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  1. Sakej99

    Cloudy eclipse

    In Colorado where I live we had a 92% Cover without clouds. It got a little darker and cooled down about 10-15 degrees.
  2. Always good to see more business in DU.
  3. Sakej99

    Meeting the Aliens.

    Would aliens have factions if they were introduced?
  4. DU should be able to handle massive ship building. It can get very detailed as well.
  5. Sakej99

    Ideas about the community portal and live game

    Having this system would fix a lot of issues orgs are having.
  6. Sakej99


    Not talking about the terrorism part, just the pirates and theft.
  7. Sakej99

    Suggestions for in depth character customization

    I don't think these will be in Alpha, however later down the road I can definitely see this being added.
  8. Sakej99


    Is this like Band of Outlaws?
  9. Sakej99

    Modules need power

    I bet power would work like empyrion galactic survival. You would need a generator and power source like fuel, but it automatically connects to the entire ship and or base.
  10. Sakej99

    Size Of Cores

    Will each core have a building limit? Like you can't have more than 100m diameter to your ship?
  11. Sakej99

    Nomadic politics

    The post probably glitched and posted 2. It happens sometimes.
  12. Sakej99

    Custom AI and how will they work?

    How will you defend your land if you're offline and you don't have auto turrets?
  13. Sakej99

    Dual Universe Pledges

    I thought I could marry anyone from the team if I donated!