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  1. 2 hours ago, sHuRuLuNi said:



    Might be good, don't know.
    But what I DO know is that I really don't like the voice of that woman ... she sounds like those clerks (in USA) who work at some store and always put an ARTIFICIAL SMILE and talk to you with a squeaky "sweet" voice but actually hate their job and are dead inside. Or like those hired female voiceover people for some Techno Channels on YouTube when you just FEEL that she absolutely has no idea about the subject matter and is just reading a script.
    This one here also sounds as if she is smiling the whole time while explaining to us how to obliterate each other with capital ships and fighters, lol.


    She is Finnish and speaks English. You can hear the accent. Check the twitch channel, she literally talks all the time this way. But sure, in the end, such videos are always scripted. :D


    3 hours ago, Cheith said:

    mid May, then June, now end July .... this is a familiar software pattern for problematic developments with poor management. It is actually a really bad sign, but hopefully they will figure it out as I am certainly interested in taking a look. Options are never a bad thing.


    As I wrote in the other post, it was originally set for the end of 2020. You can see it however you want, since they develop everything internally and don't rely on an external engine or other modules. Since I don't know their processes, I'm not going to allow myself an opinion here other than what they communicate to us, and they do that enough. These guys have been doing this for 15 years, have developed games, including Trine series, under the same CEO who was involved from the beginning in... 2005? 

  2. 1 hour ago, sHuRuLuNi said:


    Ah yeah, what happened to that ... didn't they all trumpet something about a 17 June release or so?


    Was postponed and 29 July as the new target. Is that a bummer? Yes, of course. Nobody likes postponements. But they can be forgiven for not charging and opening the game to people yet and continuing to maintain a communication. On discord and their YT channel they explain why and what is coming in the next months. They care about a first impression, you only have one of those.


    And watching yesterday's video, I'm extremely excited about what's coming after the early access launch.



    We are already just into the 7th month inside this year and so far no information about territorial warfare from NQ. 

  3. 30 minutes ago, Zarcata said:

    One could offer a normal subscription and a premium subscription.

    The premium subscription gets purely cosmetic upgrades, e.g. simply more cores that you can set. (Independent of an org, but related to the player).

    This could certainly be expanded with other cosmetics, but none of these should represent a real advantage in the game at any time.


    Cosmetic has a completely different meaning here than what you describe. I think you are confusing things here.


    Investing more money and gaining an advantage, in your example setting more cores than the player with the "normal" subscription, is no longer cosmetic but pay 2 win. Literally, you buy the power to claim more space with cores to place elements like industry stuff.


    The term "cosmetic" in its word, would basically mean that it has no influence on the game world and only the appearance, be it for elements or player skin, determines how he is seen by others. This is not the case in your example.


  4. The "one child org" direction will not bear fruit here either. The infinite orgs can be solved by adding actual features that would naturally limit that. For example, like a cost and an economy that supports it. 


    I don't really understand that. If you want to have a restriction on how many orgs you can have as a superlegate, then please not 1... tied to the account. That is not conducive to the community after seeing this change. You don't build a community feeling that way if you don't want to bring people together. In retrospect, I'm glad I'm not running an org and putting extra effort into the community. Now I would have to run after everything and make sure that there are no problems. Imagine you are running your org and another project like DICE or Tortuga. And now they tell you after so many years that you can't do that anymore. Instead you have to pay for it with a second account. 


    Shame on you NQ.



    This is what an advertisement on this case could look like:

    WTS > lifetime super legate spot, since I am not logging in an you don't have to fear that your org will be abolished or deleted.

    No RTM, Only ingame offers. Pm me.

  5. 17 minutes ago, ShippyLongstalking said:

    Having some voice to say "Hey JC, temper your vision. You'll never get there with this scope" isn't folly, it's wisdom. It doesn't mean they would be forced to make some boring commercial rehashing of an existing concept...you can have novelty without re-inventing every wheel.   


    That's what I love about Ashes of Creation:
    The guy finances his own mmorpg, but has never worked on one himself. Instead, he has filled key positions with industry vets who tell him what is feasible in his mind. And the best part: He listens. And communicate with transparency.


    Hrafnkell Oskarsson was hired as many gaming news sites mentioned that for DU: https://www.pcgamesn.com/dual-universe/dual-universe-recruits-eve-online-designer


    Just check his public linkedin profile and look for how long the guy worked for NQ.  


    Now we have a guy called Toni who I haven't heard from since he took over as CEO. And this is now approaching the third month.


  6. 1 hour ago, GraXXoR said:

    I often see quotes like this talking about some nebulous cloud of white knights.... Using super-generalistic phrases such as "the community," or "everyone" when it was likely just a couple of people with a different opinion.


    The rat tail goes on longer than the generalisation, as I am not a big fan of it. However, I can't elaborate on one point because I am under ATV NDA.


    But the point is this - if you don't get confirmation in your organisation (I'm talking about the big orgs here), on the forum, meme server, or anywhere else, and you stand alone with a handful of people, then you have the community against you - because the people who don't comment on it - but read it anyway - agree with the majority with their silence.

  7. 1 hour ago, Revelcro said:


    See you on Steam :)  We hope to have a good chunk of SLI/MTI and any new people who want to join us there on the 17th.  If you take off the rose glasses you realize this launch could go either way.  Might be No Man's Sky PART DEUX! or it might be the next big thing, I can honestly see it go either way and a lot of it depends on what they are not showing for release day.


    Originally, early access should have started last November / December. Since all tools and engines are developed in-house, I have no doubt that they know what they are doing. 


    They are very down to earth, have always communicated excellently. As I am in closed alpha, I have also always been pleased to be able to show things as they are in the game, as there was no NDA. 


    I expect there will be a big rush in June. I'll give a real conclusion after 2 weeks. But since they don't overhype things like No Man Sky, I see no reason for it to be bad. Everything they've shown in videos, as well as the weekly stress tests, have done the job. Whether the servers will last, I don't know. But the gameplay scenes shown can definitely be experienced.


    And if things don't go as they should, they're more likely to be forgiven in their persistently community -> thanks to their superb communication over the last 2 years.


  8. 25 minutes ago, Bobbie said:

    The vocal minority is currently complaining how NQ has stuck to a flawed vision, two years ago those same people were urging NQ not to stray from that vision.


    NQ themselves decided to turn away from the vision 2 years ago when they said they would not release AvA at launch - an argument that for an unknown number of people was the reason why they invested money in the kickstarter campaign and have enabled investors and other players to become aware of the game. The community laughed at the people who remarked that something was wrong and this is an issue. Instead, the community said that everything was fine and there was no need to get upset. Instead, you should drink your Kool Aid and put on your rose-coloured glasses.


    But here's the plot twist - those who drank the Kool Aid and wore the rose-coloured glasses, I see today in the Starbase Discord and that they are totally looking forward to the early access on 17 June.


    This vocal majority no longer plays DU and has moved on. I haven't seen any more of them in DU.

  9. 36 minutes ago, Shaman said:

    why do you want PvE in this game so much? By automatically assuming that every MMO needs PvE, you are putting a really restricting mindset on yourself. This isn't WoW. This is space engineers, but massive and on one server. I do agree we could have passive NPC's like space cows or something, but definitely nothing that fights back, it simply doesn't work on this scale and on this type of game. It might appease a certain playerbase, sure, but at the same time it would damage PvP'ers , haulers and the selling point of the game.


    To be fair, even Space Engineers has PvE with Wolves, Spiders and Pirate Ships.

  10. For 20 euros you can buy a subscription package for 3 months. 


    Whether you want to do it or not is up to you. Neither rose-coloured glasses nor arguments based on facts can take this decision away from you.

    If you have any further questions, don't hesitate to ask.

  11. 13 minutes ago, Cheith said:


    It is a fair enough point, but in the end if steak is not achievable at the price point the customers are willing to pay then you are not going to get steak - and to be honest the Kickstarter funding wouldn't even have got you Spam. So, now the customers get to make the choice.


    Just to put the facts on the table for a moment:
    We got 600k income from players and about 3 million from investors.

    In the end, a few years ago, it was 20 million. So I don't understand what that has to do with ks. 


  12. 11 minutes ago, XKentX said:

    I'm kinda feel sorry for the devs as it's most likely not their fault but management fault.


    I mean, you don't want to put DU in your resume but what you put in that year...


    I can only agree with this. I scold DU, but I don't want to be in NQ's shoes either. I hope for their sake that they find a solution.

    The customer will decide in the end if the product is worth spending money on.

  13. 22 minutes ago, Atmosph3rik said:

    You guys scream and cry and throw tantrums about how NQ isn't listening to you.   But have you considered that they are, and they just don't agree with you?


    The last time they disagreed with me was when they released 0.23 patch anyway. :D




    It is amusing the valid arguments you refer to as "scream and cry". But by now I'm not used to anything else from you here, if I keep reading your posts.


    47 minutes ago, le_souriceau said:

    Yeah, its old and fundamentaly flawed thing, that can be escalated to absurd.


    I mean, we don't even have to discuss it much. If your customer doesn't want to play your product and would rather go to the competition, then I would wonder what's wrong with the product.


    The last time people talked that bad about a game was New World in Alpha, when they decided to change from a PvP focused game to a PvE game, but without having PvE elements. They literally delayed the game for 1 1/2 years.


    I would like to remind people here that DU is getting no publicity and hardly any media attention so far. DU would be torn apart in its current state. You don't have to be an expert to see that for yourself. Unless you are a reality denier, then there is not much I can do about it. 


    "We're in a giant car heading towards a brick wall and everyones arguing over where they're going to sit."

    - DU, and especially the community members who prefer to attack the people instead of addressing the issue, in a nutshell.

  15. 16 hours ago, Atmosph3rik said:

    With so many experts on these forums you would think one of you would have just made the game yourself by now.



    No one here has ever called himself an expert. I don't do this professionally, but have been in the modding scene since UT99 (Unreal Tournament) with the Unreal Engine 1.5 at the time and then a few years later with the Unreal Engine 3 as a level designer. I made a few mods for games like Ark, Skyrim, Space Engineers (wrote own programmable blocks in c#) and then ran a modded Minecraft server for a very long time, where I wrote the plugins myself. I was even more shocked when I saw that NQ tolerates calculated mining on PTS, because the ore seed is the same with the live server, which you don't want as an admin. 


    But speaking of making an own game, funny, that you mention that: I am indeed making a game for a few weeks now on a irregular time.

    It is currently a prototype that I am working on. The game is a roguelike in a randomly generated universe.


    What I have so far:
    - randomly generated and scalable universe in size
    (More specifically what I can decide and place how I want it:
    -> game area,
    -> planet count as well as variations of biomes,

    -> asteroid count,

    -> space station count as well as variations of space station types (space city, laboratory, military base, pirate hideout)

    -> npc ship count as well as variations of ship types (hauler, pirate, celebrity, space police, military, bounty hounter, diplomat)
    -> obstacles like interstellar clouds (placeholder sprite with IC))
    - Time calculation (Every movement costs you time, which I can bind individually as a method to actions and at the end I can calculate it back and store it in a separate date system)
    - Dice system à la d20 (As with the time calculation, each action is stored with an argument to call the method)

    I have added a screenshot of what the whole thing looks like at the moment. Maybe I'll open an offtopic thread to document the progress, we'll see.


    But to make the leap to DU: XS Space tanks. Since we have atmospheric tanks that are xs, it's not like those stats or attributes don't exist. That doesn't take years. Scale space tank down, take same values as xs size from atmospheric tank . Afaik there are no difference in the values looking at space tank and the equivalent atmospheric model.



    So instead of trying to deflect from the issue here, which is backed up with valid arguments from people who are familiar with the fundamentals of the process of modelling and programming, you shouldn't try to defame them. I want to encourage you to help make DU better. But with your statement, you only continue to fuel the problem that ails DU .



  16. 31 minutes ago, Vasten said:

    Looks like I should just wait the 1 more month till sb ea.. am I wrong?


    I'm not going to give you an answer to the last question because I don't want anyone to chalk me up for always talking bad about DU or scaring people away.


    So I'll keep it short:
    You are an adult, it's your money you invest in. If you don't enjoy it, you'd better look for something else. There is no point in doing something just because you have invested time and energy. This is the typical fallacy of the sunk cost.


    We have provided long and lots of ammunition here on the DU forum to change or improve something in development. The customer has spoken up and said what bothers them and what they don't like. If someone from the upper echelons were really interested, there would probably have been improvements, but that is not the case here.


    Personally, I am looking forward to Starbase on 17 June. No matter how many bugs Starbase will have in early access, the consistent and flawless communication with players have shown me that they value the customer. Not to forget the transparent development of the game, that there is no NDA and that the players are allowed to show everything in stream. 


    Something NQ could take a leaf out of their book on. But for that, they would first have to understand their own player base.


  17. 1 hour ago, Lethys said:



    "wait for missions with update 0.24"

    "oh wait, we can't deliver them with 0.24 PART 1, but we will deliver them with some other part"

    no part 2 was ever done

    "we will deploy 0.25, as with the 0.24 incrementally"


    THIS is why ppl dont trust you NQ. this is why many think you lie. this is why you're ridiculed and shit on


    COMMUNICATE with your remaining ppl. TELL them ffs. Clearly, you learned nothing


    "Push mission system to 0.24 patch, make it part 1, later say it comes with 0.25 and it comes later again."

    - My thoughts when I read the news. Thank you that I'm probably not the only one who thinks this way. 


    I think we might just be playing patch roulette, when mission system comes. That seems to be more predictable.

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