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  1. Begogian, on 26 Jan 2017 - 9:00 PM, said: Yes and no. 1. Define date with the boss and the framework you want to show. It is enough if you show ingame footage and make a moderated Q & A. 2. Download Open Broadcast Software and read this guide: Https://help.twitch.tv/customer/portal/articles/1262922-open-broadcaster-software 3. Expose it as you build the "hype" around your stream on your social media channels. 4. Enjoy the streaming. Calm down. Answer the questions. 5. ??? 6. Profit On the one hand we have the Q & A thread, which concerns only the existing members. In an open channel you can reach everyone and everyone can ask questions. If a question is still too early, you can say "It's too early." What is the next question? And I'm pretty sure that is less elaborate than selecting specific questions from the thread. Time saved and the world informed. It lets you kill two birds with one stone Thokan, on 26 Jan 2017 - 9:46 PM, said: Unfortunately, I have to disagree. Videos with 2 minutes runtime, .. I do not take as a reference. It indicates where the journey goes, but it is not a qualitatively meaningful material. Let's go a step further. Which game has the most players disappointed in 2016? I quote JC at this interview: http://www.eurogamer...-mans-sky-world - Several gaming magazines have news about Dual Universe. I have compiled a few (which I read): - http://www.gamestar....news/53842.html - http://www.pcgamer.c...m=dual universe - http://www.eurogamer...s/dual-universe - http://www.gamespot.com/dual-universe/ Many still have the latest status from October. Individual interviews are also available on Youtube. But no ingame footage. And for that reason and exactly because of this statement, I advocate Twitch. Show people what you have, we know it's pre alpha. What I forgot in the first post: Maybe someone has followed the Dev Stream of Conan Exiles. These guys are also present on Twitch. Also behind it stands Funcom, a big publisher. And I'm sure they're more strict about something. First of all, I want Dual Universe to be a success. I would like to prevent with this thread, which one might miss a potential possibility. After the No Man Sky Fiasko, players are reluctant. (As you read in the comments on Gamestar above, unfortunately only in German) And by going openly to the community, you reduce the risk.
  2. Hello everybody. I'm new to the community. Many discussions are based on speculations that are usually left in the room. Beautiful theories with good solutions. It bother me when I see long posts that are discussed up to death. So I'm throwing the idea that the devs should take advantage of the possibilities of Twitch. I do not mention it for no reason. Another indie game developer takes advantage of this. Whoever follows the steps of Astroneer sees the potential of this stream. You can look over the shoulders of the developers. And the makers of Astroneer have a team size of 15 men and women. Do not get me wrong - this is not supposed to be an advertisement for another game. But do you see the possibilities of this platform? Three Reasons for Players: - Q & A with gaming material - Artists are modeling the elements. - Developers explain simple mechanics (LUA, elevator, build ship, ...) Three reasons for NovaQuark: - Transparent towards the customer. (Yes Man Sky ? ) - Interested players can get a picture of the game, indirect advetising - Unified Communications - In the social media, a single message is enough to alert the players to this event. I do not post a link to the above stream of the other game. With Google, however, everyone should come to what I mean by that. But I would appreciate it very much if NovaQuark does something similar.
  3. As always a good read, CaptainTowermotor. It is difficult to interpret from little information. You work with the sources that are available on the Internet. I must fairly say that I did not play Eve for long. (RL Reasons) I've got better memories with Star Wars Galaxies, Earth & Beyond, Asheron's Call 2 and other older mmorpg games. I understand the thoughts behind it. They affect me conclusively. I also think that would be a topic in itself worth. At least I'm curious when new information will be announced. Nonetheless, that does not alter my consent to the cloning sickness and to your possible solution to the problem.
  4. I think this idea is great! I would even go a step further and complement the idea of ​​CaptainTwerkmotor. In my opinion, PvP is something that should be full of risks. It should be sensible and well thought out when you attack someone. I think the most useful thing that you could do here would be some sort of reputation system. I am firmly convinced that this should be a balance in the game to change the PvP. Sometimes there is a bigger, sometimes a smaller risk. But let me explain more so you get an idea: From a neutral point of view, the defeated party would have the described trauma mechanics. Let's say I have a crew on my ship. The space ship is called AVALON. My team has specialized in piracy. We attack everything that gets in our way. AVALON, our construct in this example, usually performs the first strike. And we also destroy every ship we can attack. Now comes the highlight: Both AVALON (the construct) and the crew are gained a reputation. How will this happen? To increase the reputation, the prerequisites must be fulfilled. That could be anything. In this example, 50 hits must be executed and 10 ships destroyed in order to get a title / reputation. Let's call this title rogue. AVALON and the crew are now rogues. What now? The developed reputation / title is now known in the universe. The radars recognize the ship name. Hackers could write a script in Lua to conceal the construct for the radar display, for example. Trauma Mechanics for rouges would be 25% higher as they have deliberately chosen the fight in the past. For a bounty hunter mission, I would put it as followed: - A rogue is on the list = 50% higher trauma mechanics than on neutral - A neutral victim is on the list = 25% higher traume mechans than on neutral - The neutral hunter accepts the mission = 25% higher trauma mechanics than on neutral - The rogue hunter accepts the mission = 50% higher traume mechanics than on neutral It would be an interesting cat and mouse game. The title of Rogue would be kept until a tick is removed. Even then it does not jump immediately to neutral but must fulfill requirements. Example: - Accept a bounty hunter mission and eliminate the victim. Or - wait 1 weeks real time. Numbers serve as placeholders to get the general idea behind it. It offers 3 things that I feel as important: - Where a cause occurs, an effect is visible. - Rogue title - You are classified as a threat - you will make a name for yourself in PvP. - Bounty missions are a challenge for attackers and victims - your name is not written on the list for no reason. Is it worth the risk?
  5. I liked the idea back in Star Wars Galaxies: When a character clones, their health and action statistics are reduced by 75% for a period of 10 minutes. There are three ways of healing the cloning sickness: - Waiting it out - Watching or listening to an entertainer (in a cantina, hotel, tavern, theater or any player structure). - Visiting the surgical droid in most major Cloning Facilities that will remove the cloning sickness for a fee. This fee amount increases with the level of your character (for a CL 90 character the fee is 5000 credits).
  6. I welcome the ladders and the elevators as an idea.
  7. I personally would not buy a laptop from Alienware. The price is not in relation to the performance. Instead, I advise you to compare. Http://www.notebookcheck.net/ is a reputable site. It illuminates all laptops with comprehensible tests and give a useful conclusion. You have no reason to overthrow something now.
  8. Let's go through it analytically. We have many events this year. Known international events: PAX East: 10. - 12. March 2017 E3: 15-17 June 2017 Gamescom: 22. - 26. August , 2017 Tokyo Game Show: 21 - 24 September 2017 Paris Games Week: October 2017 NovaQuark was present last year on PAX, E3 and Gamescom. I do not expect it to start two weeks before, during or after one of these events. Every man / woman is needed. As a business man, I suspect JC would like to convince the public. Dual Universe is no empty promise, Dual Universe can be what JC tells. And he wants to show that. Best if he has real players. My forecast: 15 May 2017. Or at least calendar week 20.
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