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  1. Lenux

    [FR][ENG] Programmeur LUA

    Salut à toi ! Penrose Laboratories est une organisation francophone , nous avons de tous les secteurs et plusieurs projets à l'intérieur de l'organisation. Nous sommes actuellement la 1ère organisation francophone et nous avons aussi plusieurs membres qui savent développer en LUA et qui sont dans le projet. Je t'invite sur le site : https://www.penrose-labs.org/ tu peux faire ta candidature dessus et pour rejoindre notre discord voici un lien d'invitation : https://discord.gg/7AW5uB8 Si tu veux passer on peut discuter quand tu veux si tu as des questions , à bientot.
  2. discordauth:urFJtr0joOC1IicWmk9iyjS_J1feeCPB1S1Fq0_dsAM=

  3. discordauth:urFJtr0joOC1IicWmk9iyjS_J1feeCPB1S1Fq0_dsAM=

  4. Lenux

    Hello people. New hyped innocent here

    Welcome to Dual Universe ! Hope you will have fun with us ;D
  5. Lenux

    I'm new!

    There is place for an unlimited amount of people Your welcome
  6. Lenux

    Dual Universe on the Radio!

    Sounds nice , i am going to listen it thx
  7. Lenux

    bronze backer cracking the ice

    Welcome rookie ( just kidding ) , have fun with us
  8. Lenux

    New trailer and it looks great!

    Yeah just saw them , the answers are disgusting , they don't even let a chance to DU to show something ...
  9. Lenux

    Should have done this a while ago.

    Welcome to Dual universe
  10. Lenux

    Multiple playable species

    I think the idea is about the Novark so it won't be possible , the lore is talking about a single ship from many others so what's the interest of having many races if it's a human project about one ship , the lore is talking about it if you want
  11. Le jeu aura une version française peut-être dans le futur mais pour l'instant ils veulent se concentrer aux développement
  12. That's a really nice idea , since NQ don't have time to implemant voice system it will be interesting for both side player / developper and if they want to have their own voice system they will have the possibility to do it later .
  13. Lenux

    In-game voice.

    Actually the in-game voice system is interesting and will be important , how people will do when for example they board a space ship ? from the chat ? it won't be interesting . So yeah it's interesting but not until the full release , they have many stuff to do instead of doing it now , and anyways , everyone use discord this days
  14. Lenux

    When is True Alpha (Not Pre-Alpha)

    The Alpha should be full time for a short period ( 1,3,6 month we can't really know ) I think it's up to NQ to decide if the game is ready or not so i guess at least 2 month