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  2. discordauth:urFJtr0joOC1IicWmk9iyjS_J1feeCPB1S1Fq0_dsAM=

  3. Lenux

    Hello people. New hyped innocent here

    Welcome to Dual Universe ! Hope you will have fun with us ;D
  4. Lenux

    I'm new!

    There is place for an unlimited amount of people Your welcome
  5. Lenux

    Dual Universe on the Radio!

    Sounds nice , i am going to listen it thx
  6. Lenux

    bronze backer cracking the ice

    Welcome rookie ( just kidding ) , have fun with us
  7. Lenux

    New trailer and it looks great!

    Yeah just saw them , the answers are disgusting , they don't even let a chance to DU to show something ...
  8. Lenux

    Should have done this a while ago.

    Welcome to Dual universe
  9. Lenux

    Multiple playable species

    I think the idea is about the Novark so it won't be possible , the lore is talking about a single ship from many others so what's the interest of having many races if it's a human project about one ship , the lore is talking about it if you want
  10. Le jeu aura une version française peut-être dans le futur mais pour l'instant ils veulent se concentrer aux développement
  11. That's a really nice idea , since NQ don't have time to implemant voice system it will be interesting for both side player / developper and if they want to have their own voice system they will have the possibility to do it later .
  12. Lenux

    In-game voice.

    Actually the in-game voice system is interesting and will be important , how people will do when for example they board a space ship ? from the chat ? it won't be interesting . So yeah it's interesting but not until the full release , they have many stuff to do instead of doing it now , and anyways , everyone use discord this days
  13. Lenux

    When is True Alpha (Not Pre-Alpha)

    The Alpha should be full time for a short period ( 1,3,6 month we can't really know ) I think it's up to NQ to decide if the game is ready or not so i guess at least 2 month
  14. Lenux

    pre-alpha email

    We will receive an email ~a day before the 30th september