, managers, builders and designers. If you're interested please apply. I'm going to try and do a big meeting the week before we have alpha access.
  17. I do plan to start with small craft like fighters, bombers, shuttles and hoppers and work my way up as commission brings in the $ for it. Also thinking about opening up the Aegis Foundation to custom orders
  18. I absolutely agree, it'd always be better to have real players doing the stuff, but other players aren't always available and being able to still do something will help
  19. Need to be able to do large multi story windows and even 1/2 domes for some of my intended builds
  20. I'm planning on creating a shipyard and i have several dozen ships in mind to create, from large to small, and there are going to be a ton of hurdles to doing this. I'm curious if I can craft a few things to make life a bit easier. 1 Safe Zone: In the interviews JC mentioned that there would be a safe zone around the starting area where pvp is disabled. Personally I despise pvp in any game no matter what it is, except smash bros :), but I know i'm in the minority. If all my time, attention and resources are devoted to ship building, i'm a sitting duck for any pirate or scab that wants to make my life hell. I have created an organization I intend to be faction neutral and specifically for the shipyard and owned territory. Being able to erect a safe zone around it would me the freedom and peace of mind to work without the worry of being set upon. 2 Economy Structures: With the scale and number of ships I intend to create resources with be a major problem. If I can create a bank nearby that might help me manage resources a bit better. If I was also able to craft an auction house nearby that would also help me rapidly gain resources I would naturally chew through with the scope of ship design I intend. If I were to craft the auction house perhaps I might be able to extract a fee for use of that particular auction house, say 1%. Not of all transactions, only of those that take place through the one I create that is in my territory. If I can combine these I could most likely create a thriving neutral environment that I could use to keep my ship building running smoothly, thats my hope anyway. Any chance?
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