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  1. Scanning and mining. A player with talents in scanning and mining has more power to capture things with his mobile device. I don't need to know everything about the tile, for that there are reference spreadsheets that tell me roughly at which level which ore is located. But I can limit which tiles I have to look at.
  2. I got 2 beta invitations with my pledge, which gives me 3 accounts. Each of these accounts has access to PTS. So 6 out of 12 planets (not including moons) can be covered by me. I can log into an alt account on PTS while I am flying somewhere on the live server and use it to find ores. This alt account is of course skilled to get the best out of the scanner tool. Imagine you have a buddy who does the same. Or a few people in the org who you pay (later on the live server) to do it on the pts. You get to know the spots without using fuel or warp cells on the live ser
  3. I am an old player who has been playing mmorpgs for 20 years. You don't convince me with graphics or anything like that. I see what Ashes of Creation do for gameplay only. And AoC is the only one I tought it would not pan out - and i was wrong. I underestimated the vision of a man. But as I said, it takes an MMO player to design a good MMO. AoC CEO has played all the same ones I did in my youth. He is same age bracket as me, so he played Lineage 2, Ultima, SWG, and so on... Heck, you can even hear in their streams when they talk about the old times raiding X or doing activity Y in their past.
  4. I would like to know why the PTS has the same seed for ores as in the live server. Deleting my post does not solve the problem.
  5. Not only that, but the developers listen to feedback and, for example, change animations if people don't like it after it's been presented.
  6. I don't remember any company that had a rotation of 3-4 months in CM. Also, WoW certainly didn't have hundreds of CMs, a company known for keeping people happily working there for 10 years and more.
  7. You better read what I said... or did you forget NQ-Nudbrokk? Oh? What is this? You don't know who that is? Well... it's a CM.
  8. Of course, AvA is a recurring event that takes place annually, I forgot... But anyway, we'll see what comes. Same. One of the few games that has an idea that can convince and is already financially secured, KS was just extra money, as the ceo said.
  9. AvA was postponed without a date after release. That's a fact. Don't explain to me what facts are. It's only a matter of time what we see this year.
  10. There are specialists who are happy to take care of this. Law firms have already specialised in KS cases. This is not a matter of feeling, but of facts. If I see that AvA is a main goal of KS and this is not adhered to, then there are problems. And that is the reason why NQ gives a bad image to crowdfunding platforms. Games like Pantheon, Ashes of Creation and the other mmorpg would have surely benefited more from it. And now you have to look at rubbish like this.
  11. But you do realise that NQ has lost more than one CM in the last few months? And the lack of support at the weekend? And that the game designer of Eve left after 8 months, who was praised so highly in a news report? And nearly 40% left according to the linked in statement from someone a few ago here in the forum?
  12. If the Kickstarter goals are no longer met and are not what they were promised to be, you can bet your ass that NQ will get a legal complaint. Best example here: https://www.mmorpg.com/news/chronicles-of-elyria-lawsuit-files-complaint-2000120863 And then portraying NQ as a scammer is already enough.
  13. You're comparing triple AAA and established developers with an indie studio?
  14. According to the wiki list, no mmo based on this engine has been released yet. All of them were either cancelled or stopped being worked on. I guess you will have a hard time finding qualified and affordable developers. Source: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Unigine#Games To your bonus question: Why? You want to jump from one crowdfunded game to the next, even though you have burnt your fingers on DU ? Even though I may be stepping on the toes of one or two SC fanboys and fangirls, the game has been in development for 8 years now, sometimes more, sometimes less progress. I
  15. I am not sure which standard you mean. NQ has never done anything visible with people's feedback. I have also noted elsewhere: For what used to be a frequent presence of the CEO in some form, be it video blog, interviews, AMA, streams or whatever, it has become incredibly quiet. No, I don't count "what's to come" video as part of that. Because that's a mandatory video for a new year. In the past, JC was much more tangible. Today it's just a name you hear. At least for me. And based on the facts that many new faces are seen in NQ and old ones left, I assume that there is a hig
  16. I remember them saying that they also store world changes too, should someone get the idea of making a phallus-like creation out of earth.
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