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  1. Ah yes, instead of slecting a real player who has real concerns for the game, NQ yet again selected an ultra simp to suck more. Good job.
  2. Dafuq? I see atleast three four directions you can land from. Not like people couldn't just fly over the wall.
  3. QUICK FACTS Name: Stargate Command Creation: 27/07/2016 Members: 100 Region: 60 % Europeans, 30 % NA, 10 % Unknown or other Language: English Purpose: military organization based on Stargate SG1 & SGA Playstyle: PvP / PvE Discord: https://discord.gg/4q48ZxR Goals: Recreating and upholding our beloved franchise and content from this franchise in Dual Universe Attitude: Neutral good Age range: ~ 19 - 35 Conditions of joining: Basic English (conversational level) SHORT INTRODUCTION We are a organization based on the Star
  4. Wird nach mehr als 500 Jahren auch mal Zeit *lach*!
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